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Will DeAndre Daniels last the season?

Just wondering if you think the Cats have a obligation to the raptors to keep him for the whole season as a condition in his contract to him coming to Perth. He is completely out of sorts and does not fit in. For someone to of been picked up were he did in the draft has very little to offer, he is not someone you want with the ball when the game is on the line. Cant see the Cats going back to back with him in the side, would hate to think they are stuck with him and couldn't move him on if they needed too.

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Years ago

To be fair Exum was picked much higher in "the draft" and would give Perth less than Daniels has so far Imo. Guess that's the price of putting to much stock in draft positions.

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Years ago

They might not have a contractual obligation to keep him, but if they don't NBA teams will have zero incentive to send their guys to Perth in the future.

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Years ago

Mystro do you just look at stats or have you watched extensive footage of Exum ?

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Years ago

Don't bite the bait Mystro. annon always pulls that one liner out of his bag.

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Years ago

what extensive footage annon? I may have been promoting words like "raped" online whilst you were watching all this mythical footage?

he's (Dante) played limited minutes against grown men much like Daniels and struggles with some aspects of the game but has potential and athleticism much like Daniels.

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Ganymede 86  
Years ago

Yes - otherwise NBA teams may be less likely to send players and stash them in Perth/Australia

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Can't see them moving him on at this stage.

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Years ago

The P's will ensure that Daniels stays. One P and then a double P.



Perceived potential.

But, purely based on what I’ve seen of Daniels from watching 4 or 5 Perth games, if he was anyone other than Deandre Daniels he’d be skating on very thin ice right now. He doesn’t appear to be the right fit for them.

Their offense better improve, otherwise NZ will have their number come playoff time (and maybe Cairns and Adelaide too. And even United, who were missing Wortho and Tomlinson and got duded by the refs in the 4th yesterday, and still kept it to single digits).

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lol in 4 games in nov exum has averaged something like 7.8 points and 4 assists in 19mins.

this is compared to wiggins 10 points and 4 rebounds in 22 mins.

saying exum would give perth next to nothing if he was there is silly.

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Ganymede 86  
Years ago

Agreed LV if he wasn't an NBA draft pick I'd get rid of him. He's more a 3/4 when they really need a 2/3 who can shoot it. If McRae wasn't so selfish he'd be the perfect fit. Their defence is winning games right now for them but they need more offence

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Years ago

you are assuming that I meant Daniels has given Perth nothing........

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Daniels will get better as the season progresses.You can see he has the tools just needs to mature.Definately wouldn't cut him.

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Years ago

Muo was on fire in the 3rd quarter.

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Years ago

Muo or Ross ? Now that's worth debating.

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Years ago

Muo is a far better shooter than Ross. Ross needs to have a couple of real good games this weekend or he could very well be replaced by Muo when Hire returns.

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago

And Ross had a really good game a couple weeks ago.

It's one of the qualities of the Wildcats; all of the bench players can put up some points if asked. Redhage and Wagstaff had one of their worst games in terms of shooting, everything rimmed out, so a huge scoring load fell on the bench (which did include Daniels), which collectively put up 32pts compared to 4 for the United bench.

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Years ago

Perth have a good chance at winning the comp with Daniels playing this way.

He is unlikely to get worse.

Shooting is so important in the NBL. He turned down a bunch of wide open looks yesterday.

Ennis would have shot 10 threes v that Melbourne zone, made 4 or 5 got to the line for some free throws and had some break away points. I can't see how Daniels will score much without getting his jumper right.

He may need to follow Childress's lead and just hit the glass extremely hard, that way he can make things happen even if he is not finding his spots in the perth offense.

Also Daniels didn't have the right attitude coming here. The first press conference he made it sound like he was embarrassed to be here and was going to spend 4 months dominating before going back to the nba. It doesn't really work like that anymore....

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Years ago

I think he was disappointed to be coming here, as opposed to being signed by Toronto (or any team) but I don't think he was embarrassed. His "four month holiday" comment wasn't ideal but there is nothing to suggest he thought it would be a walk in the park,

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Years ago

Have to remember he has had eye surgery as well, so he played through college with the problem that nobody picked up until he was at the cats, so getting used to playing with better vision will take a bit. He still looks a bit lost out there tho still learning to play a different position that he is used to

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Years ago

Last bit meant to say not used to

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Bol Bol  
Years ago

Elbow surgery is probably the main reason he's not shooting well. Seems to have lost all confidence in it and is passing up open looks. If his elbow doesn't heal soon at least by christmas they should look to bring in a replacement

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Years ago

Safe as houses.

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Years ago

I think Daniels is a nice player whose finding his niche still. His team mates are not giving him James Ennis opportunities so it's hard to read to much into the fact that his numbers are lower.
I think he'll get significantly better as the season progresses.
Another thing- Ernest Ross should be playing more!

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Years ago

Ennis was so good, despite not being great at creating shots, because he was just so natural at moving off the ball and getting into positions to finish. He is a natural scorer.

Daniels is a natural role-player, last night he showed exactly what he is capable of at the moment with deflections, blocks, boards at both ends and a few baskets here and there.

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