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NBL '100% Committed' to Bris OR South-East Qld

The National Basketball League has confirmed it is committed to having a team in south-east Queensland in 2016.

""We're 100 per cent committed to having a Brisbane or south-east Queensland team in the competition for next year." - LK

Where else would a South-East Qld team be that's considered acceptable?

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Years ago

Ipswich or Logan

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Only other place really that is suitable is the Gold Coast but I think Australian sport has learnt their lesson from expanding into the GC.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

I really hope it is only a Brisbane team.

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Years ago

Expect Townsville to be gone and eventually Cairns.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I want to believe this I really do.

But twice in two seasons I have been quite dissappointed at the lack of progress.

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Years ago

LK seems to be a guy that can get things done though

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Years ago

a GM position has already been advertised so this is going ahead plus the fox deal relies on a team in brisbane for next season

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

It is progressing a lot faster this time around as there are meetings this week in Brisbane and applications are open for the GM position of the team.

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Years ago

God i hope its not the Gold Coast, has to be Brisbane, it has to be run correctly use the nostalgic angle, and get people to the games!

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Years ago

'Expect Townsville to be gone'

' and eventually Cairns.'

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Years ago

I actually think the NBL is finally going to get things right.

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Years ago

It will become a major capital city comp. Nothing regional in time.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

I think that Cairns has a secure future and I think this season will show us whether fans can turn out in Illawarra/Wollongong but it will be hard due to the lack of weekend games they have.

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Years ago

"It will become a major capital city comp. Nothing regional in time."

Yawn, how dull. I hope not, it's the one thing I truly think separates the NBL from the rest of the Leagues in this country.

So we can look forward to Adl, Per, Mel1, Mel2, Syd1, Syd2, Bri, Auc? Well count me out.

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Years ago

I think they should put teams wherever they are sustainable. Despite Larry's generous investment, we are not in the position to keep teams afloat indefinitely. If Townsville and Wollongong can't get sponsors, revenue, or asses on seats, what are they doing still in the league?

I don't think that the NBL will unfairly target regional teams for expulsion, but if they are not performing in the necessary ways, then so be it.

The league can no longer be held back by teams that just aren't viable.

As for the Queensland option, you would think it can only be Brisbane. The Gold Coast Blaze fell apart for whatever reason, and (from memory) weren't drawing crowds. We have no reason to revisit that failure. Brisbane have a history, and they have the support. The team will be based in Brisbane. I don't believe Larry is dumb enough to agree to something else.

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Years ago

Both Brisbane and Gold Coast fell over, but in an environment where clubs were left to sink or swim, and owners were left unchecked. The key is to set up a team that has the necessary support from the league along with checks and balances to ensure it is a qualitative operation.

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

More white noise!

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Years ago

Followign from paul's point, the fact is that the new NBl ownership is investing in Brisbane. They're employing the GM whose job it will be to get a team up and running. Previous administrations have stodd on teh sidelines cheering but left it up to local groups to make it work.

That gives me a lot of confidence that they're going to do what is needed to make the Brisbane/SEQ team happen in the time frame that they've set themselves.

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Years ago

AS far as I know, LK has 3 years to make the league profitable. That does not mean each individual club is profitable. This may mean some clubs have to go if they drain too much from the rest of the league, but it may also mean that the league can profit while one or two indiviual clubs are struggling.
For instance if TV rights become valuable based on the TV audiences for Sydney or Melbourne games only, then the league may need to prop up either of those teams if they are individually struggling. The NBL must have a team in Sydney and Melbourne or no-one will show games on TV.
If a club is allowed to fold then they would have to be replaced or the NBL won't have enough teams to meet its obligations to a TV deal.
We would have to expect a Brisbane team ( representing SE Qld - there are already 2 teams in Nth Qld). Maybe they should use the traditional QLd colours of Maroon and Gold to further cash in on parocial support - but still call them the bullets!

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Years ago

Is this why Im told 'This year' (every year) is 'Sydney's time'?

I understand that both the Melbourne and Sydney teams need to be doing well to draw in the sponsors and viewership but honestly both havnt been major forces in some time. The Kings are constantly on the bubble and bar the Childress recruitment, basketball in Sydney seemed to be on the backburner for years.

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Years ago

I find your lack of faith disturbing!
The Emperor is most displeased with your apparent lack of progress.

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Years ago

Cairns, Townsville and Wollongong to SEABL then?

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Years ago

The Hawks were in there SEABL a long time ago. As were West Sydney, Sydney and Penrith. Cairns and Townsville would be too far away. Brisbane is bad enough.

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