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Heart attack at Pasadena on Thursday?

Any info about the heart attack at Pasadena Thursday night?

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Ok, it was an Over 45 grade guy

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I play there sometimes. That's the first I have heard of this. Any more info would be interesting. Certainly hope that they survived

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Years ago

If it's true there have been 3 in the over 45's grade (2 at Wayville) in the last 15 months or so.
One guy passed away unfortunately.
I know there was some discussion about putting defibrillators at Wayville.

The next bit I have only been told but I believe one of the guys offered to pay for it but nothing has been done by BSA.
I hope to god that is not right but it wouldn't surprise me if it is.

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Years ago

Every basketball venue should have a defib!

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I am no great fan of BSA (and the people that run it), but, I imagine the legal ramifications of having a defibrillator ready for use at a stadium would have to be considered. I work in the health system and I know that staff have to be specially trained to use these units. I'm not even sure what sort of professional qualifications are required to use the machine (e.g. nurse, doctor, paramedic). Also the associated treatment in using a defibrillator must be considered. How many staff would BSA have to get trained to use the machine/s? If you don't have a machine at a venue are you still liable by not providing one at every venue? If none of the trained staff were on duty and there was an incident who would use the machine? If no assistance was then provided would BSA be liable because the machine was there but no one used it? This could end up being a legal minefield. Very admirable that a person is willing to pay for a machine, but that comes back to the question of a machine in every venue.

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Years ago

There is a specific over 45s league tthere?

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Anon12...Defib's are designed these days with instructions so anyone can use them despite their level of experience.

Not only should every basketball venue have a defib but every sporting venue should.

I'm a personal trainer and 24/7 gyms have them sitting on their walls for anyone to use if the case presents itself. So, there should be no legal ramifications provided they are used for the right fact, there should probably be legal ramifications for not having one available.

If in doubt, call 000 and they will help guide you through it until the paramedics arrive.

I've been trained how to use one obviously and almost had to once but we were able to bring him back after performing CPR. We had it ready to go though and it was spitting out instructions - it's basically fool proof.

I think they made them that way because even trained people will forget or be unsure in a time of crisis and that indecision could be the difference between saving ones life or not.

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Years ago

There's an over 45 league? How old and weighty have these heartsttackk victims been

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Years ago

Over45s at Pasadena has been going for two seasons now, and there is room for more teams (or individuals looking for a team)

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3 heart attacks in 2 seasons?

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Defibrillators at venues are now standard duty of care, benefit players and spectators.
Speak to BSA, local Council and the Ministry for Sport and make this happen.
45 is not old, and heart attacks occur in skinny people too
Early action saves lives, don't forget 000

There are good resources for this, see

Victoria can do it, so can SA

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Years ago

The guy that passed away at Wayville was as fit as most 24 year olds.

For information, there is an over 60 grup that plays at Wayville with guys competing that are 75 plus.
The masters games has over 70's competition.

Backing up Tornado's post, modern defibs actually have the instructions show during use. There is no reason any person cannot use them.
Link to an example below.

I wonder what the law suit will look like if another person loses their life because of lack of desire to spend about $2000 per venue

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How old was the wayville guy, and do any of you feel concerned about suffering a heart attack on court?

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It's always risky posting this stuff up.

Okay, guy was mid 40's and in shape, seemed it was a cardiac arrest caused by a severe concussion, he appeared out to it before he hit the floor, which may have been a secondary issue. This could happen to anyone not just the old players. Last I heard last night, he was responsive, talking and further tests being conducted.

There were trained medical professionals in attendance, who worked on him for about 20 minutes before the paramedics arrived, great work guys/girls. Thus a defib being available could have shortened this time considerably and a hell of a lot less impact on the patient.

Rumor has it there are 2 defibs that have been available for some time, but still not at the stadiums for both of these most recent events, questions need to be answered?

Big shout out to the person who has been at and taken charge at all 3 events. With the above point being of greatest concern to him and us.

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Years ago

A concussion hey? That does tend to be the case a fair bit, but media usually excludes those facts and they like to scare people about this stuff. An on court heart attack would be fairly rare even in Masters, right?

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dane suttle  
Years ago

Defibs should be mandatory at venues. Even worse that some venues don't have one when someone is willing to pay for it! Heart attacks can happen at almost any age, not just to, as one poster suggested, "old and weighty" players! A bit of educatioon needed. You'd be hard pressed to find many venues in Victoria that don't have them.

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Years ago

I know Ingle Farm rec does. I have a bit of a phobia of heart attacks. I am a healthy 28 year old who is starting to get back into basketball. This kind of news never helps - despite the victims different circumstances.

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Years ago

He is ok. Saw him today after his op. He'll be out of Flinders in hopefully 5 days.

I really want to thank the all the people that helped him. Thanks to these people I still have a best friend.

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Years ago

I am glad for you both

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