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Boti: 100% faith in 8+ teams for 2015/16 onwards

Well, this is sounding better!

Boti on Twitter:

For those who asked, I have 100% faith @NBL will be there in 15-16 & beyond, with 8 teams, at least. Been a busy day. #WeAreTheNBL

Guessing: Kestelman propping up Hawks' shortfall, TV deal on a lesser-station and maybe Brisbane going ahead after all?

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Years ago

Yeah I saw that too.

You would think it would have to be something major for him to completely change his mind

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Years ago

Well, he's only stating confidence in continued existence of the league and either current or new teams. It doesn't offer comment on much else, but at least it's something.

Hopefully some news on the TV front has given the Brisbane bid confidence, and things snowball a bit from there.

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Years ago

My call is Townsville gone, Brisbane coming in. Would love 9 teams though!

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Years ago

Considering his utter frustration at the NBL lately, for him to now have 100% faith in the league, all of a sudden, I'm thinking/hoping something BIG

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Years ago

NZ media are reporting that Wellington is been looked at as a viable option and Nick Mills is heading to Aus soon to discuss the proposal with the NBL.

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Years ago

The frustration and negativity from both Media and fans has stemmed from lack of communication from the NBL office.

I have alot more confidence now the NBL are opening up and letting us know whats happening (albeit lil snippets of info). I imaging the same is for Boti and other journos

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Years ago

Maybe has something to do with Andrew Gaze's comments yesterday, which has prompted the NBL to come out and publicly announce some positivity, even if a lot of work is going on behind the scenes.

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Uwe Blab  
Years ago

"The frustration and negativity from both Media and fans has stemmed from lack of communication from the NBL office.

I have alot more confidence now the NBL are opening up and letting us know whats happening (albeit lil snippets of info). I imaging the same is for Boti and other journos"

I get the frustration but I also think they've been in a no win situation. If they say nothing, they cop it for remaining silent. If they keep saying that things are progressing, they cop it for not being specific enough, or repeating the same line over and over. If they're too specific and then things hit a hurdle, you get the Harry Hackrein's of the world deciding they're just so incompetent. If they tell people what they want to hear (prematurely announcing a Brisbane team, for example) they cop it for not following through on that months down the track.

I don't know what people think they could have done differently.

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Years ago

@Uwe : Yeah I agree with you there, especially when it comes to the Brisbane bid. Speaking of Negative Nancy, *cough* i mean Harry Hackerin, where is he now all the apocalypse talk has stopped lol

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King Podge  
Years ago

Gotta say watching the "BUT THE NBL IS CRAP AND I DONT WATCH IT ANYMORE AND HAVENT FOR YEARS BUT HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS ON HOW TO FIX IT" brigade hyperventilate is pretty funny.

Annoying as all hell, but funny.

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Years ago

Hopefully off the forum for a while now, Train and Uwe

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Years ago

Is it just me or are the amount of leaks that Boti & other media seem to get a problem with the NBL. It always feels like they are breaking all the news when the NBL should be engaging closer to fans and getting news out quicker or just plug some of the leaks?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

dean parker also 100percent confident, just then on ninenews. But only 50percent confident of retaining motum,playng d-league at the moment

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Years ago

Sounds like Brisbane and Wellington are coming in.

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Years ago

It's getting really hard to take Boti seriously with all his flip flopping. I'm glad to see he has regained his composure and dropped the Chicken Little attitude.

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Years ago

^ I agree. Generally Boti is a great asset to have for the league's fans. His reporting is usually very interesting, and his articles are never generic or bland like a lot of NBL stories are, and I hope that continues. However his rumour style reporting recently have been exhausting to take, and can't be taken too seriously anymore.

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Years ago

He is going the blog style rather than the journo style. So instead of digging properly and finding out both sides of the story, he just goes with whatever his favourite contacts are feeding him. Sometimes it bites him on the bum in a big way.
I would never question his passion for basketball but that is actually not an asset when it comes to finding out the whole truth. Too much passion can be a handicap.

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Years ago

Dazz is another prime example of that. Clearly lots of passion but also totally set in his ways and unwilling to take on board other differing viewpoints.

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gumboot slinger  
Years ago

Smoke. No fire .

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Years ago

Hmm. Wonder what has changed for Boti. He certainly seems like an over-opinionated loud mouth sometimes.

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Years ago

Boti again:

"@GeorgeEdmonds3: @matthurst74 @NBL is Brisbane still a chance to return?" My understanding is yes, it is not quite dead. Can't say more yet

Uwe, what about being a bit more forthcoming with info they could provide? e.g., if the Bullets IP was an issue, say that has been issue. If the venue is another issue, say that.

If they want to say something about TV, talk about the sort of options they have available and which ones have potential at this point.

Is Boti really flip-flopping? Where he's relying on a source, he openly states as much. Otherwise he's been pressing for Brisbane info like many others, and isn't that his job? His statements now on Twitter are regarding the number of teams in the league, and nothing about concerns over governance or anything else he's raised previously.

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Years ago

I have to echo what others have been saying regarding the Boti Nagi click-bait speculation sort of article, and would caution against taking anything he puts his name to as a true and accurate depiction of what's happening. Seems to be par for Boti recently..Lots of recycling going on, with very little substance.

I actually don't mind the idea of a rationalized NBL....for the following reasons.

* Removes the dilution of the talent pool which then,
* Creates a better sporting event for supporters and,
* Makes the league more viable as an aspirational pathway for younger athletes (Motum etc)

7 teams, Winter season, a State of Origin long weekend where Vic v SA v WA v NSW v Qld v NZ happens (Easter perfect for this), a uniform salary cap across the League (no points), 1 import but if you use the Import you must also have an U23 on the roster.

Maybe ABC iView would be a telecast option, Gaze and Tommy Greer would be ideal to commentate.

No more prop-ups for failing franchises. You go broke, your NBL License reverts to NBL ownership. Forfeited NBL licenses are put out to bid/tender, highest bid wins subject to approval by majority other NBL teams, money goes onto NBL pool. NBL specific board created from the ownership group, removed from BA control, each franchise has 1 seat, overseen by an appointed chairperson (I nominate Luc Longley as inaugural NBL Chairman).

What's astounding is not the fact that we've gotten to this point, I think everyone in Basketball saw it coming, but the lack of vision or a business plan to fix it.

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Uwe Blab  
Years ago

Boti is just Daniel Eade but with better grammar.

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Years ago

I have always been 100% confident that the league will continue...
As for having 8 teams next year, well it now seems possible that the Crocs will be rescued, and the Brisbane team is also looking likely, so that's 8.
(Whether Brisbane will have a pre-season or any decent players remains to be seen.)

PS: Some people seem to be unable to distinguish between having an opinion and simply being wrong. Saying "I hate Perth summers" is my opinion, say "Perth Summers are much hotter than our winters" is statement of fact.

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Years ago

Any reason you anoint Luc Longley as NBL chairman? Or does his name just sound good to you?

1 import?

Sounds like you want the NBL even further in the darkness

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Years ago

'Boti is just Daniel Eade but with better grammar'

Made my week,,,tks Uwe.

For GWB, thanks for the feedback.

The 1 import thing is a negotiable point, but I would hate to think that the local Hawks may now not be paid because X amount of money was paid to two imports, above and beyond what that franchise could afford (which is now clearly the case).

And I've suggested LL because:
* instantly recognizable figurehead,
* happens to be our most successful Basketball export to date, and a smart cookie.
* 10 year NBA tenure,
* former NBL franchise owner who got out before this train-wreck happened,

and his presence and media-savvy will serve to bring the media on board, at least to start with. Having LL at the head of it all lends some needed credibility to the scenario.

I honestly think the NBL will continue, and in very much it's current format, however we are at a point where this opportunity to revamp the League model is right in front of us, and I think we'd be silly to not do it now. Easier to modify a 7 team league, than a 10 team league with 3 new unproven teams. The Hawks and Crocs entering into Administration should be the catalyst for change. This could be the best time to do it.

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