Jack Toft
Years ago

R17 Sixers v Crocs

The Sixers have stormed back into the Top 4 and I'm happier than a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. In fact the only thing that would make me happier would be a Knighthood from Tony Rabbit, but unfortunately I'm not some Greek dude living in England.

What a massive game! DJ's first home game and with the crowd expected to be over 6K, this will be a noisy affair. It's on TV for our interstate friends, but there's no excuses for Sixers fans not to get on down and scream at the refs.

The Crocs have had a roller coaster season and there's talk they could exit, stage left, next season after a bad season off court . Ba! If Vince can bankroll for a few seasons, then let's no throw away history. I don't want this game to be the last time I see the Crocs in Adelaide. But I do want it to be the game we take one step closer to Perth.

We now have "21 odd foot of grunt" in the front court and that will make it very hard for the Crocs. You all know who I'm tipping, and it's the right choice.

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Years ago

36ers by 20+, people are saying this is a danger game. No team who has a 7 game losing streak and is looking from the outside in has the right to relax once they have a sniff. This team won't either, they are legit and it'll be more of a statement game than a danger game. Too many weapons too much hunger and they look so happy playing with each other selfless basketball wins.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Hey Jack i also looking forward to this game and having another great crowd getting into it to get us to finals again.
Their outside shooting is what can win the game and we need to ensure they don't get on a roll with.
Yes obviously our bigs Brock , Dj ,Petrie and Luke are dangerous but believe our ultimate success to go all the way is for Gibbo to get his shooting mojo back.
We can't make too many mistakes to make 4 and can't let this one slip.
Looking forward to reception DJ will get in 1 st home game.

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

Go the mighty crocs! U run will end, just when?

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Years ago

I think the Sixers should get this one by a few. Crocs should put up some fight.

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Years ago

Easy cats for life, your outclassed and outmanned.

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

Out classed? How long did it take for u to think of that?


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Years ago

accidently saw the team train at 10am this morning,. judging by the bullocking work going on, I don't think it will be a nice relaxed game.

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Years ago

Seconds champ. Didnt even need spell check like some.

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Years ago

You're not your, nice try with not needing to use spellcheck

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Years ago

So anyways how many expected today... 7k too much to ask!

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Years ago

Sixers by 30 plus. crocs played their GF last week against Melbourne. Also, all hoping Sydney gives Perth fans another loss, which will no doubt see the Perth fans drop off. Still waiting for them to get a crowd below 10K, its going to happen sooner or later.

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Years ago

How do you accidentally see a team train?

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Years ago

@hendo8888, get told to head to the club and pick up a few items, find out that wasn't the case, the manager looks for items as the boys train. simples!


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Vodka 63  
Years ago

Thanks Sixers 147 - wont be today. 12,000 tickets sold and tier 4 opened up. Must be that it doesn't clash with the juniors or late night shopping or all the other things that keep people away from the basketball in Adelaide

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Years ago

Wilson's flopping is absolutely atrocious.

He is on the same page as Redhage IMO.

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Years ago

Score update? Good old NBL isnt doing live stats for this one.

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Years ago

84-77 according to Sixer's Facebook. Final score.

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Years ago

Agreed MACDUB!

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Years ago

Great to win, clearly still have a lot to work on as a team, DJ looks like a deer in headlights still BUT we now have great depth, so he was covered. 9 out of 10 wins, good things to come here in Adelaide.

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Years ago

Do you guys mean Wilson is flopping defending the ball... he hasn't hit the floor to many times ala Redhage, so thats a very harsh comparison. He was great today, as was Creeks full court defense. Our starts to every quarter was very impressive, and it came from our defensive intensity.

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Years ago

That's a ridiculous comparison. Wilson isn't in the same league as Redhage when it comes to flopping. In fact, I wouldn't say Wilson is a flopper at all. He certainly doesn't have a reputation for it.

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Years ago

Snooch im glad you said that, I haven't noticed it at all, and Ive definitely noticed most of the issue with Wilson's game. Thought I was going crazy, perhaps I'm not.

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Years ago

What happened to our fast running offense today. We only saw five minutes of it to start the third quarter and I said then, Joey has finally addressed the lack of it but it only lasted a few minutes and we went back to scrappy.

Also why did Joey go back to his old habit of making the first sub a triple. Just when we have started well we have to start all over again? In this game that was significant!

Townsville played a great, tough, disruptive game and we were lucky to get up in the end.

This game I think we were the better team and joey might have been out coached.

We should have dominated the boards but didnt match the Crocs physically.

Had that last out of court call not been reversed the result may have been different.

Very glad we got the win as we must close on Perth to avoid starting finals in NZ.

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Years ago

Game has been over for well over an hour and the stats from the NBL website STILL show the 3/4 time score.....

And people thought things were bad last year. At least more often than not by now the full time score would be there, if not a match report.

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Years ago

Clearly this team which has only been together 3 games now as a unit has a lot of tinkering to do. Joey frustrates me at the best of times, but for now, just be patient let him review himself and the team on this one. A lot of things were done great few things lapsed. Will take some time to gel. Peach's O board and put back at the end was huge and fitting for a guy who has done similar things to get him to 200 games!

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Years ago

I think Joey is doing ok. The players always seem pretty effusive when they talk about him.

I don't know what his off-season activities include, but I wonder if he'd be a better assistant national team coach than Gleeson. Vickerman too I think would be better than Gleeson.

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Green 76  
Years ago

Good game. The Sixers got out to a great start and it looked like they were going to blow them out then they started jacking threes. The scary thing about the Sixers is that Johnson hasn't done much too. Was impressed with Wilson and Peach in his 200th today.

Townsville aren't that far off the pace. In my opinion they've been better than their record has indicated but if you drop 5 straight at home you won't make the four. They've choked a lot this year. However I think Gladness and Blanchfield have got better as the seasons gone on and Conklin is outstanding and an MVP candiate

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Years ago

Great win Sixers keep winning and wildcats not looking crash got 3rd spot is ours for sure .

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Years ago

8 fouls for the game,you must be kidding!

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Solid win, but not liking how stagnant our offence gets in the middle of the 4th, its so predictably frequent. I'm not a coach so I haven't got any fixes, but we seem to just pass it around with no one getting open, and no real urgency for low post action. Either we get bailed out with a lucky shot or Wilson has to try to create. Also not helpful when a screen gets set for the ball handler with 5 on the shot clock, sometimes less. Its alright for the moment, but come finals time (if we make it), we will not be getting away with it.

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Years ago

"8 fouls for the game,you must be kidding!"

No that was 8 fouls up to the end of the 3rd quarter.

@Sixers147 "spot is ours for sure".

Not true at all. Perth looks like they will stumble in and United have an easy run home. Sixers can only drop 1 more game in the next 4 at worst case to get in and/or hope Perth or United lose some unexpected games.

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Years ago

He over exaggerates contact ridiculously.

A little bump and his body and arms fly backwards. Happened today when defending the ball and got the call, even though there very little contact.

Offensively, he comes off the screens and as soon as you touch him he contorts his neck and body back as if he has been hit by a bus.

Kobe24, I will find some video footage to prove this.

Absolutely adamant he does this and I am sick of it to be honest.

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Years ago

Good luck Finding any video that shows that

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Years ago

played below par and same with crocs. fouls again get me fired up. some odd ones and some stupid calls which actually hinder a decent game.

Nathan Durant either is blind or is very amateurish at reffing. Both ways! Piss poor effort

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Years ago

Yeah, we're facing Sydney at home, New Zealand away, Perth at home and Wollongong away. None of those are safe ones, there's always the potential to lose to Sydney or Wollongong, and I don't think we'll be favourites heading to NZ or playing Perth, even at home.

We need Melbourne to lose one more game to give us the breathing space to drop one of those four.

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Agree on the general frustration with the refs.

The out of bounds call with 1:14 left in the 4th was ludicrous. The entire Northern End could see that the ball came off of Townsville, but Durant (whom I don't believe had his view of the play hindered) called it Townsville's ball. Literally gobsmacked.

Took someone, I don't know if it was Joey, someone on the bench, commentators, to mention that it could be reviewed for it to be overturned, AND ONLY after the ball had been inbounded. Game in the balance, Townsville go down and score that possession and the game is changed.

"C'mon Durant!!!"

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Years ago

Boxscore still shows the game as at 3-Qtr time!

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Years ago

MACDUB is right. Wilson is pretty bad. Probably the worst flopper in the league along with Redhage. But you can't blame him, the refs in this country aren't very good so he fools them quite often. He's just trying to win ballgames.

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Years ago

He's a flopper but come on don't go overboard putting him in the same category as Shawn Flophage.

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Years ago

Light travels faster than sound which is why sixers147 appears bright until he or she speaks

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Years ago

Also makes Jack Toft look intelligent

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Years ago

"Clearly this team which has only been together 3 games now"

Wow, so you add ONE player and this constitutes a whole new team? Just look how great The Wildcats did in their FIRST game together.

I do however have two serious questions:
Are 6's fans concerned about their defence (or lack there of)?
(Every team has off games, but lack of defence seems almost perpetual.)

Why is DJ looking so woeful? Has he just not caught up with the 6's game plan, or did he just lose the plot in Poland?

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He's not starting and his role on the team isn't really clear. Couple times today he was caught in awkward positions, and there were times where Motum made a play which was exactly what DJ was doing last season. Him and Brock play similar to an extent, as compared to DJ being paired with Peach or Schensch last season.

Don't really know his stats for today, but the jumpshots he took were there and last season I would expect them to drop. Inside he tried to force it too much and was looking for calls too often (Nothing stood out he could just never get into a move, and tried drawing fouls when the defense collapsed). One semi open layup he just missed.

A decent game against a lesser defender than Gladness, a handful of points and he should find his groove hopefully. Really needs to be getting solid numbers and starting before the last rounds.

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Years ago

To be honest screw the Wildcats, and DJ is that big a inclusion that its worth mentioning. Adding him is, unlike adding Luke Martin a very big deal that changes the teams identity, so you have to allow for I'm to fit in and find his spot. As long as we continually win, along that road, all is good in Adelaide.

I like our defense, when we get a stop, we are able to usually turn it into a quick offensive attack. Enjoy the playoff run the 36ers will make.

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

^^^and shit themselves when they make it.

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Hot hot hot  
Years ago

Nathan of Adelaide it's too late to review after the ball is in play
That should have been Townsville ball on the OOB call by the umpire

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Years ago

J. Wilson: 13
B. Motum: 17
A. Petrie: 17
M. Creek: 14
A. Gibson: 8
B. Teys: -12
L. Schenscher: -7
D. Johnson: -15
P. Crawford: 1
T. Daly: -1

M. Norton: -2
G. Vanderjagt: -2
T. Blanchfield: -6
M. Gladness: -5
C. Steindl: -7
B. Conklin: -23
S. Markovic: -6
L. Henry: 7
J. Holmes: 16
M. Djeric: -7

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Years ago

Conklin a -23 that has all got to do with his attitude!

He is positive for the season but the only Crocs with positive numbers are Henry & Vanderjagt! Markovic is -7

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master chief  
Years ago

Does PC have an injury concern atm or do you think Joey has just decided to use him absolutely sparingly now ?

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@Hot hot hot
Yeah I'm aware that you shouldn't be reviewing after the ball is inbounded, thats what I found so farcical, but thank god they did. I'm wondering why it wasn't just straight up reviewed in the first place. If Durant felt like the call was so obvious that it didn't need a review, then he might be need to be sporting some glasses next time he's in town!

Ref's just need to sharpen up a bit, imagine the game continuing with slow mo replays getting re-ran in the televised broadcast. If the officials need to be breaking the "review rules" in order to get it right, then that needs to continue, or they could just get the blatantly obvious OOB calls right the first time.

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Years ago

Great game to watch in patches but refereeing was [again] appalling. Missed calls & wrong calls, including out-of-bounds decisions ... and not just the one that was reviewed.

There seems to be a trend for refs [not just in this game] to decide to use their own rules, rather than the rules of the game, with one of the 'newies' being to call on the 'cause' of the ball going out of bounds, rather than who touches it last. [An sometimes I suspect they use a wrong call as a 'make up' for a missed or ignored foul of other violation.] So they don't automatically call the last contact with the ball, they look for who they think caused the ball to go out. Not only is that wrong, the concept comes unstuck when they then revert to the actual rule when someone deliberately fires the ball into an opponent's leg to get the out-of-bounds call ... which they do.

More generally, in yesterday's game, the refs simply weren't up to it. They missed the first three or four, at least, and never caught up. My reading of the situation was that Durant, the only 'home' ref, was actually trying to get somewhere near actually calling the game - someone needed to! - but was very concerned not to be seen to be 'home cooking' and in fact made several wrong calls, in my opinion, to show that he wasn't favouring the home side.

Based on what I am seeing at games and on the box I'd suggest many referees are simply not fit enough &/or well enough prepared mentally to do the job. Fatigue and stress bite hard and they need to be very, if not super, fit and 'turned on' to maintain good decision making under the pressure.

Or maybe they're so concerned about being in the right 'sector' or whatever that the actual game goes out the window. There's a lot to be said for having two good refs who know how to position to monitor the game, work to get into those positions, and are then able to focus on the game.

And from a refereeing [decision-making] perspective the refs need to do a LOT of work on how to 'read' and correctly call what is going on when the big guys go at it inside. If you don't believe me, find a tape of yesterday's game in Adelaide.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

seems crocs zone d slowed sixers down...sixers being the worst at three pointers.
(most likely poland will pay dj for playing there before this)

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I suspect the review that occurred during the Hawks v Sixers game a fortnight ago was raised by Joey. The precedent was set then.

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Years ago

What precedent would that have set, exactly? Out-of-bounds calls can be reviewed in the final two minutes, at the discretion of the officials. That's been the rule all year.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I was reflecting on a decision from a few weeks ago to help explain a decision made on the weekend. I was unaware the ability to review out of bounds was in the rules. Thank you Rulz

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