Jack Toft
Years ago

R16: Hawks v Sixers

Well....another massive round in NBL and it all starts tonight when the Hawks host the in form Sixers, complete with DJ.

These two teams met on Sunday in Adelaide in what was a typical gutsy game by the Hawks. Down by 12, they fought back hard but couldn't quite get the W. Their ladder position does not compliment the capacity of their skill set. They are playing more like a top 4 team at the moment than the Wildcats. They are a dangerous team that must be respected. However, they have succumbed to the role of ultimate wingman this season. Providing just enough resistance to entertain fans and make a game of it, but then letting their mate go home with the win. However, every so often the wingmen don't go home empty handed or with the DUFF.

The Sixers are playing with confidence and the inclusion of DJ back into the lineup will make this team more difficult to control than trying to grab an eel and shove it in an onion bag. Last game the Hawks ran the old pick and roll very well to get the mismatch in the key. Can anyone explain to my why Luke Schench is guarding Ervin at the arc, while a Sixers guard is guarding Luke Nevill in the key?

What great planning to organise the Sixer's Fans road trip this weekend. They will be the first to see DJ play live. I guess after a few beers they can also go to Gordie's and create a bit of mischief by ringing his doorbell at 2 am in the morning.

Overall, this will be a great game and is on TV so grab a six back, a pizza and settle into the couch for some great basketball. I wouldn't be a fan worth my weight in gold if if didn't tip a Sixer's win and tonight I think this arm wrestle will be a classic game resulting in a Sixers win.

Let's Go Sixers, Let's Go!

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Years ago

DJ joining the team is making all the news!

That frontcourt just became a lot harder to stop, as Daniel Johnson returned from his European trip and re-signed for the remainder of the year with Adelaide. They now boast a versatile and strong group of bigs who could be a big problem for the Hawks tonight.

I can see the 36ers winning this one by 3. The 'Gong take confidence knowing they got close last time.

Preview: Sixers welcome DJ as playoffs hopes beckon

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Years ago

Will be interesting to see how Joey introduces DJ to the game, whether he is bold enough to throw him in the deep end and start him or bring him off the bench just to rest Motum. I'd love to see him start for a couple of minutes just to see if theres a wow factor working with Motum. Hopefully DJ's defense has improved and he has sustained his ability to hit the three. That could really help open up our often congested offense.

Who's minutes will he be taking?
Will Schench step up a level to compete?
Will Crawford be left sitting on the bench?
Is DJ better at C or PF.

Cant wait for tonight it will be interesting and hopefully exciting. We mustn't underestimate the Hawks Though, especially at home.

Might grab Chinese food Jack and skip the indigestion. Love your intro's.

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Years ago

Luke is obsessed with hedging out on the screen defence and chasing the PG to the halfway line.
Usually results in a foul or a layup by the opp bigman.
I guess Joey is telling him to do it but it just seems like a bad idea to me.

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

Go the mighty hawks! 36'ers in good form, see if the get the calls go there way again?

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Years ago

Has someone edited Jack's preview? I couldn't see the paragraph where he blames the refs before the gamne starts.

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Years ago

Go the Hawks !!! Should be a great game.

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Years ago

Should be a great game and yes will be interesting to see how Johnson fits into this lineup with Motum & Schensher.

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Years ago

he will fit in by Schenscher riding the pine :)

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Years ago

Have to wait for Sydney NZ to play to get the LIVE TV NBL Tv.. Not bad LIVE coverage considering they are up as the same start tie and same time Zone !!!

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Years ago

Tom daly professional cheer leader on the bench

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Years ago

Well we are from SA and have rubbish Feed with NBL TV back home but we are in Melbourne on our mobile network as usual and the coverage is clear as a bell and no problems.. Perhaps that is the issue for us, live in the wrong state...

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Years ago

Is DJ playing?

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Years ago

For those who will wait until its on TV later I won't give the result away.

Not a bad game. DJ settled in ok, didn't set the world on fire but probably wasn't expected to tonight.

You know Wollongong are having a bad season when they have a whole section of the Win Entertainment Centre curtained off (the upper concourse on the right of the TV camera).

One thing I found interesting during the commentary. They reported that out of 20 block charge videos e-mailed to the NBL refs by Mal Cooper.....they only collectively agreed on one of them. For the other 19 they couldn't agree what the call should be. Read into that what you will.

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Years ago

Mal Cooper is a waste of space.

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Years ago

DJ wore #32. Whether that's because they wore the heritage uniforms tonight and they didn't have one with #21, who knows?

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Years ago

Couple of stats, again without giving away the result.

Brock led Adelaide's scoring with 18. He also had the game high 16 rebounds.

Tim Coenraad led the Hawks with 20 points. Larry Davidson gave them some muscle under the basket with 14 rebounds.

The next best rebound counts after Motum and Davidson were Wilson, Creek and Forman who all grabbed 6.

Rhys Martin and Gibbo lead their teams with 5 assists.

Wollongong had 8 blocks in the game, Adelaide had 3. But the 36ers 6 steals to the Hawks 2.

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Years ago

Does anyone else reckon that the sixers heritage jersey is 100x better than their regular jerseys?

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Years ago

Great to get the win, but worried about the 4/15 from Wilson at 26%.
Poor shot selection and over dribbling back in play . Nothing more to be said if you watched it, you saw it..

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Years ago

Yes and we also saw Gibson shoot 19/63 for a healthy 30% over the last 7 games. Give Wilson a break he has been excellent since coming back from injury besides this game, yet you still jump on him at the first chance you get....

I have no idea why Joey didn't play a zone at all in that last quarter. It almost cost us the game. The only way Hawks could score was from isolation plays. Good to get the win but should have been a more comfortable win.

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Years ago

Who is the guy at the end of the Sixers bench?

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Years ago

Wilson wasn't great tonight, but I agree with KingJames above - he has been great of late. He doesn't deserve the crap he's been getting on this forum.

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Years ago

The Sixers heritage jersey looks good, why do our current ones have to look so average

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Years ago

Chill King james, he simply stated he was worried about it. To be honest I was too, knew the result already, so watching this game with a little bit of a different mind set. A lot of dribbling in that first half, he is so much better when he makes either a real quick move or passes off. Its constantly mentioned, because its so obvious, at any basketball level, hence at the pro level.

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Years ago

Crazy win, couldnt have tightened up much worse down the stretch yet peach and broc make massive triples. Wilson god love him wont die wondering. Good sign is we won and he was horrible. And only pointing it out because he has the ball so much so its more obvious.

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Years ago

The comment around the 20 clips was last years offering. This year it was 13 clips only recently sent by Cooper

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Years ago

The other result from tonight certainly makes it hard for Adelaide, though. I guess all they can do is keep winning.

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Years ago

Who is the guy at the end of the Sixers bench?
Import training with the team, I believe.

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Years ago

Any one know his name? They looking at him for next year?

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Years ago

Wasnt it atem atem? The sudanese immigrant whom is a dp for the 6ers?

Yes the uniforms look sweet i prefer the "fan" singlets you can get...

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Years ago

For the second time in less than a week, the Adelaide 36ers have defeated the Wollongong Hawks, basically keeping their playoff hopes in the balance.

Brock Motum once again paced the Sixers with 18 points and 16 rebounds, who had recorded his double double before half time.

Balanced Sixers do the double on Wollongong

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Years ago

Holden - as above, the 1 total agreement in 20 block/charge call clips was the result from last year's exercise by Cooper. More importantly, Rosen said it was sent to players and coaches, not just referees. However, the way it was said, it wasn't clear to me whether the result Rosen quoted (agreement on only one call), was across everyone - players, coaches and refs - or just the coaches.

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Years ago

How did DJ go last night? I don't meant in terms of stats, but did he seem to fit in and gel with everybody?

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

Wasn't Dj the guy sitting at the end of the bench :)

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Big Ads  
Years ago

He appeared quite comfortable in his role off the bench and worked in nicely with his teammates, especially when getting the ball into the front court.

Also made some nice passes to open teammates near the basket and didn't give Forman much space on the defensive end.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

carson forces contact and goes to the line, i just get bored
used to be a forcing foul...all things must change

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Years ago

A good win for the 36ers considering Petrie and Wilson had poor games and they have been such massive contributors in the past 6-8 weeks.

I found the set Joey ran over and over down the stretch strange, it allowed Wollongong to take the 36ers' bigs out of the game and keep the ball in the hands of Gibson and Wilson, neither of whom was firing.

Adelaide looked much better with a simple pick-and-pop to get the defence moving quickly and open up Motum or Petrie.

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