Years ago

Hawks sign AJ Ogilvy

Ogilvy commits to a one year deal. Nice signing. This team will have a solid foundation if they can snag Lisch

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Years ago

Massive signing!!

If they get 2 good imports (one being Lisch?)

Keep guys like Forman around they will have a legit roster.

Lots of good bigs in the NBL this year which is exciting to see, im also hoping to see some really good athletic swingmen in the NBL will also help make it a great and exciting season for all clubs

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Years ago

I like good news, would be even better if we had something in our news papers but I am probably dreaming there...

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Years ago

Boti's article had Lisch as a target plus Bevo keen to retain Forman, Coenraad, Davidson and Demos.

Wonder if they've talked to Rhys Carter?

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Very nice to see the Hawks getting someone of that calibre.

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Years ago

Yea Rhys Carter would be a great fit.

He played for Bevo at Perth and i think Bevo coached him in junoirs so may be a real option.

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Years ago

Great news. Rebounding and rim protection have been huge weaknesses for the Hawks for a long time. AJ will go a long way toward filling both voids.

Also a long time since the Hawks have had a player who teams need to consider doubling in the block. Surrounded AJ with players who can knock down the open shot (Forman, Coenraad, Martin and an import combo)and that's tough to defend.

If Lisch or another import combo guard of that calibre are added along with a rebounding and defending 3/4 type import that's a solid core. Probably also need some further backup in the 5 spot as Larry rarely lasts a full season and a backup guard to fill out the roster.

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Years ago

Yup, agree, those big guys who need to be doubled on are worth their weight in gold, very hard to find and every team needs one...

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Years ago

Good signing.

If they continue to sign quality players and build their roster to a level where they can make the playoffs, then I would expect Hawks fans to come out of the woodwork and start supporting this club.

3000 fans a game - minimum.

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Years ago

I like Larry off the bench in a smaller role - might allow him to play nearly a full season if he only has to play 15 minutes off the bench and has another big to anchor the middle.

Very good signing and out of nowhere - hardly heard about this possibility

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Years ago

something has changed in the Gong , they have a plan and are executing well

nice to see

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Years ago

Great signing!

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Years ago

If formans defender is minding him out on the arc I can see Ogilivy getting a tonne of offensive rebounds

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Rabbit 64  
Years ago

Martin has also signed on with the Hawks - Media Release sent out last week.

Word is Lisch signing to be announced within the next two weeks! Hawks could be about to fulfil a whole lot of promise under Bevo!!

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Years ago



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Years ago

Would be good to see the Hawks put together an exciting team ( actually hope everyteam can, so every team has a chance in every game) but guess credit would then be given to Bevo, even though he may well have a MUCH better list that Gordie ever got.

The list above only lists 1 import which is very unliklely.
Davidson would be Ogily's back up, leaving room for an import to fill the 3/4 spot with the player everyteam is looking for - the long athletic shooter, spectacular dunker, etc - like that no name who dropped his NBL trophy in the Yarra.

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Years ago

swish. With the AJ signing and Lisch likely I don't anticipate anything more than a budget 2nd import. Would prefer that they can defend and get rebounds rather than be a scorer as there will be enough points in AJ, Oscar, Coenraad, Lisch and Martin.

If the import is a 3 who can play the 4 then I would start him in the 3 spot and bring Coenraad off the bench as the primary second unit scorer with Davidson also able to score off the bench. Someone similar to Tiggs would be ideal.

Carter or Corletto would be a nice third wheel for the bench.

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Years ago

Craig who played for Cairns last season would be a great pickup - as would shane edwards from a year ago

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Years ago

Agree. Craig would certainly fit in well.

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Years ago

This really lowers the chances of Schenscher getting a contract this season as I thought he would be definitely going there.

What team will he end up? Maybe Townsville or Melbourne?

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Murray Magpie  
Years ago

As a lifelong 6er fan, I have a soft spot for the Hawks. Good on em

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Years ago

This is justification for my calls for the Kings to chase Bevo hard last season as great, proven coaches get great players... There's no way that AJ or Lisch would/will sign with the Hawks unless Bevo is there... A much better use of the owners money getting him on board than picking up a pint-sized dunking dynamo...

What about Tiggs to return? He was always tough and once he found his feet was pretty impressive...

The NSW derby games are gonna hopefully be REAL interesting now!

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Years ago

I'm more impressed by this team than Unitedahd there group of 'highly credentialed' stars.

It just goes to show everyone that if we lose teams then we don't get the chance of this type of excitement.

I'll have AJ back in my dream Team and hopefully after a good start to the season he doesn't drop and look like he wants to be anywhere than a basketball court!
Maybe it was just the Violet Crumble gear he wore.

As much as I love Matty Knight, he could be the worst starting center in the league and hopefully that inudds a fully fit Pledgehammer

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Years ago

"As much as I love Matty Knight, he could be the worst starting center in the league and hopefully that inudds a fully fit Pledgehammer"

I'd say there's a pretty good chance he'll still be the best starting centre, unless guys like Johnson, Ogilvy and Khazzouh have drastically improved their pick and roll defence. He was All-NBL Second Team last year on little more than half the season.

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Years ago

Schenscher to Sydney? Saw him walking down Coogee on sunday afternoon

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Years ago

Townsville seems like the only club left looking for a centre, and Luke has obviously had a good stint there previously. Given the Crocs will prob have to use an import spot for 2/3 with Blanchfield gone, having an Aussie centre of Luke's quality would be a blessing.

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