Jack Toft
Years ago

R13: Taipans v Sixers

What a NYE the NBL have planned with 3 games planned tonight. Only NZ Breakers (time zone issues affect their sleepy time) and Melbourne (they want to see the fireworks) have a excuses validated by their mums not to play tonight.

Joey Wright had better call Kenny Loggins. The Sixers are about to enter the Danger Zone! Cairns have gone 7 and 1 at home this season. They have been stronger than garlic to a vampire, with the average game score of 80:70. It's interesting that they score more 5.4 ppg more on the road than at home.

Last time they met in Cairns, the Taipans beat the Sixers 85:80 with Craig scoring 25 and 10 rebounds, and Matt Burston (I repeat, M a t t B u r s t o n) scoring 22 points. Gibbo shooting 18%. Only a few games ago, the Sixers beat the Taipans 90:86, Gibbo shooting 41%. Past results mean nothing to good teams and considering it's Luke's birthday today, the boys will be trying that little bit harder for a nice present.

What else is there to do in Cairns on NYE? Go to the Cairns Courthouse Hotel for Wednesday Night Cane Toad Races?

Cairns are favourites and are hotter than a redhead in a bikini. Craig is the obvious snake the Sixers will want to put in a bag. A Sixers win tonight will make a few teams sit up and take notice. That's why when Gibbo ices a few early, you'll see Aaron Fearne pace like a panther shaking his head.

I'm going for a nice present for Luke. Sixers by 2! (probably in OT)

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Years ago

Go 36ERS !!

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Years ago

Cant believe I'm saying this, BUT pull off a huge upset here and there is a sniff. Cant see it happening, but didn't even think the team would find a way to get themselves back in any contention. Hopefully Wilson is still out and the ball will move and good things could happen.

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Years ago

Funny that at our last home game I heard plenty of people around me saying "so what" in response to seeing Wilson out of uniform and not playing. The whole team performs better without him hogging the ball. Let Gibbo run the point again and a win isn't out of the question. If Wilson plays, Cairns by 10+

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Years ago

Perth supports Adelaide in this one!

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

Taipans by 8+ in a canter.
This game will be toast before half time.

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Years ago

What time Adelaide time does this game start tonight?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

011, Good Point!

C'mon Sixers, the Wildcats did us a favour by beating Melbourne, we can return the favour and beat Cairns

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King Podge  
Years ago

Come on now, who in their right mind would want to do Perth a fav! :)

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Camel 31  
Years ago

weigh gets 3points against us, craig gets 23..fearne gives us a chance..wilson gives cairns a chance

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Years ago

Cairns by 16...

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Years ago

Competitive start... Luke needs to get more minutes, looks good tonight on D.

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Years ago

Mitch done a shoulder with 2 min left going over a Loughton screen. Ouch, hopefully he can pop it back in and isnt too bad.

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Years ago

Only in the NBL you can tell the referees that you have a dislocated shoulder and they tell the game to continue......

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Years ago

Wow! Close Game!
Did Adelaide even get a shot off on that last possession?

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Years ago

Nothing about how well the 6ers have closed this out in awesome, full of heart and big time shot off ball movement fashion, does anything for Jamar Wilsons case. Obvious we are better without him!!!! Great win boys!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Happy Birthday Luke!!

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Years ago

Awesome win by Adelaide, might have to revise my prediction about their ability to make the finals.
That's one of the things I love about NBL, on any given night almost any team can turn a game in its head.

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Internal Fixation  
Years ago

Thanks Dazz - couldn't get the result to load on the NBL site. Great way to finish 2014 - now on to the Breakers!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Is that a "thank you" I hear from Wildcat fans?

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Years ago

Suff me.. If they can win with those dodgy turnovers and poor passes and some terrible shot selections, then when they really sort it out... look out teams..

Thanks to the crocs for taking out Sydney… yeah baby…

Hope Creek is okay but running your shoulder in to a brick wall is never a good outcome. Had a look at the close up on his shoulder and I am worried. Looks like a distal collar bone fracture. Hope not. Prayers your way Creeky.

Hope Wilson is watching and learning what constitutes the winning team and adopts it when he returns. I don't think he can match the defence and court vision of the rest of the team so hope he has limited minutes and just injected every now and then. Sorry.. truth hurts..

Need to see Motum get off the floor more in defensive rebounds or get out the way and let Peach get in there, other than that, Awesome job..

Cringed when Schensh came off fro Crawfs with his rate being terrible so far and surprise surprise, hits the 3 and facilitates a steel.. Awesome…

Gibbo will cringe at his shot selection and rectify it next game…

Come on Sixers……….. Loving the excitement and thrill of what can be but might not… If they can get to the finals and make it from here, it will be better than last year….Just for the cardiac workout watching the games..

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Years ago

HEY, thought we didn't have video review here is Australia !!!

HEY, thought than when you look the ref in the eye within arms reach with your arm hanging out of the socket begging for a stop to the game, the REF would make the call. NO not here, let it play on and ignore it and the opposition scores to the advantage... SICK REF, SICK, Do you know what it is to pop a shoulder and how dangerous it is if that should got knocked again.. THAT IS AN UNSPORTSMAN LIKE FLAGA

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Years ago


If a popped out shoulder is hit you risk it being torn right out.. If that happened with these refs then it would likely be called a foul on Creeky….


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Years ago

Kings Crocs game still going, Kings by 2 with 2 to play. Huge final rebound by Motum too to seal the deal. Teys 3 was a shot he simply wouldn't have gotten off if Wilson was in the mix. The team as is, can go far. Daly is serviceable for Gibbos rest minutes. I dare the management to have the balls to cut Jamar and run with this squad OR bring a DQ type back on the very cheap. Dead wood sorry to say as a 6er for mine!

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Years ago

best game ive seen from 36ers this season.

their defence in 'situation stuff' was a credit to the coaching staff.

also,everything is a bit easier now with Motum firing.

I think fearne was out coached tonight for the first time for a while....

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Years ago

3x6r's gave Wilbekin a lesson on ball movement; probably wasted.

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Years ago

Wow Crocs eventually won.... nice for the 6ers, def a sniff now of something special. Knock off the Breakers at home and anything possible.

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Years ago

Yes Kobe, Yes Skull. Schensh was pumped to be playing with Motum in the end too so who knows when that settles in how that can work. Exciting stuff. Effort and desperation to get the win was all there. WIlbekin fired up tonight and I started to think he is their Wilson right now after being quiet for the weeks Burston was a beast and now he is not, Burston not as active. Loads of missed passes in when Burston in position. Poor Vision again.

On another note. Strikers to the top of the ladder after a stellar game tonight. Pity United missed out against Wellington. 2/3 for SA pretty good on NYE.

GO SA.. Coming Alive again..

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Years ago

Great game by the sixers

Bummer about creek, if hope we can get a import to fill in, worse case grab one of Dorsey, pace or hurdle.or go for a dan Dillon type Aussie

I wonder what to do with Wilson, we seem to do so well without him.

I would love to swap him out for a swing man and leave gibbo at pg.

Some decisions to be made re Wilson and a injury replacement for creek.

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Years ago

Great win........now for Sunday against NZ.

Dean ...............bring the $10 offer again this Sunday,we need full house again to assist Sixers win again.

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Years ago

So worst case for Creek its a long term injury, you cut Wilson and bring in a stud and Creek is on injury waivers right....

Best Creek is short term rehab injury, cut Wilson anyways and bring in a cheaper junk yard dog type 3 or 4 man coming off the bench. They have invested too much coin in Motum to not make a genuine push at the playoffs. Its a business remember so you gotta do what you gotta do at this level!

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Years ago

"Is that a "thank you" I hear from Wildcat fans?"

Yeah, keeps things interesting near the top.

But also just nice to see the underdog come out on top in a close fought game.
Plus puts another spin on the battle for 4th spot and a finals berth.

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Years ago

There is a reason they are under dogs you realise. Because they are semi close with no frikking chance.

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Years ago

Following on from a previous comment, why on earth does Aylen deem that particular posession, 3 and half minutes from the end of the game, so special as to stop the clock to do a video review? The biggest annoyance about refs is inconsistency. So, check the video at a quarter breaks, fine. But don't stop the game for one random posession when evrey other game uses the posession arrow, quite rightly, when the refs don't know the call. Gripe over. Great game. Really think Jamar has to come off the bench for scoring spurts, or be sent to daycare to learn to stop dribbling.

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Molten Millie  
Years ago

Yes, I want video review similar to the NBA system where Coaches also have a limited chance to request review. THis accommodates human error. But we do not formally have a review system yet so that call was favouring the Taipans, twhich could have looked like the refs being unfavourable to the Sixers especially given some previous dubious and inconsistent calls. It should have been a jump ball under our current system and remove that concern about the decision to check that particular call. Prior to that the reffing was looking pretty suspect. Can't believe Aylen is our ref of the year. It is just his level of confidence that looks professional.

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Years ago

IRS is available under the rules when equipment to give replay is available. for these reasons.
o at the end of the period
- whether a shot for a successful field goal was released before the game clock signal sounded for the end of the period.
- whether and how much time shall be displayed on game clock if;
• An out of bounds violation of the shooter occurs
• A shot clock violation occurs
• An 8 second violation is called
• A foul was called before the end of playing time.
o When the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth period and in each extra period,
- whether a shot for a successful field goal was released before the shot clock signal sounded.
- whether a shot clock violation occurred
- to identify the player who caused the ball to go out of bounds.
o during any time of the game
- whether the successful field goal shall count for 2 or 3 points
- after a malfunction of the game clock or the shot clock occurs, on how much time the clock(s) shall be corrected.
- to identify the correct free-throw shooter
- to identify the involvement of team members and team followers during a fight.

it is in the rule book - some would require to be questioned or looked at straight away. if a coach queries an out of court and the video tech is available you are not going to wait 4 plays to look at the video. same with free throw shooter, most require to be looked at immediately because they affect the game immediately.
Not all venues have the ability to give instant reply.
and it is my belief the request for replay usually
comes from the coach or the captain.

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Molten Millie  
Years ago

As I said, a formal review system, that would consistent across all games and applied for all games, not at a whim.

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Years ago

Very good win from the Sixers. I agree that the ball is moving better without Wilson but I think that they do need him to make the four as he is the only one in the team who can consistently create his shot. A pity about Creek and hopefully he has a speedy recovery. The Sixers should look at an import who is athletic and can shoot to replace him as they need better shooting and defence.

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Years ago

not a whim Millie it is there in the rules to use, they have the people in place to view the IRS and have it in place for the referees unfortunately not all games have the ability to go to the IRS for various reasons but the league has agreed to use it when it is available.

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Years ago

Some good stories by the Wilson haters but lets look at the facts of the last two games.

Game 1

Sixers struggle over the line at home against a crappy Townsville who are on a 8 game losing streak on the road and who probably won't win another away game this season.

For a team that apparently should get better shots and offense without Wilson they shot poorly. 41% FG, 13% 3PT and 58% FT

Gibson who is meant to flourish with Wilson out almost lost the game for us in the 4th quarter with no ball movement, poor shots and turnovers.

Credit to the Sixers for getting only 6 turnovers and Townsville get 18 turnovers with a lot of them unforced errors. To only win just when you get 6 turnovers and the other team get 18 is not a good sign!

Game 2

Some amusing comments by the Wilson haters saying the offense looks better in this game. We absolutely struggled to get to 72 points by the end of the 4th quarter.

We had 18 turnovers (17 in the non overtime periods). Apparently without Wilson we should have less turnovers.

Gibson who is meant to flourish without Wilson was a non factor in scoring. In fact his previous game against Cairns he had a much better game with Wilson playing with 17 points @ 41% and 9 assist.

Sixers beat Cairns more comfortably a few weeks ago with Wilson playing. Yes the game was at home but I suspect the Sixers to beat Townsville at home more comfortably next game they play them with Wilson in the team.

The difference lately

Sixers finally have confidence back which makes a huge difference.

Sixers are actually playing defense now. Even if everyone failed to see that as the biggest problem even if the stats suggested so.

Sixers are more settled now with Creek and Brock finding their place in the team.

Brock is back to playing unbelievable offense and is working hard on his defense. 26ppg @ 64%, 90% FT (18/20) over the last 2 games.

Other points

When the Sixers have confidence and are playing good defense they have the ability to beat anyone.

You can't cut Wilson now without paying him out! Unless the haters want to pay out his contract.

With Creek injured the owners would have to still pay Creek as well as pay someone else which I don't think they would want to do and is fair enough as well. Also a new player could upset the teams balance.

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Years ago

'Brock is back to playing unbelievable offense and is working hard on his defense. 26ppg @ 64%, 90% FT (18/20) over the last 2 games.'

Another fun fact... Motum scored 28 and 6 first game with the team. No Wilson. Second game, Wilson played 13 mins, Motum scored 18 and 14.
He averages 12.75 with Wilson playing proper minutes. 24.5 without him (including the game he hardly played).

The team results are better without Wilson. The more he does, the worse we do. And key players do better without him. I'm struggling to find the argument that we're better with him than without him, because all signs point to the opposite. We're now 3 and 1 without him. 4 and 9 with him. I explained last week that the games we did win with him, he had his lowest statistical outputs for the season.
There's a distinct, direct correlation here. He has a negative influence to the team's success.

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Years ago

"Another fun fact... Motum scored 28 and 6 first game with the team. No Wilson. Second game, Wilson played 13 mins, Motum scored 18 and 14. "

You forgot to mention in that first game Sixers played pathetic and were extremely lucky to get the loss within single figures. Motum with 5 turnovers also.

You forgot to mention in that second game Sixers played pathetic losing by 39. Wilson's 13 minutes wasn't the reason we lost by 39 it was the whole team playing pathetic. Also Brock scored 10 of his 18 points in the last quarter when we were down by 40.

I can blanket Brock with statistics as well just how you have done with Wilson. Sixers are 4-8 with Brock in the team. Based on those stats there is a distinct, direct correlation that he is a negative influence to the teams success. However, we all know those stats are misleading. Each games context is more important to take in then just a blanket statistic.

As I wrote in my previous post the Sixers have not looked better without Wilson in the team in the past two games, even though others would like to turn a blind eye and think otherwise.

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Molten Millie  
Years ago

Defensive is a huge issue with Wilson but those stats are not collected..

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Years ago

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Years ago

whats Ritchie up to now he is outta hospital?
still in Adelaide, I know that. saw him and his boy BJ at west lakes the other week. return for cheap

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