Jack Toft
Years ago

R15: Sixers v Hawks

What a jamarvelous (yes, that was GOLD) win that was on Friday and now the Sixers get to back up and do it all again in front of a home crowd against the Hawks. It's Heritage Week and the Sixers and Hawks have a 1986 inspired uniform. Looking forward to Skip spinning a few good ones from '86.

Hawks season is over, but their plan now is to disrupt others. They want a win recorded against all opponents so Sixers need to be careful. The Hawks team has a strong ex-Sixer base too, so getting a win against your old club is as tasty as eggs and bacon in bed on Sunday morning.

The matchup most fans will want to see is the Ervin-Wilson clash. That will be one of the key matchups to decide the game. The other will be in the talls department and whether the Hawks can control the rampaging Motum. I will be watching Oscar. He is the Hawks most prolific 3 point shooter and is due to bag out with half a dozen. I get the feeling Gordie will have a few tricks up his sleeve.

This is the Sixers game to lose. The Hawks have fresh legs and will be very keen, but a win for the Sixers means much more. There's no need to kick a man when he's down, so just keep it simple and do enough to get the W. No soup for the Hawks, Sixers all the way.

Let's Go Sixers, Let's Go

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Years ago

I reckon the 36ers get the win by 7 in this one. Too much at stake for them to drop the game.

Preview: Sixers host Hawks with top four in sight

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Years ago

This is a danger game for the Sixers.

Hawks have nothing to lose and are probably the most talented team to ever have a record of 3-17! If the Sixers take this game for granted we could see the Hawks win and all the Sixers good work will be undone from the Perth game.

Hopefully we play 4 strong quarters and get this win.

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Years ago

Anyone at the game will support me in this from both sides. Worst reffing this season. Even peach did an obvious swipe on a hawk and that wasn't even called. not a pretty game. Sort it out Refs !!!!

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Years ago

Sixers have some guys who you can't help but love..but man they have some hate-able guys..Motum, Creek, Wilson.

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Years ago

36ers look a bit tired after friday nights game, but I expect them to eek out the W by 5-10 points today.

The broadcasting is back to its yawn-worthy standard

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Years ago

Without doubt down the stretch the refs simply lost the plot. A few minutes to go and with the Hawks on a 13-0 run, the refs simply put their whistles away ruining what could have been a great finish. Mal Cooper needs to have a look at the tape of the last few minutes. Disgusting.

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Years ago

Yep all round. I am disappointed the hawks resorted to the game plan they did as it wasn't pretty. If they win fair enough but i want to see a good game where their reputation is intact. the off ball stuff refs missed was awful. Gordie is better than that !!!

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Years ago

The NBL umpiring incompetence comes out to play once again. Pathetic calls for both teams.

I use to have respect for Ervin but to clearly foul Wilson as he tried to pass the ball and then to ask for a replay since Wilson threw the ball out (due to his foul) shows he has lost all class.

Congratulations to Wilson on another Excellent game and probably the reason we won the game.

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Years ago

The refereeing at the end was simply atrocious. The standard of the NBL refs is dropping and its not good.

I think we looked a bit tired today which after Friday's game doesn't surprise me.

The good thing, apart from getting the win, is that the Breakers knocked over Melbourne. If Perth can do the same to Melbourne and we can beat the Hawks next Friday night.....

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Years ago

I agree KingJames, pretty poor sportsmanship from Ervin once again on that play. Wilson is looking like a pretty clear upgrade in more ways than one at this point!

Can anyone else enlighten me as to exactly what happened with that incident? I was at the game and from what I saw, the ref gave the Sixers possession and then Ervin arced up and demanded that they look at the replay.

So, my first question is can the refs use video to change a call? I didn't think they could?

Secondly, it looked to me like Ervin didn't touch the ball, but that he grabbed Wilson's right arm, which would explain why Wilson inexplicably threw it well behind Petrie and out of bounds! Did others see the same thing on TV?

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Years ago

Beantown, it is exactly what you said, Ervin fouls Wilson who then threw the ball out of bounds. The umpires are allowed to review to see who threw the ball out of bounds and override the call but they can't change their mind on a non foul call. So Hawks got the ball. I really think that is why there was no foul called on Creek when Hill had a layup near the end of the game. It was a clear foul on Creek but the umpires went with the make up call. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Geordie called for the review first, but only after Ervin's animated remonstration that the ball had not come off him (which footage supported). I assumed the referee didn't consider Ervin had committed a foul however it looked like he had too me.

Some really odd calls and no calls this afternoon. Sixers had them go their way in the final minute and got bailed out IMO. They were out on their legs and Hawks were finishing strong.

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Years ago

Oh, what is this?
Where are all the Sixers fans who claimed they would be the VICTIM of hometown refereeing against Perth?

Worst display of refereeing I have seen this year, Hawks never had a chance.

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Years ago

Okay, I didn't realise the NBL were allowing video reviews. It shows the flaws in the system if you can review an out of bounds, but not a foul!

I agree with you that there might have been a make-up call near the end. I was expecting the Hawks to be shooting two for sure!

That's two games in a row we've pulled out down the stretch when it looked like we might fall short. Due in no small part to Wilson's clutch free throw shooting too!

Wilson has really played well over the last few weeks. I think his speed is really important for this team, because while Gibson and Teys are good, they are not that quick.

It was most obvious a few weeks ago when Gibson was struggling to stay in front of Cedric Jackson and then Joey put Wilson on him and he slowed him down a lot.

Its been a great job by Joey to get this team back on track over the last month. I'm loving their never say die attitude!

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Years ago

In the end, we were probably a little lucky to have won that. But we got the win, and that's all that really matters.
I have to admit, I've been hard on Wilson all season, but he's been really good the last couple weeks. Isn't taking over games on his own anymore. His offense is still there, just less of the 1 man team stuff.
We could not hit the side of a barn in that last 5 mins. Worst I've seen us shoot all year.
We were kind of bailed out by the refs in the last minute or so. That Ervin foul on Wilson, while strictly was probably borderline there, in the context and considering it resulted in it being a tech, I'm not sure you make that call. He blocked his path, but not to the point where he grabbed or anything. The throwing the ball out of court foul was clearly there though.
We've got a lot of people firing at the moment. Just have to hope that DJ coming in doesn't have the Motum effect. But you can't blame them for taking the option if it's there. Be interesting to see if we go tall, or whether we need to find a way to fit enough minutes for DJ, Motum, Petrie and Schenscher into 2 positions. How many minutes can we play 3 of them together?
Exciting few weeks ahead though. Melbourne have Perth away coming off a loss and Townsville away coming up in the next few days. If they can drop 1 or even 2 of them, it really opens the door for us.
We have Wollongong and Sydney next week. Both are pretty 50/50 games being away. We need to at least break even with Melbourne next week.
We have more or less the same schedule as Melbourne to come. Could very well come down to the last round.
We have Wollongong (A)>Sydney (A)>Townsville (H)>Sydney (H)>NZ (A)>Perth (A) Wollongong (A)
They have Perth (A)>Townsville (H)>Wollongong (A)>Wollongong (H)>Cairns (A)>Townsville (A)>Sydney (A)>Sydney (H)
Sydneyx2, Wollongongx2, Townsvillex1/x2, Perthx1, NZ/Cairnsx1.

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Years ago

The no call on Hill I think it was a game decider. Clearly fouled (on the replay) and from there on the refs lost it. I have no idea nor care but if Mal thinks he's doing a good job he should resign. Maybe not go to Alaska mid season. Priorities should be exclusively NBL. Perth refs are crap and after tonight the Adel refs were atrocious.
Worst part about it is that if those previously mentioned are dropped where does that leave the NBL.
Promote those that on the way up and put them in positions they cant handle. Mal you have answers to address very quickly.

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Years ago

Over the past several weeks there has been a lot of criticism of Wilson, so I was trying to watch his contribution in these last two games. On Friday, yes he was perhaps not a typical PG, but he was a great contributor and his FF shooting under pressure was probably a game-winner.
Today, I reckon he was close to MVP.

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Years ago

Yes, the reffing was atrocious at the end and their performance in the NZ v Melbourne game was also staggering.

Adelaide did well to win that, but I think Joey made a mistake not subbing with a few minutes to go, the starters were exhausted from Friday and just needed a quick blow.

Wilson and Creek won that game with their energy in the third quarter, that swung the game and then Jamar made the free throws down the stretch.

Wilson had some issues early in the season but has been outstanding for two months now. Even in the first month or so he was doing a lot of good things, you just wouldn't know because there was so much focus on what he did wrong.

If you look at the season to date, I think he would be leading the club MVP voting.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

The no call on Hill was clearly a make up for the missed call on Jamar. What really annoyed me was the intentional foul call against Carson when Wilson clearly ran into him and should have been called for the offensive foul.

Having said that, the reffing overall, and in particular the last 3 minutes was disgraceful (both ways). Hate to see the refs being the centre of attention.

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Years ago

I agree with others the past 4-5 games Wilson has played better showing good leadership and not just dominating the ball, good movement.

Was probably fortunate he wasn't released around mid season. I don't think a Gibson/Wilson back court would be an option for next season.

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Years ago

Watched the telecast and Peach almost got another block on the layup by Jahi in the last 12, then Jamar when he drew the intentional on Jahi and gave a sneaky little wink at the bench.. Great work Jamar.. NIDA will call you next week.. ha ha. Loving Jamars change in game to pass off and reduce the dribble. Fantastic and it's working..

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new name please  
Years ago

Next time u crow eater's can shut the f up next time Perth play or the calls the get at home or away. Even on Fridays game the had a few calls go ure way and again today. Bit sad that u only talk when shit don't go ure way! Those call went Perth's way like u guy's got today there would've been a hundred post by now.

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Years ago

Kinda felt for Ervs who in the huddle look upset hearing the crowd chant at the end. Memories of last season and what could have been this.. No matter what or how you feel about him, that's gotta be hard to take.. He was rocking side to side and looking up and listening and his eyes said it all. Thanks for the good stuff last season Ervs..Sorry you got dissed today and sorry the 2 kids camps had to listen the chants - completely inappropriate at our stadium....

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Years ago

'Next time u crow eater's can shut the f up next time Perth play or the calls the get at home or away. Even on Fridays game the had a few calls go ure way and again today. Bit sad that u only talk when shit don't go ure way! Those call went Perth's way like u guy's got today there would've been a hundred post by now.'

Think you spelt a word right there mate! Great effort!

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Years ago

What chants?
Was at the game and didn't hear anything

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Years ago

last season, weren't the refs only gonna call real fouls and let the game go on? Or did I dream it?
Disappointing both ways but gees, somehow they've lost the plot.

Good games by Wilson and third quarter by Creek. Got us going after a stalemate at 51 all for some time to get to 57-51. possibly the change that got us home.

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Years ago

Good crowd 6,000 despite being on TV too

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Years ago

Gary is a Wan..... clap clap clap.

Parents first time to the game in the SW / W end with 100 plus kids and families from the 2 basketball camps did not look impressed and may not come again…Different to an individual event dissing and standard booing at the home court which happens everywhere.. I was embarrassed as a fan who remembers last year and many of us were happy to have him here again obviously with a commitment to contain himself just the same as many other players including Chilli who have lost it. Wouldn't even want that to happen to players I don't like. Inappropriate and does not represent any fans let alone the bulk of Sixers fans.

Just not basketball - that is all and we haven't seen this for years at the Arena and was an isolated group..

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Years ago

Adelaide 36ers now with a really big chance at securing 4th place at the expense of Melbourne.

Sixers push past Hawks as Heritage Round kicks off

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Years ago

I think all throughout the game there were let gos and make up calls from a different umpires who maybe did not agree with a call or lack of. It went both ways this time, no bias, just bad umpiring full stop that affected both teams.
Could slow the game and 1 by 1 go through the calls and it would be swinging like a pendulum.

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Years ago

"last season, weren't the refs only gonna call real fouls and let the game go on? Or did I dream it?"

You dreamt it, their instructions were to clean up the game by calling the game tightly, though that only occurs in some games this season while others are allowed to be physical and others are a confusing mix.

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Years ago

I'll be honest and admit that I have been critical of Wilson this season and I still think that as a PG he has a few flaws in his game. But I'll also admit that in the past few weeks there has been less of his selfish style and he's trying to play more of a team game. And it seems to be working. I think a lot of that has to do with Joey getting onto him about his play, but at the same time all credit to Jamar for changing a few things in his game.

Are Perth fans still going on about the refs from Friday night. Gee, one game in god knows how many do they not openly favour the home team...and they have a cry about it. You know, there is no law that says that the home team has to get every 50/50 call go in their favour.

If Adelaide does have DJ in the lineup against the Hawks next Friday night it will be interesting to see how it all works. Will DJ come in and start at centre with Brock at PF and Peach at SF? Will Peach start from the bench with Creek at SF? Will DJ start from the bench?

Interesting (and hopefully good) times coming up for the 36ers.....

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Years ago

The refs won the game for the Sixers Paul and they should all be dropped. Absolutely pathetically referred come money time.

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Years ago

Agree - all that is changing with Wilson is silencing the critics, myself included. THis is what we needed from him. A lot for him to carry but he is not doing it alone. The fans, the coach, the players and the club have got each others back. All anyone was asking is for all of the above individual and groups to do what is right for the team and not themselves. Job getting done.. Happy days..

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Years ago

NBL ref's are terrible- they let far too much go... I thought the NBL were going to be calling it like the NBA?

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Years ago

Apparently there is an issue with the play-by-play at some point so I'm not sure how reliable these are. The positives for each team seem to match up with who was involved in each major run in what was otherwise a fairly close game.

A. Gibson: -2
J. Wilson: 13
B. Motum: -6
A. Petrie: -10
M. Creek: 8
P. Crawford: 5
L. Schenscher: 10
B. Teys: 10
T. Daly: -3

G. Ervin: 3
L. Davidson: 2
R. Martin: -7
O. Forman: -5
A. Ballinger: -6
J. Carson: -6
L. Nevill: -7
B. Hill: 1
T. Demos: 0

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