Years ago

Is Waxy unfit or is coach Wright no good?

Perth made the 36ers look exactly what they are last night - WAY undersized. Squad full of midgets.

So I ask, why does Waxy (who plays about 18 inches taller than he is) spend so much time on the pine? In the opening qtr he was the only 36er who was beasting the glass and playing with any aggression and a few minutes into the qtr he is off the court.

This rotation was repeated through the whole game.

You don't win when you run 3 or 4 midgets on the floor and your opponents are all tall.....esp if your big is someone like Petrie.

Fancy having the Ant, Gibbo, Teys(LOL) and Sobey all on the floor at the same time. Waxy unfit or does Joey have the rotations all wrong?

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Years ago

Waxy isn't smart baller and relies on his natural gifts!

Joey is proving to be an avg coach unless his team is stacked!

Love to see what McLeod could do if he had our team

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Years ago

Waxy looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane at times, so it is a difficult situation. When he gets going he looks great, it's a consistency problem IMO. I still think he is a keeper though. Petrie continually shows his age as his frail body struggles with the likes of jawai and Jervis and Knight. (maybe inject Carlin into the game and see what the kid can do, he is strong from all reports).

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Years ago

With Petrie, it's probably more a matter of him being up against much bigger players. He's 6'8". Jawai would have 30-40kg on him. Jervis would be 6'11". Perth are monstering most teams on the boards.

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Years ago

Walker played 25 minutes, and would have played a little more if not for that injury. For a guy who plays with the energy level he does that's big minutes.

Even when he isn't in foul trouble Mika Vukona rarely plays 30 minutes. You want guys like he and Walker at high intensity because that's their strength.

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Years ago

I must say, why did it take Joey Wright six quarters against Perth to out Petrie on Jawai? It made a world of difference.

Everyone knows DJ isn't a centre and Peach has often defended the five-spot in recent years to cover for him. Maybe Petrie's injuries aren't allowing it as much this year? Or maybe they felt/hoped DJ had improved?

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Years ago

Waxy isnt unfit its EBI ERE who was our liability on defence lasty night...

EBI provides us 3mins or so of good basketball but is WAY to slow on Defence...

our defence in the 2nd half was the best i have seen from them in a long time...

and some of the decisions in the final few minutes by johnson and even Randle were puzzling to say the least...

no idea how Ebi gets so many minutes he does... is frustrating...

yeah he hits the odd cruicial shot but he should come on for 3 or so minuts a quarter and start on the bench...

starting 5 of

Walker/Creek when fit

Ere gives Petrie/walker/Creek a break for 3 or so minutes a 1/4... provide you with his few mins of greatness

he is well past his prime...

in saying all that

how much better was this game compared to Saturday nights snore fest?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

He went small against Sydney when we were 20 points down. Petrie Centre and 3 or 4 guards. Caught up.

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Years ago

Walker is no where near unfit. I would say he is one of the fittest players in the league actually.

I actually loved the way he played last night - I saw another side of him - hustling, going after loose balls, working very hard defensively. That sequence where he got Gibson that layup and then nearly followed it up again 3 seconds later was superb.

I really hadn't seen that side of him - he just looked more aggressive.

I think that mentality and aggressive is what he should bring to every game. He could find a nice little niche as one of those guys.

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Years ago

Waxy was outstanding last night - easily the best player. The Sixers need to sort out the d asap. Illawarra will murder them if they have half the looks Perth did.

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Years ago

1st half D was terrible 2nd half D was really really good... the best i have seen for a while...

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Years ago

He needed to have that game without Mitch playing. Now we just have to pull out that kind of performance WHILE Mitch is playing.

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Years ago

MACDUB, he played like that two seasons ago with the Tigers, was really impressive and then did it in Boomers camp and was strongly considered for the WC team.

It would be great to see him bring that week-in, week-out once again, the fact he had five o-boards last night after 10 for the season up to that point shows he hasn't been all there in the effort stakes.

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Years ago

play creek and walker at the same time, some of the rotations were terrible last night. Hodgson should have come back on sooner even if only to blow his 5th foul.
Jawai is a big unit but he had 3 fouls and we settled for jump shots, then he got his 4th and we never atacked him.
very poor last couple of minutes, lets not foul pranther so we can foul beal 20 seconds later once the shotclock run out.
Ebi Ere - lets dribble and dribble into the paint when we need a 3 and then turn it over, so frustrating.
overall sixers did well to get back in it after so many easy perth buckets.

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Years ago

Waxy isn't unfit and Joey isn't a bad coach, he is great one. No one connects with players like he does. We lost no need for panic button. However I agree Ere needs to go. Danny Granger?

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Years ago

We lost because Joey took off our hustle guy and replaced him with his buddy Ebi down the stretch - that's bad coaching!

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Years ago

Are we past the point where Ebi can be cut without having to pay him out for the season?

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Years ago

I'd imagine so, yes.

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Years ago

Owners should just cut Ebi themselves and then deduct the salary he is owed from Joeys salary.

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Years ago

was dissapointed about the way we lost but overall i was generally happy with the game...

certainly had me more enertained and engaged than the game against townsville on sat night...

Randle needs to slow down and utlise his team mates a bit more when he did they got open shots...

was and has been an absolute pleasure to watch Jawai play live... he uses his body so well... and is deceptively quick/nimble on his feet for a Massive guy.

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Years ago

Ebi should be swapped for a big but we all know that won't happen

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Years ago

Well it might, he was pretty horrible again last night and when the team loses, more people take note. In the 3rd he scored 5 points, including a 3!! I was surprised, thats never a good sign when fans are actually surprised to see shooters make a shot. Randle came in took the pressure off Ebi for 5 minutes, but now he has settled and its a dog fight every game, he needs help. Im still waiting to see waxy bring the ball up, apparently he can play all 5 positions coach Wright said haha

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Years ago

Kobe24 I think he was more referring to him being able to play defense on all positions which I believe is possible.

"For us he'll definitely play multiple positions and I’ll use him the way I did Sam Mackinnon (in Brisbane’s championship season) guarding one through five."

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Years ago

Ebi out Harrington in?

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Years ago

Is Harrington on Joeys BFF's list?

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Years ago

We'd just be better if we got rid of Ebi and didn't replace him.

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Years ago

Waxy is a great talent, just has a low IQ.

At a pre-season game we went to last season in Perth Vs United.

We were talking a bit of trash to the players and then Waxy said something along the lines of

"You guys are here on your public holiday watching me play". like we should be out doing better things with our time.

I thought it was kind of a stupid thing to say - I mean, as a player wouldn't you want people coming to watch your game, to like you know, support the business that is paying you?.

TL;DR Lucas Walker is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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He shouldn't speak to the nation's best DJ like that!

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Years ago

"You guys are here on your public holiday watching me play". like we should be out doing better things with our time.
He's saying that you're talking shit to him, but there you are watching him play, he hasn't shown up to watch you.

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Years ago

That's a perfectly good come back to a smart arse in the crowd trash talking him.

what's he meant to say as you are no doubt deriding him - Gee thanks for those put downs you make my job so much more enjoyable

Get over yourself, you were dishing it out and by the sounds of it didn't like it when it was dished straight back to you!

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Years ago

Walker appeared to be struggling to me. He was blowing hard after the first two and a half minutes of the game and calling to be benched. I noted that he did this repeatedly throughout the game (which can be a good thing especially if he performs best in short bursts).

I did recall at one point he went straight to the players race at either a time out or a quarter break and didn't join the team huddle til late. He appeared to be struggling for breath and had no immediate interest in the team huddle.

I've always thought he had a high aerobic capacity however last night something didn't look right.

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Years ago

King James i was being a bit sarcastic. Joey upsells everything but delivers little imo. I like walker as a player he just looks lost out there on court sometimes.

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Years ago

"I did recall at one point he went straight to the players race at either a time out or a quarter break and didn't join the team huddle til late. He appeared to be struggling for breath and had no immediate interest in the team huddle."

With the benefit of the TV replay, it seemed he'd copped an elbow to the ribs, although the contact seemed pretty trivial. Possibly he carried a rib/chest injury into the game and got a knock right on the sore spot. Could've made it hard to take deep breaths as well.

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Years ago

I noticed that Walker was sitting with an ice pack on his head at one stage. perhaps a migraine as well?

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Years ago

The thinking cap was over-heated.

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Years ago

it was a warm/hot day... got to 40 degrees... and i would rather see players leave everything on the floor and come off completely exhausted and play in short bursts...

he was one of the best if not our best player that night

his 2nd efforts were unbelievable

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Years ago

Id have Walker before I have DJ.

Least Walker tries on defence, whereas DJ.....(gone missing). Learnt lots in europe to no benefit to us.

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Years ago

I've thought this for a good while that we need a Tasmania team and I believe that Waxy would be a good pickup for them and the first thing they should do is give Waxy responsibility, he is what 31 years old and he always feels like that guy in the background with natural ability but let's others take over games and this is a guy that we laughed at for getting a Boomers gig and he shined like we've never seen him...

Get a coach that demands that out of him and he will be a far bigger asset to a club.

... Imagine waxy with responsibility up in Townsville this season!

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