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In which season did your club suit their best team?

Question in the Prewster thread made me wonder. Someone asked if this season's Kings might be the best ever. I suggested the 2003/04 Kings with Nielsen, Carrawell, Ere, Bruton, Smith, Stiff, etc.

36ers would have some decent options, as would Perth.

Would Cairns have been those years with Mee, Cattalini and Black? Who did Burgess have around him?

Is Brisbane's best the epic run with Mackinnon, Ere, Rychart, Bruton, Black, Bradtke, Hill, Gibson, etc?

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Years ago

98/99 or 86 for us.
98/99 had Maher, Mee, Brooks, Cat, Rees, Davis, Stiff, Williams, Sapwell and Bauer. (98 had Rillie and Ninnis for Stiff and Bauer).
86 had Green, Davis, Pearce, McKay, Jones, Nelson, Wood, Ali and Spear.

I give it to 98/99 because I actually watched us play that year. Wasn't even born in 86.
On paper and in practice, both of those teams were pretty ridiculous.
Record of 24/9 vs 27/3 gives it to 86.

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Years ago

1986 for me and I got to see every game.

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Years ago

I am waiting for some Geelong supporter to remember the year their team went 0-whatever...

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Years ago

08/09 south dragons

Adam Gibson
Joe Ingles
Trammel Darden

with rhys carter, mika vukona and donta smith/cortez groves off the bench

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Years ago

Seriously HO are you drinking jungle juice tonight?

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Years ago

1991 wildcats. Grace/Ellis/Hansen/pinder/Crawford with vlahov off the bench

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Years ago

In terms of talent that 2007 Bullets team is probably the best ever assembled in the NBL.

Don't forget Dillon Boucher a good glue guy on that Bullets team too.

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Years ago

I love this question and I wonder what Tasmanian fans think of this question and their Launceston Casino City team won the championship and then died the season after only winning 5 games.

I'd love to see if any team led by Derek Rucker gets a mention, he was an absolute gun but highly forgotten in best of teams as he rarely had a solid squad around him with maybe Razorbacks being his bestie maybe the 13-13 Falcons with Terry Dozier, Tonny Jensen and Michael Johnson

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Years ago

Unshaven crocs.

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Years ago

1986 Adelaide 36ers just slight beating the 1998 team. Mark Davis, Iceman, Mackay, and Al Green. Needs his number retired IMO.

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Years ago

1995 Perth Wildcats : Grace, Stewart, Vlahov, Fisher, Crawford, Trahair, Cattalini

Very fond memories of that team.

I think this season would have to be the most loaded for the whole NBL in general.

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Years ago

I'm saying 91 Wildcats as well. 95 looks nice as names on paper but Trahair & Cat were raw out and JC was just about done.
91 had Grace, Ellis, Crawford, Hansen & Pinder starting and even though Vlahov was a rookie he was still a hell of a player that year, plus Trevor Torrance, David Close raining bombs from outside, and Davis & Watto super solid in backup roles. One of the all time great NBL teams.

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Years ago

Cattalini wasn't raw in 95.

But I think the most powerful line-ups came in the next few years.
Fisher and Grace became Naturalised, Allowing the Cats to play upto 5 "imported" players.
I'd argue they hit their pinnacle in 99/00:
Fisher, Grace, Stewart, Vlahov, Paul Rogers, Harvey, with Dewey Michaels and Marcus Timmons as the imports.

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Years ago

I'd have to go with the Breakers team assembled during their first championship run. The starting lineup of Brasswell, Penney, Abercrombie, Vukona and Wilkinson was lethal on offensive (even if Wilkinson was a terrible rim protector). With backups like Bruton, Boucher and Pledger, it is fair to say that this team was amazing.

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Years ago

I am with Josh on this, the South Dragons were the bomb, but then they bombed out, sadly!

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Years ago

Adelaide in 86 and 98/99
Perth in 91
Brisbane in 07
Sydney threepeat
Breakers threepeat

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Years ago

Any Melb Tigers teams make the list?

(dont know years... Bradtke, Gaze, Copeland....)

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Years ago

Anstey, Lampley, Barlow, Thomas, Crosswell with Stiff, Hoare, Corletto and D-Mac off the bench was pretty darn good in 08 for Melbourne.

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Years ago

2001 Hawks with C Thomas, M Campbell, G Saville, M Thomas and M Garrison winning the title that year. 3 all time club legends on that team.
The 1987 squad with Borner, McLeod, Bateman and Hammond was probably right up there, if not their best.

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Years ago

Townsville's 2001 GF team was arguably their best:

Brad Davidson
Mike Kelly
Rob Rose
Pat Reidy
Andrew Goodwin

Peter Crawford
Dave Hinton
Dave Pennisi?

Who else was on that team?

All of the big contributors were in their prime and it was a fun team to watch. To think we even had Sam Mackinnon on the roster that year but he was out injured. I reckon that's up there with one of the best teams to never win a flag.

Somehow choked away game 3 at home against a less-favoured Hawks team (back when that stadium was THE BEST home court advantage in the league), and you could say the Crocs have never quite recovered.

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Years ago

"Anstey, Lampley, Barlow, Thomas, Crosswell with Stiff, Hoare, Corletto and D-Mac off the bench was pretty darn good in 08 for Melbourne."

Yeah that was a good team, but I think 97 was better. I will note that I am hugely biased in this call (though I was at both championships.

Gaze, Copeland, Timmons and Bradtke all in their primes is hard to go past. Giddey, Smith and Gordon both great role players, young guys in Egan and Jefferies who were just getting started. A then record win streak came along with that team too after the horror start.

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Years ago

The Razorbacks (2001-02 / 2003-4) squads with the likes of;

Simon Dwight
John Rillie
Derek Rucker
Aaron Trahair
Sam Mackinnon
Stephen Hoare
Willie Farley

Were my favourite teams to watch. Young, athletic with great shooting.

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Years ago

Did James Crawford, Cal Bruton, Shane Heal, Terry Dozier and Cecil Exum ever play together for the Supercats in the late 80's early 90's when they were playing in finals? Those were the days, right HO?????

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Years ago

Branch, Borner, Exum, Morrison and Hinchen all played for the Supercats in '92!

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Years ago

Isaac, as I said in that other thread the 2002-3 Kings roster with hindsight looks pretty good:

Chris Williams (MVP, league leading scorer, second leading rebounder (12.1 rpg), 4.3 apg, one of the best imports this century)
Kavossy Franklin
Matt Neilson (MVP the next year)
David Stiff (Rings baby)
Shane Heal
Ben Melmeth
Gary Boodnikoff (Rookie of the year)
Brad Sheridan
Travis Lane
Michael Kingma (Wookie of the year)
BJ Carter

Great starting five there. Perhaps weren't predicted by many to win it all that first year, but looks pretty good looking back.

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Years ago

Yep, that was a great Kings team. Williams was simply brilliant in that season. That seems to have been his career best season anywhere am I right?

Franklin was an above average to very good import and Shane Heal was an all time great. Nielsen was starting to finally put it together and become as awesome as everyone thought he would be and the rest of that line up had some great role players

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Years ago

Correct Mick....and monstrously over the salary cap.

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Years ago

Curious question - what did Chris Williams end up doing after his Kings stint? I kind of expected him to latch on in the NBA (moreso than, say, a Carlos Powell type) but never seemed to. Did he end up in Europe?

I'd take 98/99 6ers of the teams I've seen. From the early 90's onwards I think that's been our best squad, and I liked us better with Stiff than Rillie (though I liked Rillie more personally!).

Overall, I would take 06/07 Bullets or 95 Wildcats I think.

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Years ago

06/07 Bullets has gotta be the most stacked team of all time when all is said and done.

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Black, Boucher, Bradtke, Bruton, Ere, Gibson, Hill, Mackinnon, Rychart,...

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Years ago

That Brisbane teams bench was the equal of any other team's starting 5.

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