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36ers to look for 2 imports and speak with Newley

-Three-time 36ers MVP Daniel Johnson is the club's first retention target.

-We’d like Jamar (Wilson) back but if we can’t retain him, then a two-one (combination guard) who is a little more of a shooter.

-2nd import to be a Donta Smith-type - a multi-skilled big body alpha male."

-Mitch Creek and Brock Motum are under contract for 2015-16, the latter with European and NBA "out” clauses.

-Captain Adam Gibson, forward Anthony Petrie, centre Luke Schenscher, back-up Brendan Teys, injured BJ Anthony, veteran Peter Crawford and reserve playmaker Tom Daly all are without contracts.

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Years ago

petrie a must keep and BJ anthony

others can shop around...

gibbo possible to keep too...

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Years ago

BJ will most of the season with re-hab. Be silly to re-sign him for next season at this point.

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Years ago


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Years ago

resign him put him on injury waivers.... that can be done can't it?

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Years ago

I'd say so. I still wouldnt do it though...not for a multi-year deal. You dont know how he will return and how the injury may affect him going forward.

Better to not sign him but have him train with the team when he is ready to return. Then you can get a better idea yet not be hampered by a multi-year deal should he not really be up to it.

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Years ago

Is Madgen under contract at Sydney?
He would be a great option at SG.

Bringing Forman back as a bench 3pt shooter would be handy as well.

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Raider fan  
Years ago

Gotta retain DJ. I would think that Motum will stay for one more year as well. Would love to retain Wilson as well but you never know with imports. Wouldn't be upset at all if Gibson left. Same goes for Schensher.


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Green 76  
Years ago

I like what Joey is saying so far - the two things that need to improve most are the defence and outside shooting. Would be brilliant if they could keep Johnson. Imagine him and Motum with a full season together.
Of the people this year Petrie is definitely worth keeping and Wilson at the right price. I would've kept BJ as well if he hadn't got injured but wouldn't with his injury which is a shame. Schenscher comes down to points and salary. Daly is points too and Gibson is ok just at the right price.

Would like this.

Gibson 10/Daly 1
Wilson or Combo guard who can shoot - would be similar to Rotnei Clarke 10/Teys or college retunee.
Creek 6/Import 10 - needs to be athletic and can shoot.
Motum 10/Petrie 9
Johnson 10/ Schenscher or college retunee

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Years ago

Adelaide need to add a defensive big (Burston, Davidson, Knight are examples) and outside firepower. Once upon a time I thought Gibson was a crucial piece but I'm less convinced after this season. Unless he's committed, could move on that.

Is Markovic out of contract? I think he could be a handy option off the bench.

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Years ago

Green 76, Motum is a 9.

Isaac, I wouldnt mind the 36ers spending an import spot on Gladness as they need an athletic big rim protector.

I'd be assembling a team like this if it were me;

PG -Gibson/Daniel Dillon
SG - Import or Newley/Teys
SF - Creek/Forman(would he move with Geordie not @ the helm)
PF - Motum/Peach
C - DJ/Gladness

Not sure if that works point wise though....?

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Years ago

I think only one of Gibson and Wilson are required.
Both are best at PG so no need to double up.

If Gibson stays at 10pts it may be time to move on.
He was such a bad shooter in a lot of games this season.
Keep Luke if he is cheap enough and his points go down, 7 at most.

Newley still seems like a dream at the moment, maybe in 2-3 years.

Grab a couple of players coming back from college or keep Teys for points value.

something like
Wilson HADZIOMEROVIC or Greenwood
Madgen Dexter Kernich-Drew
Import Creek
Motum Petrie
DJ Luke

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Years ago

Tornado, Forman is under contract for another year.

I don't think interior D is just about rim protection but about smart rotations. Wish we'd kept Burston when we had him.

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Years ago

Yeah, wasn't sure about Forman and his contract tenure.

Interior D isn't all about rim protection you're right but someone long and athletic like Gladness has the ability to recover with pure length and jumping ability.

Interior D is also helped when you have good perimeter defense.

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Years ago

@Tornado, I would be happy if they got Gladness as well. His offense is pretty much limited to dunks but that is fine with the offensive fire power we have.

I think it is only slightly true that Gibson is out of contract since I am pretty sure he has an option for next season. If that is the case then it is Gibson's choice

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Years ago

Jervis was talked about last year... and i wouldnt mind seeing him in 6ers blue...

or with motum/DJ he now not an option?

have not a dominant BIG since Diamon simpson

and have not had a dominant Aussie big since Rees and Davis... but has the game changed too much for those types of players to flourisha nd dominate in this league?

most centres these days need to be able to run the floor too...

will be an interesting offseason and as a 6ers fan i am disspointed that we bowed out in straight sets but after where we were mid season to where we finished i am resonably happy...

the mood after the game was obviously of shocka dn despair but generally positive.

Joey is contracted for one more season and i wouldnt mind seeing it renewed... he has done wonders for the club...

what was the crowd figure sat night? i can not find it anywhere... was certainly no where near the 7k we had against perth...

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Years ago

4700 i think. Perth last night was down as well. Shows you how hard it is to budget, you would think our crowd numbers would have been the other way round with finals drawing more.

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Years ago

If they hadn't got torched in the first game a few more casual fans would have turned up.

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Years ago

Clipsal and Fringe both on Sat night so too much choice for the casual fan.

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Years ago

"4700 i think. Perth last night was down as well. Shows you how hard it is to budget, you would think our crowd numbers would have been the other way round with finals drawing more."

You have to go a long way back to find the NBL semi-final round drawing more than the regular season average.

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Years ago

On that as well Paul, with the Semi-Finals I think a lot of the casual fans also save their cash for GF tickets.

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Years ago

I was shocked by all the empty seats too! Did it have anything to do with the problems some people had with Ticketmaster? Or perhaps it was just the Clipsal 500 drawing people away?

As far as the team goes, I like the thinking of Joey in that article. Great to hear DJ is the #1 priority as his size and skill-set gives the Sixers one of the best offensive mismatches in the league.

If we sign DJ and Motum sticks around, I think there is some work to be done by Joey to make that combination work effectively on both ends of the floor, because neither one would probably be satisfied with coming off the bench. The potential of that combination is so great, there's no way you pass it up though.

It's good to hear that Joey is looking for a big 'alpha male' though. With BJ probably unlikely to be fit enough for the start of next season, we really need a hard unit to bring off the bench along with Petrie.

I hope we keep Wilson, as I am sold on him now after he had a shaky start to the season.

Gibson is an interesting question, because he does bring a lot to the table in terms of defence, ball-handling and toughness. The problem is that after the halfway point of the season his shot seemed to completely desert him. He's never been listed as hurt, but I just wonder if he injured himself when he was basically carrying a short-handed team before Motum got here? If he was injured and can get back to full fitness in the off-season, I wouldn't be too quick to part ways with him. It'd be hard to get a guaranteed upgrade over the Gibson we have generally seen for the last few seasons.

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Years ago

The crowds at last year's SFs in Adelaide were 3865 and 4024, so 4700 isn't a bad result.

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Years ago

Beantown, I paid $45/seat for Gold tickets one row before the concourse. Semi finals have higher ticket costs so people stay away and hope for a grand final instead.

Diamon Simpson isn't a dominant big. He's an athletic big who lacks court smarts. Last type of player you'd put in there with Johnson or Motum IMO.

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Years ago

I'd like to see Diamon Simpson return.
We should at least reach out for a chat.
He's potentially developed over the past 2-3 season playing in Europe etc.

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Years ago

Wow i'm shocked by that. Must admit i cant recall the semi games.

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Years ago

anon #518926

the 'man parts gate' and excessive booing of goulding in game 3....

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Years ago

I'm a huge 6ers fan but wouldn't cry if Motum and DJ were gone. Yeah motum can score points at times but only because of the good passes he gets etc, I've never seen a bloke that is so slow, has such bad hands can't get easy shots under the ring and his D is well what D..... I don't think he will have to worry about using that NBA get out clause..... #laughs he ain't NBA material. As to DJ well he is just a big sook.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

bigsixersixer, are you hoping to go undeafeated? Because when you had Motum and Johnson you won 10 straight, is that not good enough for you? Good luck getting two better Australian bigs wanting to play in Adelaide.

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Years ago

WHY do they want another "Alpha Male"? DJ, Motum, & Petrie not enough? I think they need more of a Childress Type.

Is Gibson good enough to run the point on his own? Then go for an import SG like a McRae/Beal type?

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Years ago

they need a Rees Mark 2 inside... like what BJ Anthony does but a bit taller...

and a guard who can nail the three... rotnei clark comes to mind

then we set...

but yes a Childress would be good too...

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Years ago

I took the alpha male thing to be a swing man who can come in and take over a game at both ends and win it for us, we dont currently have that, Donta Smith or someone similar would be a great pick up imo, even if it cost us Gibson and/or Schenscher.

It looks like Joey is wanting to build a team around

Motum (contracted)
Creek (contracted)
Import swingman, Donta Smith mould

Then build a bench after that with what ever points/$$ we have left, obviously ideally keeping a few of our current guys in doing that.

To me it seems like a good approach, to win a title you need to have 2 good imports imo, it makes a huge difference, you often get more bang for your buck out of a import than a Aussie in the NBL.

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Years ago

I Think Teys maybe gone if brisvegas are back, Purely because his wife has secured a good teaching job in Brisbane for next year,

hope not i like what he brings to the team

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Years ago

Grover, Rees was known for his defensive smarts. BJ Anthony is instant offence off the bench. Not really that similar. With Motum added, I think Anthony is (sadly for him) expendable.

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Years ago

If you keep DJ, Motum and Petrie, why waste any more money or points on another 4/5, let those three play nearly all the minutes at those spots and recruit a cheap big who's a banger of a 5 man returning from College, even Div 2 like Patton was. Keep Gibson or Wilson to start the 1, Creek the 3 with an adequate backup who shoots, and spend all the $$$ you have on a scoring 2 man superstar who can shoot.

Wilson 30 - Daly 0
STAR 35 - Teys 15
Creek 25 - (Shooter) 15
Motum 30 - Petrie 20
DJ 30 - (Cheap Banger) 0

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Years ago

I wouldn't be bringing Anthony back, too risky that after his injury he will be even slower.

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Years ago

Our league has a huge deficiency of strong 3 point shooters. I watch most teams clog the middle on defence , and watch as teams flounder around trying to create some offence while mostly remaining stagnant. Really teams are reliant on forcing turnovers to get anything going on offence.

I watch the nba and I understand absolutely we don't have the players to play above the rim like you might like to see but I don't see a reason why Australian teams can't shoot and spread the floor like the Spurs do. Aussie joe blow can't suddenly become a 6'8 high flying leaping dunking machine. No reason that any number of them couldn't become something like the shooters mills, green belinelli are though. I remember we used to have great shooters in this league. Shit Sixers could use some.

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Years ago

Wouldn't be getting rid of Gibbo unless you can get Newley in. Would be happy to keep Wilson. Motum & DJ for a full season is interesting. A good import 2/3 with a strong outside shot is essential.

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Woody Venkat  
Years ago

You guys aren't taking Madge from us sorry he is under contract next year.

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Years ago

"Our league has a huge deficiency of strong 3 point shooters ... Really teams are reliant on forcing turnovers to get anything going on offence."

The stats don't back that up. The NBL has a low turnover rate, a high scoring rate and a middle of the road three-point percentage.

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Years ago

All this discussion sounds fine with getting this player and that player but it's all $$$$$. Something I'd say Adelaide isn't overly blessed with!

The return of Newley would be fantastic as a popular home grown player but very expensive. Probably priced himself out of the NBL last year. He's a slasher to the basket and has a huge upside with energy. A three pointer shooter he's not! Gets one every now and then to keep you thinking he can make them but I wouldn't like him shooting for my life!

Gibbo is interesting. Can't seem to stroke it from 3 point range like he used too but he's tough and has court smarts.

Joey has been a great coach for Adelaide but his programmes have a reputation for sucking up the $$$. His championship team in Brisbane had Bradtke coming off the bench plus Ebie Ere? - that wouldn't have been cheap. Brisbane went under after he coached so did the Gold Coast. Might have been a coincidence. Getting two imports, plus Newley will cost $$$. Before everyone chimes in with marquee player money where's it coming from? Already the Sixers have started collecting $ from next season's seasons tickets, earlier than usual. Hopefully there won't be a budget blowout looming.

Admire the Sixers imagination, passion etc to improve but unfortunately there is also fiscal responsibility. Hope we can get both done.

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Years ago

I would keep Jamar only if he decided to naturalise

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Years ago

I personally would like to keep Gibson, Johnson, Motum, Creek and Petrie. Johnson, Motum and Creek basically speak for themselves. I just think keeping Gibson around is really good for the group, assuming he comes at the right price. I like his leadership and I like that he really gets us through our sets, rarely taking a bad shot. With a front court of Motum and Johnson we want a PG who can get them the ball and space the floor and Gibson can definitely do that. Petrie I think is best served as that third big who can defend, space the floor and offer some versatility. He's a gritty vet who’s definitely worth keeping around.
There are some senior’s coming out of College this year that are really, really solid but won’t play NBA because of their lack of size or athleticism. Someone like Ryan Boatright would make a handy back court partner for Gibson I’d think. He can defend, play off the ball and also handle the ball. He comes from a good program in UConn and I think he’d do a good job of defending most 1’s and having Gibson guard the 2’s. He’ll be a late 2nd rounder at best and I don’t think he’d crack a 15 man roster first up out of college. The fact he’s a senior sort of decreases his chances as well.
The other guy I like is Tyler Haws out of BYU. He’s a 6-6 2/3 that can flat out score at the College level. He’s a real versatile scorer that kind of lacks the athleticism required to make it as an NBA 2/3. I think he’d be a capable scorer in the NBL though, especially in a 6th man type role off the bench. With these guys we’re trying to get a Scottie Wilbekin type guy, someone who has played 4 years at a really good college (although Haws has only played 3) and played a significant role in that system.
I think to round out the roster we go a reliable cheap big like a Jacob Holmes to round out our front court rotation. With Wollongong’s future unknown we could add a Tyson Demos type player on the cheap. I hate the guy but every good team needs a real prick that can defend and compete. Finally we round out the 10th spot with a local point guard. I think Maynard (currently at Cairns) would be my preference but Daly has been around the group and would be okay as well.
We’d be looking at a rotation like this:
5 - Johnson (25)/Petrie (15)
4 – Motum (30)/Petrie (5)/Holmes (5)
3 – Creek (30)/Haws (10)
2 – Boatright (20)/Haws (15)/Demos (5)
1 – Gibson (30)/Boatright(10)/Daly or Maynard (0)

Perhaps we lack a bit of size up front by adding Holmes and removing Schenscher, however I’d be happy to keep Schensch around at the right price. We definitely have enough scoring; again it’ll be defence that is the test. I’d definitely be excited to watch this group though! Obviously the cost would be a pretty big concern, I literally have no idea what it would cost to assemble a team like that.

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Years ago

AK-47 - so, you wouldn't bother with any imports?

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Years ago

I think Haws and Boatright are American.
He is just suggesting them as cheap guys finishing their college careers, like Wilbekin this season.

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Years ago

Both of those guys do look interesting.
Haws more so due to his size.
Boatright is pretty small so more suited to PG.

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Years ago


As stated, both are imports.

Yeah Boatright is below 6 foot, I just think he's a bit more effective off the ball than what Gibson has been this past season. Could always start Haws and bring Boatright off the bench I guess!

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