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Jazz vs Pistons

A couple of good performances for the Aussies today in the 97-96 win over Detroit.

Ingles 24m, 10p, 3r, 3/3 FG (3/3 3pt)

Exum 21m, 9p, 5a, 3r, 2/4 FG (0/1 3pt)

Jingles ballin!

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one of the best things about exum so far is that he makes things happen.

very often you see teams get into a half court offense and struggle and become stagnant..

exum can make stuff happen

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first time ive seen a pic posted in this forum

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mr ginger  
Years ago


thanks dh

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Come again?

I never put the score in the title for that very reason!

News flash if you don't want to know what happened in a game that you intend to watch at a later date it might be a good idea not to go into a thread about that game.

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Mr Ginger you douche!

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i agree with anon. its reasonable to expect you wouldnt click on a thread about the game expecting not to find out who won.

as long as spoilers are kept out of titles , and no other games are mentioned ie result of gsw v suns then its all good.

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Ingles finally hitting his shots!!

Also interesting to see they went with Dante to close the game rather than Burke. If Dante keeps his development continuing I could see him starting after the all star break.

He makes less mistakes than Burke on offence and delivers the ball to both the bigs and outside shooters. He just needs to improve his on the ball defence as the elite guards get by him too easy and requires his bigs to help.

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It's just a matter of time before he kills it. These snippets will get more and more regular pretty soon. Wouldn't be surprised if he hits the rookie wall fairly hard though, he is a slightly built kid.

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The thing with Dante is that as he has been playing his conditioning has been improving. The kids hadn't played hoops for around 12 months and was just training!

As he gets more burn, and more games, he is only going to get better. He will make some rookie mistakes, but overall he will continued to emerge.

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I hope his learning curve is as steep as mine on nba2k
50 and 20 dimes by the end of the season

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I'm not sure we'll see Dante start at all this year and for good reason.

Dante has been very good in limited minutes, as a rookie I think he'll benefit from an entire season of playing decent minutes off the bench rather than extended minutes as a starter. I think that puts less pressure on him mentally and physically.

I also think the Jazz will be trying to give Trey Burke the best opportunity to inflate his numbers and value, with an eye for probably trading him long term when Dante is ready to start.

One thing is for certain, Quin Snyder seems to be a legit NBA coach. I'm loving what he is doing right now.

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Years ago

Not just because they have Aussies in their teams, but the best teams to watch right now have to include the Jazz, Warriors, Blazers and Spurs.

I would add the Cavs but they are so inconsistent at the moment...

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Dante has the most amazing court vision..

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re: ak-47 comments

very early days but i too have liked what ive seen of snyder.

also on trey burke i think i would also try to keep his numbers up and trade him when dante is ready.

i think


are the future of the team.

trade burke and burks down the line and bring in a good sg , and defender for the opposition best player with future picks.

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Years ago

Teams have a whole season of NBA tape to watch on Burke. They have almost nothing to watch on Exum. Advanced scouting is a huge factor in pro sports.

Don't be surprised if Exum plateaus or even drops off towards the end of the season as he hits the "rookie wall" that most players hit.

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