Marcus Camby
Years ago

Jarrad Weeks compared to other guards

Here are Jarrad's stats compared to two other Australian point guards.

Adam Gibson

MPG : 30.22
FG : 45.9%
3P% : 50%
TR : 5.67
AST : 5.33
TO : 1.67
ST : 1
BL : .33
PTS : 11.33

Mitch Norton

MPG : 24.14
FG : 33.3%
3P% : 28.8%
TR : 3
AST : 1.67
TO : 1.33
ST : 0.33
BL : 0
PTS : 9.33

Jarrad Weeks

MPG : 17.81
FG : 64.2%
3P% : 57.1%
TR : 0.67
AST : 1.67
TO : 1.33
ST : 0
BL : 0
PTS : 9.33

I'm quite impressed with how well Weeks is doing overall, but more so considering he is a fill-in. These numbers can out him in discussion for Most Improved.

I understand this is a small sample space of stats and its unlikely he will shoot at this clip throughout the year (if he stays).

Note : this is not to show he is better than Gibbo or Norton, just comparing him to two recognised yardsticks for Australian guards.

It would be tough but the Wildcats could improve by replacing Wroe with Weeks. I use Wildcats because once Rhys Martin returns the rules suggest Weeks has to leave and the Wildcats are the most notable team that needs a guard.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Oops sorry Mitch is 7 point per game not 9.33.

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Years ago

Weeks just came off a Waratah season. Easiest time to come in as a fillin, more into the swing of things than most NBLers who don't play state league. Any longer into a season and it is way too hard to produce. Nonetheless very impressive and happy for him.

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Years ago

Wroe is a DP, not a rostered player.

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Years ago

I suspect Illawarra will find a way to keep Weeks, from memory they have the points available.

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definitely his best season in the NBL. Hope he keeps it going.

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Years ago

He's a feisty little guard, I like the way he attacks the game, can see him continuing as a fill in role player for the impact he provides but not as a regular or starter of course.

Good on him, he gets everyone fired up when he gets a run, just the tonic we like to see in NBL games...

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Years ago


This cannot be true. You can only improve in the off season and therefore have a better NBL season by playing in the SEABL. Everyone knows that.

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Bubba Ray Dudley  
Years ago

Who's been better, Weeks or Kenny?

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Years ago

Weeks' dunk in the other game was crazy.

It's a shame he is 26 and not 23.

He would be perfect in the Breakers current system ;)

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Years ago

Annon - #556327
Waratah had its finals in July, not exactly just coming off..

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Years ago

26 isn't exactly over the hill, given a guy's peak will usually be the 28-32 years, depending on their game. He's a great example of the problem with only having 8 teams in the league the last few years.

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Years ago

The guy deserves a permanent gig, and I am sure he will get it.

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Years ago

Probably shows we need more teams when 2 of the players I've enjoyed watching the most this year have been Agent 97 and Bartlett.

They could both be out of the league in a few weeks.

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Years ago


Weeks just came off a Waratah season. Easiest time to come in as a fillin, more into the swing of things than most NBLers who don't play state league. Any longer into a season and it is way too hard to produce. Nonetheless very impressive and happy for him.

He played in Germany last season, that's probably why he has improved dramatically. How does Kevin White get a deal, and Weeks doesn't even have his name on his jersey?

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Years ago

If anyone knows the answer to Kevin White's continued role in the NBL, please let us Kings fan know, because maybe it will help explain the last few seasons for us, as well.

White has a reputation of being a defender, but I have to say that while Weeks' scoring has probably been the thing getting him most talked about, his on-ball defense has looked pretty darn solid. He really gets after the ball handler and applies a ton of pressure. Combine that with the fact that he can also put the ball in the bucket, and it makes it even harder to understand.

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Years ago

Cedric Jackson worked out last week why Kevin White is in the NBL

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Years ago

I don't White at the Hawks. Seems OK to me, and I didn't mind him at the Kings either, at least from the games I saw. Coaches love those dogged, team-oriented types.

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Years ago

If weeks had played a higher profile offseason league ie SEABL it would have offered more exposure to him outside of NSW.

Germany no doubt would have been great for him, ppl don't take numbers in the Waratah seriously as the comp is down right horrible!!

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Years ago

Weeks has impressed me. He has played fast, aggressive basketball- a good fit for Bevo.

White has also been solid.

Perhaps they will try to keep Weeks as a DP (is that within the rules) and then let him and White battle it out for the back up PG minutes once Martin is back and healthy. Similar to how United had Patton as a DP last season but he ended up effectively taking McMillan's spot and got more minutes.

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Years ago

I know a guy who plays with Weeks at North Bears and says he is better than Demos and White.

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Years ago


Yeah I know 26 isn't that old.

As you said it's the perfect age.

I don't have a problem with it and would take him on the Breakers as our backup any day of the week!

My comment was more to the fact that its so unfortunate that people will "think" he is too old to give him legitimate shots at the next level and/or that too many people/coaches/administrators at the next level have too much of an affinity with "youth". I hate it.

Greenwood probably would have put in similar stats in this year's NBL, but would be talked up as an outside chance for the Boomers 2016 campaign - because he is young (23) and part of the future plans.

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