Years ago

how would GEMS go against a top w college team ?

wondering if the extra few years in age the college team could have may make the difference.

Just watching LSU v S Carolina (no. 1 team) and other than the players going so mega hard at the ball the GEMS game looks like it would hold well against a top team. Purely IMO

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Years ago

They would probably go very well as most if not all of the gems squad already play against older opponents in wnbl or SEABL. In fact between Sherf,Antoniadou, Tupaea, WNBL, Wallace, frolings, Fareo already in college, Smith,Mali ,Horvat and Seaton in SEABL. That 11 of the squad of 15 that already compete and train against much older and strong women, so college would be just another game.

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Years ago

South Carolina didn't play very well today against Lsu.
I still think uconn Huskies will win again this year.

Does anyone see the gems squad differently?
I Haven't seen fareo play too much for Lsu this season. Maybe push smith to centre and add skinner to sf, put maley at pf.

U19 gems worlds 96 born and younger.
Pg 5'11 Wallace/5'9 Antoniadou
Sg 5'9 tupaea/6'1 sharp/5'10 Seaton
Sf 6'2 k.froling/6'1 maley
Pf 6'3 a.froling/6'3 smith/6'2 hellessey
C 6'5 Scherf/6'3 Fareo

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Years ago

I don't see many of them as tall as that

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Years ago

That's there listed heights...

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Years ago

The would get Smashed

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Years ago

Yeah, but enough about the gusto of the post-game celebrations after the win.
I think it'd be a good competitive game.

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Years ago

I watched SMU with the Frolings annd Steph Collins playing get smashed by 50 by Uconn the other day , SMU were described as a 'young' team and they were not even close.Uconn forced 30 turnovers mainly out ofthe SMU back court. Uconn lead 49-16 at half time.

Both the Frolings went hard all game and never gave up, as for Collins she has a long way to go before being effective at that level.

Given that the Gems would also be described as young and probably even younger than a college team I would agree they would really struggle.

My guess is that Uconn would beat the players listed above by 30 to 40 points.

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Years ago

Collins is not what I would ever call a good player, has THE worst shooting technique EVER hard to believe she had all that extra training and time at AIS , she's tall and that's all, you need to look at the teams as a whole not just a couple of individual players. Uconn have better guards than SMU, hence the turnover total. You put the gems listed together as a group and I think you would find a very very different end score to the one you predicted.

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Years ago

I've been watching the Baylor games also.
Wallace is doing really really well. looks pretty solid all round.

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Years ago

Hi we're is everyone watching these games.

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Years ago

College sports live app shows a bunch of games but is pay to play. and there are many conference apps and websites that show games for free.

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Years ago

I've been to a few Iowa Hawkeyes games this year, and I think it'd be a very interesting game!

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Years ago

espn 2 HD has been regularly showing womens college games mon / tues mornings

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Years ago

See that K. Froling has blown her knee ACL + miniscus will be a lenghty rehab and also puts her out of u19s contention.

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Years ago

That sucks for k.frol...
Lots of other girls that can fill that sf position at u19.
Maley, horvat and skinner probably best of the bunch.

I think the certainties are...
Wallace, antoniadou, tupaea, sharp, Seaton, maley, a.froling, smith, hellessey, scherf.

The other 2 from
Horvat, skinner, woods, McKay, fareo.

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Years ago

While the speed and skills may be the same i think one of the things that would seperate the two would be the strength. In Australia we have such a fear of kids lifting weights at younger ages - This is normal practice in the states.

When going to college our Australian players usually have a very equiped game to compete, that first year of weight and strength training is a big shock for most.

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Years ago

well looking at it from a very different angle, the USA kids may well lift weight but they are NOT permitted to train against older opponents so the physicality isn't there. High school kids cant train with or against college kids, college kids cant and don't train with or against WNBA players, so for most of the girls on the above list who most already play and train with older stronger opponents and would be on a strength and conditioning program from BA, playing against American athletes in their own age group should be an easy adjustment and they would be more than capable to take it too them physically, just because they may bench press 150k doesn't mean they like getting pushed and shoved in the key or pushed up on the ball.

Very very sad for Keeley Froling, didn't she just have a knee done 12 months ago. ACL injuries are the pits for any player, hope she has a good recovery.

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