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Scoring in the AFL is it drying up?

I am posting for discussion about the AFL and with reference to all the talk lately in regards to how they think scoring is being limited. Not only this, but the ugly stoppages and too many players around tHe ball issues now being a huge focus of attention.

Before some anon chips my post, fact it isn't about hoops, I have categorised it as AFL related and to be honest they are talking about basketball type zoning as one of their problems...

My view is simply that they are not officiating the game the way they should be, yes there are too many interchanges during an AFL game, this needs review and should be reduced IMHO, but their officiating is as inconsistent and subjective as our refereeing!

Holding the ball, where is the consistency?
Great rule and can reward a player who makes a great tackle and can speed up play.

Holding the man, this is the one they have stuffed up!
Too many times players are being held with arms wrapped around them or unfairly mauled with no free kick awarded, so play becomes congested and scoring is limited as a result.
Hacking the arms of a player taking a mark, once again inconsistent!
Reminds me of how poorly some basketball games are officiated, inside the key!

These are just some of my points, essentially the rules and the game is fine, it is the interpretation and inconsistent officiating along with too many interchanges that has caused their problems IMHO...

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Years ago

This is a basketball forum

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Years ago

LOL, always a clown in the room isn't there...?

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Years ago

It's a basketball forum with an AFL section... Could always not click...

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Years ago

Sorry guys couldn't help myself :-)

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Years ago

Let's just introduce zones players have to stay in, bring in those Velcro tags like they have in touch footy and stop counting the scores. Everyone gets a participation medal and a free sausage sizzle at the end of the season that doesn't have any finals. Then no one can complain

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Years ago

They talk about zoning in the AFL all the time, they believe this 'basketball' tactic is causing one of their problems.

I don't think it is, because their coaches will always look for innovative ways to get an edge on the opposition, it is the way they interpret and change the way they umpire the game that is the biggest problem facing them I believe...

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Years ago

They can't get their umpiring right, that is one of the biggest issues. They want the game to be fast paced but they don't create the room to make it happen.

The traditional game was a great spectacle because it was more contests in the appropriate thirds of the fields - now not so much it's kicking rugby

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Years ago

I agree, what they want is not being supported by how they are doing things.

Why would a player who kicks a goal need to sprint off the ground to talk to the coach immediately?

This is ludicrous, leave him out there and rest for the bounce and maybe he can get his team another goal!!

Seems to me that they are allowing too many interchanges, so what's the answer to this problem?

1. Reduce the number of interchanges to say 10 per quarter, so players will stay on longer because if there is a late injury the coach will always have to save one near the end of the quarter?

2. Reduce the number of interchange players, maybe increasing the injury subs so it is less flexible but still allows injuries to be replaced?

3. Some combination of these, but also taking into account that it is a physical game and injuries may need to be treated?

The rest of the game, the talk of changing this rule and that rule is not necessary, I believe their rules are fine, they just need to actually umpire according to them and not allow the illegal and holding tactics...

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Years ago

Who cares, it's footy...

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Years ago

Stupid question/statement, the people above care obviously, and i'm sure there's others who do as well.

Problem with the AFL is the rules change every year more than just about any other sport in the planet, the rules start becoming almost arbitrary

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Years ago

It was on 360 this week. The major issue ATM is the stoppages which come from out of bounds throw-ins. Teams need to be discouraged/penalised for kicking wide and hugging the boundary line.

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Years ago

Also one game referees over officiate and barley call anything. this the inconsistency in calls isn't affecting the scoring anywhere near as much as the stoppages. I believe the Collingwood vs Port game has 37 minutes of stoppages.

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Years ago

Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Wish you could edit a post...

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Years ago

Trial in the pre-season having a rule where the front 6 and back 6 from each team cannot pass the half way line respectively.

In my view, this would reduce flooding tactics, open the game up, improve the spectacle, reduce impact injuries and collisions, increase scoring, encourage more 1 on 1 contests, and stop games looking like U-12 games (36 players chasing the ball like headless chooks).

But this might turn out to be a different sport. You won't know until you try it.

It shouldn't be too hard to enforce. The third umpire has nothing better to do than count heads when the ball is in the other half of the field.

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Years ago

Get rid of numbers and have positions like netball

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Years ago

Penalty is a free kick and 50 metres.

Should stop the issue with interchanges as well.

If everyone wants the game more like it was 20 years ago, this is the way to force it to be like that (Lockett never chased past the 50 metre line!)

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Years ago

The AFL has created this by constantly changing the rules, they are a mess. Leave the rules exactly as they are and change how you interpret them.

In 2013 when the umpiring interpretations were tight 12 teams scored over 2000 points for the season. Last season when they paid only obvious free kicks only right reached that mark.

It mirrors scoring in the NBL, whistle it tightly and offence rules, let it be physical and defence rules. There is no need for zones or any such rule changes.

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Years ago

Historically, the game was a little slower and that was part of the reason it was played more in thirds, as stated above. You still got congestion but not to the same extent. Improvement in ground surfaces led to the game speeding up a little, because fewer games were played on wet, soft surfaces. That meant players could get to more contests.

In the 1990s, as with other professional sports, more money was invested in coaches and support staff that led to new tactics being developed. Flooding was the most obvious but zoning started then.

In spite of all that, the fundamental change, with biggest impact, was the introduction of interchange benches. That has allowed coaches to increase the use of tagging, zoning and run-with tactics, all of which lead to more stoppages.

Given how different that change has made the modern game from its roots, I think another fundamental change is needed. The number of active players on the field should be reduced by 2 or 3. i.e., to 15 or 16. Retain the same number of interchange players, to allow for injury treatment etc, as pointed out above. Eliminate the substitute (no longer needed) and return that player to an interchange role.

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Years ago

Love the restrictive positional zoning idea XY. This would surely eliminate zoning and open the ground up.

Personally, I think it is such a high-scoring game that it's not such a big issue.

Has anyone been to a close high-stoppage game recently? It's such a tense atmosphere and it makes for compelling viewing both at the ground and on TV. The AFL should stop trying to shape the game and let it evolve. For me, it's still the best sport to watch on TV.

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Years ago

Widen the goal posts, shorten the grounds, make goals 10 points, goals outside 50 15, points 3 and just getting inside the 50 one point. Problem solved.

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Years ago

12 minute quarters and jump balls will fix this..

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Haha, good call.

I say forget ball-ups and throw ins, and change to a possession arrow system for all stoppages ;)

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

If they could kick straight more often than not, it would help the score line. I just am against some teams playing closed roof and other teams in the rain and wind.

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Years ago

What about the idea of reducing the number of players on the field? Maybe radical, but if 18 went down to 16 or perhaps 14-15, surely the freedom of space would not only create more opportunity to score, but we'd up ball movement in the process...?

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Years ago

.....Speed up ball movement.......

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Years ago

I don't think scoring is drying up. The good offensive teams can still kick big scores.

That said, there's an inherent problem, unique to AFL, in the way they deal with stoppages.
In every other field sport that I can think of, when the ball goes out of play it is some form of free or throw-in to the opposition. Similarly there are very limited circumstances in which a jump-ball, bully, face-off, or similar is required.
But the ball-up, or throw-in, and resulting ruck-contest is such an integral part of AFL, that its become untouchable. So players fall on the ball, or push it out of bounds, at every opportunity.

So, make every OOB an indirect free-kick to the opposition, and tighten the rules surrounding "holding the ball" when tackled you must dispose of the ball, if you make no legitimate attempt then its HTB and a free-kick.

I also think, that given the fitness and athleticism of modern players, they need to reduce the number of players on the field, particularly at the centre bounce. Drop the players on field to 17, and players in the centre square to 3 each.

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