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Jamar Wilson vs the haters

Just wondering if the haters in Adelaide are still writing off Jamar as a bad signing?

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^I think the question you meant to ask was "Who's that trip-trotting on my bridge?"

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You think you know Adelaide supporters, there were no haters as you call it. There were people who know their basketball who could see issues and raised them. Apparently Joey sees them too as he has rectified them. If Jamar had not addressed them then questions would still be raised. Yes other players have bad games and issues to but if it is a consistency issue then it needs to be addressed. The team fits together and knows what they need to do to meet Joeys system and demands. Jamar had some holes in his game that despite the stats impacted in other areas and other players. Thankfully it was recognised, raised and addressed and not only for him, but others in the team including Motum and Crawford who are all new. So, the issues relating to Gibbo are still there but that is the sacrifice the team has made due to Jamars %'s and Gibbo is now concentrating on his other contributions which is showing in the stats but not the scoreline. That's okay as he will do what is good for the team. Jamar is now flanked with support and he is using it, he passes more, reduced the dribble and the team is creating space for him due to his scoring efficiency. He is trusting in his team. They all know their roles now. It is coming together, but if it had continued something needed to be done, but now it's all good. What is wrong with that. Criticism does not equal hate. It generates discussion and Jamar is smart enough to know that if the Adelaide fans have an issue then maybe there is something in it. The relationship here is different to elsewhere so please do not apply your beliefs to the Sixers fans. We are a different animal. The same happened with DJ as everyone could see his potential and Joey brought that out and the crowd loves him now.. There was no hate, just frustration of what he could be. We can't be so bad as he looks like heading back here and he will get the respect he deserves. It's a growth process and family are always the most critical as it matters to them. But families can support, never give up and forgive and be your greatest advocate. The Sixers family have their own thing going on and it is okay. Anyway, see you all at the finals....

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There were definitely people who focused far too much on the weaknesses in Jamar's offence without giving credit to the positive contribution he has made almost the entire season.

There were also a lot of people blaming those offensive issues for the 36ers' woes when it was clearly the defence that was a much much bigger factor.

Realistically, the 36ers fixing that defence - and Wilson and Motum are two who particularly had to improve and they have - has meant Wilson isn't left trying to make something out of nothing because they were always going up against set defences and the rest of the team struggled to create shots.

There were a lot of issues early in the season, Wilson was just singled out above all others.

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Years ago

Perfect post Paul!

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Years ago

simple.. Adelaide win and the wolves are away.. as soon as they start losing they will come back wanting jamar to be fired.. its a joke, he has been carrying Adelaide all season.

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What if  
Years ago

Jamar is becoming of more value than Gibson . I never thought that would have happened at the start of the season .

His crazy energy is becoming of real value to the team while others like Gibson just seem to go walk about during the match .

Jamar does not play or look like the typical loved import that have won the hearts of 36ers fans through out the years ..but increasingly he is becoming a major contributor helping the team win .

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Years ago

Just making a point that he copped plenty and fans WERE posting he is a bad signing and what are Adelaide thinking? I think he has proven himself a good signing. Yep there have been adjustments but that what happens when someone new comes in. Everyone will need to make adjustments for DJ too.

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Years ago

After all the criticism he received, including "when he scores we lose" I paid him particular attention last Friday. He seemed to do everything his detractors claimed, he wasn't setting up a lot of plays or giving many assists, but he was offensively brilliant, driving to basket, often making a score out of nothing, and nailing his free-throws under immense pressure.
He may not be a "classic" PG but he is typical of what NBL teams have often sought in their import PG's, an offensive weapon.
Hardly anybody was playing D on Friday night, but the Sixers won so everybody was happy.
Had the game gone the other way, doubtless it would have been blamed on the Refs and Wilson.

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Years ago

He's been much better the past 4-5 games now that he's playing more of a team game.

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Great post anon...there were definitely no Jamar haters over the course of this season...lol. The Adelaide family is no doubt the envy of the rest of the league. We saw the quality of the family in the way they treated last year's favourite son Ervin on the weekend. BTW, if Joey is such a good coach, why has it taken him two thirds of the season to rectify the deficiencies in his own import signing?

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Years ago

Agree with paul.

When the 36ers had that losing streak, everyone looked at the offence and yet they were giving up 95 + points

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Years ago

Vodka63...a few boneheads in the crowd dont speak for the majority of Adelaide fans.

There is always going to be a few rife ones in a crowd...every team would have a select few in their crowds.

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Years ago

I know the boys who were trying to be men chanting hate to Ervin are not members and that behaviour is not common so hardly a link to average Sixers fan. So that is a ridiculous statement. And yes many have talked about the defensive issues and Jamar has let a lot go through the back door, and recently he has had help closing that back door when he is exposed due to his height. These have been concerns about Jamar both ends, and now both addressed. What is the issue again... Yes a team that was not able to put in a great preseason with some financial limitations that have changed and now we can afford to spend if the right player is available. A team that has had some unfortunate events just like poor Perth is now with Knight/Ross out but have the benefit of a wealthy beneficiary to replace players. What's the difference there now they are in a weaker position just at a different end of the season.
Maybe Joey is looking long term, and reap some loyalty benefits. MAybe the players are worth the wait and the development and settling in period.. MAybe they are looking beyond this season now and accepted the possibility of not making it but they will give it a red hot go but only with the long term health of the club in mind. Look beyond the obvious.

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Years ago

Glad he is playing the game the right way now and we as a team are winning. When he was playing the me way, we as a team were losing and it was pretty obvious what had to change. It changed, we are winning and thats all that matters. I said few games back after the United game, it'd take more than one great performance to stop the criticism, its now been 3 great games and everyone is getting involved. Call it hating or whatever as a season ticket holder, I'm just happy things have changed!

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Years ago

'Great post anon...there were definitely no Jamar haters over the course of this season...lol. The Adelaide family is no doubt the envy of the rest of the league. We saw the quality of the family in the way they treated last year's favourite son Ervin on the weekend. BTW, if Joey is such a good coach, why has it taken him two thirds of the season to rectify the deficiencies in his own import signing?'

Such a useless post.
Wilson has cleaned up some things in the last few weeks. The criticism was warranted to start the season. Why did it take Joey 2/3 of a season? Bigger question is why did Fearne have those issues for 3 years or so and never fixed them, then Joey worked on them in 2/3 a season?

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Years ago

Thanks for the feedback Hendo. So useless that you made an effort to respond. I haven't watched enough of Adelaide this year to know whether Wilson was good, bad or indifferent over the course of this season but I have read enough of this forum to know that there were plenty of "haters" who wanted to see the back of him. Now that he has shown some form, IMHO it is a bit hypocritical of Adelaide fans to try and now claim that it was all just knowledgable basketball fans raising issues like the anon post above has...why not just say I thought he was useless and he has proved me wrong?

BTW, don't see the relevance of his time at Cairns in a thread which is clearly about the way Adelaide supporters were teeing off on him earlier in the year....now that is a useless post.

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Years ago

Adelaide: The most knowledgeable fans in the country. Has always amused me.

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Years ago

Delusional to think fans who noticed how shit and frustrating he was, over dribbling, and padding his stat line at the expense of the wins column and getting other involved, is considered haters. He was pretty much told stop over dribbling, make a move early or pass the thing, or your done.

He hasn't proved anyone wrong, he just changed his play so as too keep his job!!!

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Years ago

Vodka - did not say he changed because of fans, but their observations are consistent with the required changes that have been implemented by Joey. Same page more like it. And if they had not been made maybe he may not be where he is at now or the team overall and all their own successes now parallel to his performance rather than in opposition (as in earn he isn't on court!)

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Years ago

as in when he isn't on the court

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Love Jamars actions,hehas become a team man lately and just let Gibbo focus on defence,As for the Perth and Wollongong game his free throws are exceptional ,i think he has the best free throw than the rest of the team imo.

His play will warrant MVP for Sixers no doubt.

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Years ago

Jamar Wilson is a guy who brings some big pluses and big minuses. I don't think its fair to call people who were sceptical of his early play "haters" because that implies they were hating for the sake of hating - that is not true.

Jamar Wilson is a bit of a livewire. He is quick, he is talented, he can score, he can spin in the lane and pull something miraculous out of his anus; However, he is not naturally a "team" guy. He over-dribbles, he sometimes neglects the obvious pass to run off and do his own thing. Despite his best efforts, his defence can be under-effective. Jamar can be a human cannonball or a loose cannon on offence.

Jamar Wilson - until the last few games - hasn't been someone you would call a reliable steady hand. But he seems to have pulled his socks up and is playing like he wants to win. For this, there have been improvements in his game and in the team. This is great.

But Jamar Wilson isn't the main guy I would point a finger at. I point a finger at Adam Gibson. Adam Gibson spent 2 games this season showing us the full package of what Adam Gibson could be. He had as close to a perfect game as has ever been played for the 36ers by anyone, and then soon after he seemed to just drop into a careless mediocrity.

Adam should be the "Go to" guy on this team - but at times I find Brendan Teys more offensively potent. FOr the 6ers to make it deep into the play offs... when the chips are down, Adam needs to be ready to fire. So far this season, Gibson has been a mixed bag.

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Years ago

GWB Agree

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Years ago

Sixers fans are excited about the black hole DJ coming back. How will he play next to Motum? Should be interesting to watch

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