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NH: Cricket is boring

Is it just me or is the cricket super boring? I'm not trying to defame the sport I'm just interested in what makes it so popular. Is there a secret to its success? I used to watch and play it as a kid but lately I've been watching it to help me get to sleep.

Whatever the cricket is doing maybe the Nbl can mimic it. Maybe it's those ads that make cricket look good with the techno music, people dancing in the stands and CGI flames coming off the balL

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Years ago

Cant stand it, and have tried for years to get into it. I cant really get into a sport where there is no season type ranking. Just seem to always be playing random series. I guess the Ashes has the heritage too it, but none of the other ones seem to.

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Years ago

Each to their own I guess. I enjoy watching cricket.

In terms of mimicking, I assume that is referring to the Twenty20 format of the Big Bash tournament?

One thing the Big Bash does well IMO is having a game on every night. That's something the NBL has taken a big leap with this season with the Wed-Sun scheduling.
Having that consistency of being able to tune into channel X at a certain time pretty much any night has got to help build an audience.

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Years ago

Cricket is for the most part good. What is boring is preparing flat tracks that see a batsman from each team scoring the 2nd and 3rd highest scores of all-time at that ground.

Yes, preparing roads almost ensures a test match of going the full five days and all the revenue that comes with that but it does absolutely nothing for the people watching at home.

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Years ago

Yeah, this current test match is definitely not a showcase of entertaining cricket! Even the commentators were sounding fed up with it today.

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Dwayne Pipe  
Years ago

Better yet. Play a game for 5 days and call it a draw.

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Years ago

Watching every single ball of a 5 day Test Match is never going to replicate the excitement of a 2 hour basketball game

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Years ago

yes it is

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Years ago

NBA > Cricket > NBL.

Cricket isn't as bad as you think.

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Cricket is popular for the same reason that Soccer (or Motor racing) is popular. It's the arm wrestle, back and forwards, suspense factor that it has going for it.
Nothing really happens for 90% of the game, but it's the fact that something COULD happen at any moment that makes it entertaining.
It's the sort of sport that you can have a beer or 10 with your mates, talk shit all day, and every now and then something cool happens that makes it worthwhile. Very similar to fishing.
Yes, you could just watch 10 mins of highlights and you'd see everything that happened in the whole day, but half the fun is in the not knowing what will happen.

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Years ago

The longer cricket goes on for, the more boring it is.

Cricket had to come up with a shortened form of the game that was more exciting than test match and one day cricket, and that's what has led to cricket's recent success.

People who won't go to a game that takes 5 days (or 1 day) are more prepared to go to a game that takes an evening and is fast paced, action packed.

Basketball has that already. It's called basketball. NBL needs to do better at marketing that.

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Years ago

I don't see any arm wrestle or suspense in cricket. About as exciting and suspenseful as lawn bowls or golf but that's just me. I respect that people like it, I just don't understand how.

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Years ago

Twenty20 is cheesy. Test is boring. I don't mind one dayers but I can easily tune out for an hour watching it.

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Years ago

The great thing about cricket which is unlike footy, basketball or even soccer is that you can tune out. No sane person sits there watching every single ball being bowled for the day. It's a great background sport. Then something happens and you wake up or dive to the TV to see.

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Years ago


This is pretty accurate

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Years ago

While I have enjoyed (be it quite a few years ago) playing cricket, among many other sports, lately I have found it much less appealing for whatever reasons.

Cricket has, however, found ways of reinventing itself and it does have certain elements appealing to our cultural and community connect.

A bat and a ball down the beach will always beat almost anything else and the enjoyment people get from this is immense. Same goes for the back yard, unless you have a hoop to shoot at, the basketball has kind of a one-on-one element to it whereas cricket can involve the neighbour's kids and the wife (need someone to ref, or hold your beer while you bowl :)!!

Cricket offers us that casual atmosphere, a chance to lie in the sun surrounded by grass and watch the game while basically chilling out and doing whatever you want really. Or in its different forms, a more electrifying mood and entertainment package like in the big bash etc...

Basketball is a one and done kind of event, enjoy the game and then go and do something else.

Cricket offers that community gathering kind of impact on people, allows for many more people to attend due to the sheer size of the arena like the footy, it is a cultural experience that basketball is not able to replicate to the same extent.

Yes, basketball is more entertaining, has more action and if you don't have all day to spare, probably a more appealing option, however just as it can be boring, cricket can also be just the tonic one needs to relax and catch up with ones mates for a great day out...

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Years ago

I've mentioned this podcast before, but it talks about suspense and surprise in sport. About how soccer has a lot of both where baseball doesn't, and basketball (by virtue of having ~ 100 scoring plays each game) doesn't have much suspense either.

Depends what you prefer I guess. I can appreciate that suspense is great for a huge build-up, but with basketball you get dozens of interesting plays, a variety of highlights, loads of stats to look over, etc.

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Years ago

Rugby Union is also a game with suspense. Seriously, if a lot of Australians actually sat down and watched a whole game (Super Rugby with a NZ/Aus team), you will be coming back for more.

Even the breaks/stoppages in RU are full of suspense.

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Years ago

Each play in cricket involves a one on one contest between a player from each side. Every play has the potential for something to happen. All of this takes place in a large strategic context of multiple players at bat in an innings and multiple innings for each side. That allows a greater strategic overlay with team tactics. The extended time period of the game adds a focus and concentration requirement missing from shorter games.

So you have a constant one-on-one contest where anything could happen on any ball within a larger chess game where each team is trying to gain and hold the tactical ascendancy. Add the risk that a lapse in concentration is more likely and can have major consequences (you get out or you get hit for 6).

The people who enjoy watching cricket tap into that bigger picture. If you enjoy tactical contests that change and evolve over an extended period, it's worth watching. I think of cycling stage races in a similar way to test cricket.

If you want a quick result with lots of action, then it's clearly not for you. That's why 20/20 was invented. It's for exactly that audience.

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Years ago

You get to watch the grass growing at least.

Basketball has nothing to compare with that.

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Years ago

Cricket is boring?


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I find cricket boring overall, but watchable at times (for spurts). I think it's only a matter of time before test matches go the way of the Tasmanian tiger though. The big bash/20-20 style of cricket has all the appeal of a home run derby for me personally (ie. none), but it's probably the best way to keep the game current and get more people interested.

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Years ago

It is the game, at the time, that is either boring or not (if you don't mind the sport that is), if you just hate a particular sport it matter not as you will find it boring anyway.

I have found basketball games in some cases very exciting and entertaining, yet there has been bad ones, just like any sport.

The 'Big Blue' clash between Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC (A-League) the other night was a particularly entertaining game. It was high scoring, dramatic, exciting and eventful, now if you don't mind soccer I think you would agree with me, but if you just don't like the sport you would find it boring no matter what.

Same goes for cricket, like many sports I can think of, baseball, yachting, bowls, hockey, sailing, cycling etc... you either love them of don't, you can watch them if you get into them or if there is a big hype about a particular player or something, but just like cricket, it is not everyone's cup of tea...


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Years ago

Bring back the old timeless Tests!

Nine day Test matches never hurt anybody ;)

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Years ago

Think there's a cultural element too.

Cricket and summer go together like a Mince Pie and Sauce.

People have no doubt being raised like that by their fathers and that's probably carried through to the next generations.

Another thing helping interest and continued viewership in cricket IMO is because by in large things have stayed the same - Channel Nine, the Cricket Show, Iconic commentators, same iconic grounds, similar/same dates, same traditions all round.

Not sure what you think of that but personally I grew up from a young children to a young adult (say 03 when i started watching test cricket until now) and seeing tradition being continued is cool and helps me identify with it like I did when I was a kid.

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Years ago

Cricket, tests especially, can be so boring for those that don't understand it. If you learn the rules and understand the game, it's easy to see why it's so popular.

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