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Should the 6ers move from the dome?

We all love the dome and it does them well, but should they move home games to the Entertainment Centre?

The domes facilities are great but public transport and just getting there in general is even more difficult then west lakes was for the footy.

I'm not sure how it would go as a Basketball Arena but surely moving there would help boost the crowd. I for one would love to head to a game then jump on a tram and easily head out to town somewhere afterwards.

Would still base the team at the dome for trainings, pre season games etc. Possibly just look to utilise the EC for blockbusters even?

Is it worth a try?

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Years ago

No. I imagine they have a good deal where they are. And it's where they have offices and where they can train.

The Entertainment Centre has only come up in threads previously because the Arena was potentially being sold to an owner who might not want to host basketball for whatever reason.

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Years ago

Look what a move to the city has done for footy though, surely it would somewhat translate for basketball.

It cant be that much harder or more expensive to host 14 games a year at the venue. Everything else would stay as is.

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Years ago

Was the basketball played at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in the past? CAN it be played there?

It makes sense to play it at a location that is close /on top off public transport.

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Years ago

Big difference between a move to the gorgeous Adelaide Oval from West Lakes, compared to the 6ers moving to the top of Port Road!

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Solid Moves  
Years ago

I flew over for Victoria for opening night. Never been to Adelaide or the Arena before.

I found getting there for a non local was a cab. Lucky one of the players who is a friend of mine dropped me back otherwise it would have been expensive both ways.

However I can imagine when full it would just be awesome. Sound system needs an upgrade.. Perhaps a new announcer, some more activities etc. and get the place pumping. The atmosphere would be unbeatable and ant talk of a relocation would be squashed...

We have public transport to Hisence here in Melbourne and still nobody goes to games.. So there's my answer

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Sixers management would be constantly reviewing their marketing and business plan.

Should they move? Well there would need to be a compelling business case for them. If you take the Perth example, they outgrew their stadium, but also had a massive membership drive to do so.

The Adelaide Oval example with AFL is a good example of "field of dreams" Build it and they will come. The move to the Oval (or return) was great for North Adelaide and spectators could see a game, then kick on to a pub, or a restaurant. If the Sixers moved to the AEC, what's in it for them? what's in it for the spectators?

There's no real reason to move at the moment.

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Years ago

this reminds me of the now defunct Victoria Titans and to a lesser extent of the also now defunct Victoria Giants.

Both clubs moved to a different venue and was the end of an era of basketball. the Tigers got lucky.

moving stadiums makes it harder for transportation for players etc. and the next problem, say PINK or Beyoncé or Kylie are performing at the EC and it takes 3 days to set up stage lighting at 3 days to 3 days to dismantle and the boys need to train and no longer can train at Adelaide arena. what do they do? use a public court? sorry but Isaac is right, this has been done and thought about and in my infinite wisdom, id be surprised if the 36ers ever made an approach to the EC. Reckon its cushy right now at AA

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Years ago

Logistically it probably makes sense but financially it doesn't.

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Years ago

a move to the entertainment centre wouldnt be worth it. it would be easier to catch public transport but it wouldnt offer a great deal to people who dont already go. it might increase sales a small %

but if they could ever get an inner-city stadium built it sure as hell would be.

sales would sky-rocket if you could offer people the chance to knock off work , hang with friends at a pub , then shuffle to the game.

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Years ago

^ but of course getting an inner-city stadium built would be extremely hard

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Years ago

Stay where they are now.
Everything is all in the same location.

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Years ago

The AEC can hold around 10k for basketball and netball (they got 9,300 there for an ANZ Grand Final a few years back). But the problem is unlike the Adelaide Arena, the 36ers/NBL would have to pay for hire and set up fees. That alone would probably mean they'd have to get around 7,000 to each game just to make a profit. Plus they would get little to no money from car parking or catering.

The AEC is owned by the state government. Can you imagine what they'd charge to use it for basketball? Plus they would have to avoid date clashes with events that are usually booked months in advance.

Honestly though, I can't see the 36ers moving games there any time soon. Why should they?

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Years ago

They should move to a place where they can win all thweir home games I reckon, then the crowds will come every ngiht :)

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Years ago

To add to that, for mine I would rather see 7,000 fans in an almost full Adelaide Arena at most games than I would the same number of fans at the Ent Cent with some 3,000 empty seats.

To the best of my knowledge there has only been one exhibition game of basketball played at the AEC (and I'm not sure if I'm confusing that with the Adelaide Convention Centre). Not sure if Forrestville Stadium was ever used but I'm pretty sure that all NBL games played in Adelaide have been either at Apollo or the Powerhouse.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Dome is the perfect place and if you talk to the players its the one place they can train, go to the gym, go to the offices etc.

Unless the games are packed out, then it could be considered, but the benefits of staying outweigh the benefits of moving.

I would be interested to see a survey of past members who may have stopped going. Why did they stop? What were there reasons? Similarly with non-members. What would it take to get them to go to the basketball?

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Years ago

Ok so they shouldnt leave but how about some public transport options to the dome then? I guess it would be more the state government that are the major player in that aspect but surely something a little better could be done.

I regards to a city stadium, would love to see them create a sport precinct like melbourne and build an indoor stadium at Adelaide Oval that can seat around the 10 Thou mark.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Interesting note a few people mentioned about training at the DOME being important.

Most teams in NBL & in fact leagues OS don't training were home games are played so don't really think it is a huge issue to play games away from the Admin/training facility.

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Years ago

There is already public transport available. It wouldn't be more popular when parking is already easy so I don't think a dedicated bus would do much. You can pay the $8 to park on the oval or park for free in the dust bowl a block away.

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Years ago

I understand that lots of people are happy to watch the game go home and be in bed by 9.30 on a Saturday night but there would be just as many keen to go from having a few beers at the game to heading out. Public transport and better accessibility equates to that.

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Years ago

Imagine if Memorial Drive , right next to Adelaide Oval, was converted to an indoor fascility ( similar to Margaret Court Arena in Melb)suitable for tennis, basketball, netball etc!

All the benifits of the new Adelaide oval. Great central location, ease of access, its right where the people are. Things to do before and after the games.

The negative is teams would have to hire the venue and so their break even crowd numbers might be high.
The government should do it to get better use out of the area and continue to bring life to the city centre.
Training and admin away for the playing venue is really not an issue. It's of some benifit now but would not be an issue.

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Years ago

Perth were averaging 3-4000 when at Challenge Stadium. That increased to nearly 12K by moving to the CBD. Challenge Stadium was very hard to get to and had very difficult public transport options, it kept me away from alot of games. Since it moved to the Arena in the city I have been to almost every game. IMO opinion moving the 6ers to somewhere central COULD help increase attendances.

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Years ago

Yeah but then the Findon Hotel would lose all the business it does on 36ers game nights.

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Years ago

I still don't think moving to the AEC would be financially viable. In the future maybe if a 10k indoor venue was built in or near the city then sure, look at it. But otherwise the 36ers have a pretty good set up at the Adelaide Arena. Its not too big (Allphones) and its not too small (Townsville RSL).

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Years ago

I remember when this was brought up before and researched
Couple things to consider

Cost nearly twice as much to hold a game there secondly how many ppl would be happy with weeknight games only eg. Tues Wed Thurs only

As the ent centre has standing bookings fri sat Sunday 3 years in advance and would not give them up for basketball which give then small return compared to events and event merchandise , there's OT so many 36er sales possible where as people going to an event generally purchase something each time

If games where all mid week people would complain and I think conservatively crowds would drop by half , families would not attend as kids have school the next day and country or distance fans would not come with work the next day, remember there's a good proportion of country fans and members

And then there's cost most people complained saying sixers went cheap this year, which I completely disagree with, well imagine if running cost suddenly doubled one of two things or both will happen , membership jumps = less fans
Team gets less budget = less fans

Just because footy had a win in the city doesn't mean bball will , infact the move could kill the already fragile state it's in

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Years ago

It looks to me like some people here are slightly mis-informed or assuming several things. I don't pretend to know everything but there are some things I have noticed in this thread that are based on incorrect assumptions.

1 - Adelaide Arena is owned by Scouts SA and Church Basketball NOT the Adelaide 36ers. As such they already pay rent at the arena. It is correct that this would not be as much as renting the AEC Arena but it is still a cost to the club.

2 - The F&B (food outlets) are not run by the arena or the team, they are run by an outside company called Encore Group. The 36ers can't even get some free food and drinks for major sponsors as part of their package and the rates for corporat are ridiculous. This would be the same at any venue.

3 - The Entertainment Center is not booked out years in advance and only available on weeknights. There are many corporate events run on weekends and the AEC from my experience would not be that difficult a venue to book and isn't as expensive as some make it out to be. The expense will be in the extra's you need to add to the empty space such as supply of your own court, PA, Video Replay screens etc. Basically it would end up being 2 -3 days rental due to the time to set up everything. Hardly worth it.

4 - The suggestion of war memorial drive tennis courts being enclosed. From information I have heard over the past few years this is in the pipeline but not likely to be any time soon. If it does get done it would appear to be a smaller venue than the current arena and would have to keep a lot of the "historic" pieces making it an unlikely solutions.

Basically I think the 6ers are stuck at the dome due to the telling the government no a decade or so ago for them to build a stadium out near the state sports center. For those of you saying "we need something like Melbourne with all the sports together", well the govt did actually try that and got turned down so now it is a velodrome.

I think the best bet in the medium term is to either have better public transport in place which due to the infrastructure is buses only, or move to the Netball SA Stadium (ETSA park). The Netball stadium would need a make over and additional seating put in place though. (currently 3200 capacity compared to 8000)

My 2 cents, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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Air-T 18  
Years ago

Personally its a great spot to watch basketball, It needs a few more eateries in the local area and a public transport lift (bus shelter, taxi stops) etc then, nothing wrong with the stadium, just needs more stuff around it

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Years ago

so with a quick bit of questioning to the management of the AEC

during the current season there would be 1 sat night and 2 Sundays it would be available ofor matches
no Fridays

2015 2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday no fridays

2016 during same season dates are 60% booked

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Years ago

Keep the stadium get rid of the coach. Spends all night complaining to refs.

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Years ago

Getting 4 - 6k so why go smaller... Central is the aim...

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Years ago

If the state libs had won the election when the development of the oval was been processed, they would have built a arena for basketball then. Labor came in and undercut the proposal and ended up spending more on the individual stadium. The proposal was to redevelope the WHOLE AREA.

Long story short, don't vote for the Labor Party.

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Years ago

Sixers getting more to games than Melbourne and Sydney despite those 2 having good location, population, and money to boot... Product half way there for Sixers but need centralising to monopolise on transport and other entertainment and post work city crowds or those combining a big night out with meal, clubs, etc. SINKS and DINKS Bonus money and Families and Fans are the loyalty factor. Central is essential to generate revenue and bigger crowds..and maybe some backers who love the casino and basketball...

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