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One Club - Euro Style

In Europe we have lots of sports running under the same club. For instance FC Barcelona also has futsal, beach soccer, handball, hockey, basketball and rugby. Could this be applied to an Australian model.

I know AFL would not be interested from the get go because they have almost nothing to gain and everything to lose but surely a merger between smaller codes could work?

For instance we would see Basketball, Soccer, Netball (Maybe), Hockey and possibly others merge to form one club.

Financially they would be run by the same group. Memberships could be sport specific or have discount for multiple sports. There would be a lot more benefits to this system surely.

Teams can still keep there identity, so the 6ers will still be the sixers, its just a different ownership model. So they might become the Adelaide Sports Club 36ers or something a million times better than that.

With the feel of one club, could we raise more passion and support for other clubs. If you knew that the same club your sixers play for was playing for a soccer or rugby championship, would you be more likely to support?

Its just a thought

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The concept of consolidation requires financial benefits, incentive and above all else facilitation and cooperation.

We don't have the facilities nor the population to sustain it at the same level as they do in Europe IMO.

Some clubs already do this at local levels, I know that some Netball leagues join with their Football league. Cricket has done this for ages!

It seems to work at this level because of cooperative efforts and facilities being shared, as they do with cricket and in some cases a tennis club or other such sporting code.

At a national level however I am not so sure, but I would love to see such a concept.

The things holding it back more than anything would be a lack of cooperation and incentive, especially by the big boys who hold the controlling interest, such as the AFL (as you have already mentioned)...

There are many examples of such cooperatives working, but not at the same heights as in Europe.

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Have the 36ers and Lightning even managed it?! I imagine any scale benefits would be lost by issues of focus.

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as mentioned this has been the case with grass roots for some time out of necessity.

i cant see it working for the major codes at the top level but it is something that could be looked at for the middle tier levels.

not sure if it would work but if say central districts basketball , central district bulldogs , a big northern soccer team etc could get together under one model with shared facilities i could see some big benefits for all of them. not sure if it would work as i dont know the intricacies.

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Here is how it could work:

Football (AFL) and cricket share a similar size oval, their co-existance is mutual and not hampered by seasonal issues in the bigger picture. They can share the same ground and facilities because one is a summer sport, the other winter.

League (NRL) and soccer share simlar size grounds and if seasons do not conflict, at the top tier, they could cater for hockey and perhaps another sport that uses this size field.

Basketball, Netball, Volley Ball perhaps Tennis and other sports that use a similar indoor court in size and shape could also share, but seasons and availability issues will no doubt have to be sorted out to cater for each of them.

Build a complex that has enough training facilities, near shops and public transport and has both the indoor and outdoor stadium next to one another and you might just make it work!

...Now, I have just woken up to read this again, to my amusement...

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Years ago

There is an AFL club in Melbourne looking at getting involved in the NBL.

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Years ago

Doesn't anybody remember the flawed promo of team Melbourne not so long ago?

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Melbourne tried this 7 years ago with TEAMelbourne.

Didn't rebrand any of the existing clubs but they tried to unite. It sounds like a good concept in theory but ego's and individuals would get in the way.

Even consolidating back office functions like accounting, legal, operations, call centre, marketing, social media, etc would save some of the clubs money. Membership amounts could get interesting if you pay for access to multiple sports. And sponsorship dollars would be interesting if you wanted cross-team sponsors.

If it is going to work I imagine you would need an AFL club to start it out and then move into other sports (for instance the Geelong Cats - move back into Basketball, then Soccer, Netball, Rugby, etc).

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I would have thought the exact opposite would make better partners Bear? If 2 sports use the same oval (such as the cricket/AFL example) then that will lead to clashes over who uses the main facility and when (such as we see at the moment with the major grounds having to utilise drop in pitches)

If an AFL (or soccer team more likely IMO) were to partner up with a basketball club then there would never be a clash over who uses their main field/court but there could be shared resources such as Gymnasium, Sales and marketing staff, Office space, IT systems, website presence plus the ability to sell to an increased customer base.

To me it seems so logical but no one seems willing to give up complete control over what they have now in order to have a partnership where they only have partial control.

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I think the concept @Statman, could work with an indoor facility used by various sports if it was big enough, had enough practice courts and each entity had clear understanding of its share.

To make it viable and only at the top tier of each sport the stadium's surface would have to be easily changed to suit those different line markings, goals, nets etc...

These days I have read that they can use technology to have laser lines and all kinds of cool things show up on court, but maybe the cost of a state of the art facility would be too much, not sure...

I am not saying it wouldn't work better for basketball, netball, volley ball etc... It just needs to have some reasonable cooperation and independant leadership within the controlling body I think because seasons may cross over.

This concept has been successfully tested in the football/cricket environment for ages, would love to see it tested in ours!

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Years ago

Yeah fair call, I see where you are coming from.

Im more talking about an easy partnership that could work now with existing facilities that are already in place rather than with a large investment for a new facility.

Melb United could easily partner up with one of the A league teams there and form the Melb United Sports Club with both teams obviously keeping their existing home courts but being able to share

Admin resources (Offices/marketing/sales/IT)
Training facilities (Gym/pool/support staff)
Customer Data base
Sponsorship/media deals
and then have the ability to sell a variety of packages to both corporate and individuals.

Can we see an owner of either willing to give up control of their existing club in order to create something that could be bigger than the sum of its parts?

I'm sure something along these lines has been considered but whether it will ever eventuate is highly doubtful I would have thought

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Years ago

Both Carlton and Collingwood AFL teams had NSL teams- Carlton SC and Collingwood Warriors- they both only lasted a season or 2- though I love the idea of it!!! Don't the Sydney Swifts (Netball) have some connection to the Swans? I'm sure I've seen the Swans logo on the netball teams kit.

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yep just cannot see it working at the top tier ie afl.

they can already afford all they need , have caps on front office and staff spending , and have too much focus on what they are trying to do.

where it could benefit is clubs who cannot splash out on the best facilities and support staff. like i said earlier. state soccer clubs , seabl , sanfl. these are the type of clubs that could benefit from pooling their resources into shared facilities , cross-promotion and sponsorship and probably other benefits.

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and its not about sharing ovals. we have ovals. there is no price sharing there.

its about the support structures and other facilities.

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Can't see it working at National team level as you alienated too many supporters, unless you only have one National team for that region. Which Power to Crows fan would be happy to be wearing an opposition’s sponsors logo for related sport association gear. Can’t see clubs wanting to provide reduced membership if it means reduced income or reduced sales of apparel. There may be benefits at front of office sharing of resources, especially where part time jobs could be combined to one full time member. Smaller local clubs are mainly run by volunteers, who are already stretched.

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Years ago

Years ago I recall an idea mooted at council level in Geelong I believe, to create a sporting hub or precinct at Kardinia Park.

Essentially they have football and cricket covered, while outside netball courts are also plentyful.

They were thinking of building an indoor stadium attached to the Geelong Football (AFL) stadium, which could cater for the Supercats, potentially event at NBL level.

What they did was build a two sided structure for viewing cricket outside the main AFL stadium onto an oval next to the car parks.

Go figure, the big three win the day, football, cricket and netball rule the sporting landscape and get all the dollars while basketball is again relegated to the backwaters...

Still, the concept would have created potenial for a super club, a super sporting hub within short distance of public transport and the city centre, am I dreaming again??

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