Bretts The Man
Years ago

Ere decision has to be made now

If club serious about this team as we all are then Ere has to be cut after Sat, game to at least give us a opportunity to make finals.
Joey it is hard to eat humble pie as this was a huge mistake to get this over the hill player but guess even you did not expect him to turn up in the shape he did.
Our defence us a disaster and carrying a import that can't get out of own way makes it worse.
It is embarrassing to see a import so unfit and slow who although given ample open shot opportunities shoots mainly bricks and his turnovers are a joke,
Don't need to say more as even Marcus can't find support for him anymore

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Years ago

I think the cut off time to cut imports has passed so he is in the team for the rest of the season. So we might as well support him.

I don't think it was a huge mistake. No one could have predicted he would shoot such a low percentage after having a career high field goal percentage including in recent years.

His fitness was an issue though however he looks to be fitter now. Some could argue the calf injury slowed him down at the start.

Defensively he gets burnt sometimes, other times he plays good defense. Same as Gibson but no one seems to mention that.

With Randle in the team Ere should get open more often (When Randle decides to pass)

I still expect him to have break out games this season and be a key player in wins.

Did the team sign him up to be a dominate Childress type of import? No
Should they have cut him by now? Yes
Huge mistake? No

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Bretts The Man  
Years ago

I was led to believe cut off time had not passed for imports and wonder if someone can inform us of this .
Definitely respect your posting KJ and your loyalty.
But would like to cover some points raised.
Firstly I agree if can't be replaced we should support him, I personally can't as i think it was a disgrace he turned up as a professional sports person in that condition. As a long term season ticket holder obviously continue support team.
Yes many in fact ,most posters predicted bad choice in getting Ere even before become official due to age and so long since played NBL.
Sorry Kj but how in the hell can you say he looks fitter now as he uniform still bulges and moves at snail pace and does nothing better even against a very weak Crocs team.
Like I am waiting for that big lottery win you can wait for that break out game or even some signs he could defend a u- 14 player.
But you are a great supporter and poster and hope we both see better
Sixers days.

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Years ago

King James I was concerned from the get go as you knew ;) But my question why didn't they do something earlier on when he was clearly struggled. I mean has clearly been consistent, just at the wrong end of the spectrum! When Randle came in and that exchange went down, he shouldve been moved on too. God knows he couldn't have argued the business decision! Crazy thing is he has actually lost some of the weight, not that we shouldve picked up a guy who had to be nursed into playing shape, but he is still missing and missing ugly! Ive been saying this from the get go and been told how negative I was etc etc but you can sugar coat shit, its still shit.

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Years ago

Yes, the time where you can cut an import and not have to pay them out has been and gone. Are Adelaide in a Position to cut him and recruit someone else and stay under the cap?

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Years ago

You can cut an import and replace them at any time it's just whether or not it is before the cut off to pay out their contract which I am led to believe is basically a third of the season or about 10-11 games.

36ers have played 11 games so I would assume that Ebi's contract would now be guaranteed and thus, would have to be paid out if he were cut.

Had the owners got the money from members who signed up early they may have made the change but given they are out of pocket before the season even started and are spending cash on upcoming stadium improvements I can't see them paying out Ebi and bringing in a new import as well.

Face it...we're stuck with him and will be lucky to make Finals as a result and even if we do we'll be out in straight sets.

Best to look forward to next season now.

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I always though the cut off point for guaranteed contracts was a date (early/mid Dec?), not a set number of games played.

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Years ago

Exactly '585. Salary cap is one thing, but covering costs is another thing entirely - would feel a touch more sympathy if they'd put more effort into fan relationships from the start.

Ideally though, you'd bring in a replacement. They're far from in a hole on the ladder. Ere is putting in the effort, but I think he's a bit over the hill for this level. If they keep him, adjust the expectation, don't expect him to create for himself, and put more load on Gibson, Creek, etc for that.

Wouldn't be confident of making the four regardless of current position though. I think Melbourne have talent while Perth and NZ have that and experience to form the top three. It will be very competitive for the last spot and I think Cairns and Illawarra simply have more experience for one of them to get the spot.

If Adelaide can pinch it, I will be impressed. Too many fades (same with Hawks) to make me confident. Really should be going to Gibson for the clutch bucket.

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Years ago

I could be wrong Chalmers - not sure, just going n what has been said on here previously?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I think we made a change on American Import, Frye
just before the finals or so.

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I'm not 100% sure either. Obviously "games played" counts for finals qualifications and that but for some reason I thought the guarantee contract thing was a date in December.

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Years ago

I think the reason a lot of people are confused on this is because of the much more truncated season we have. We have no pased the time period/game period where they can cut him and not have to pay him out.

THats it.

So you either continue to play with him, perhaps in a different rotation, bench him or cut him completely

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

My observation is that you ADL fans are always quick to blame the imports, but your biggest weakness is the Aussie players (Gibbo, Creek, Petrie, Walker) who you guys inflate to superstar levels but really due to their lack of consistency are just ok players. At his best Gibbo is (was) a superstar but you don't see that too often any more.

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Years ago

"does nothing better even against a very weak Crocs team"

Ere actually did pretty well against the crocs. He penetrated well and dished off a number of assists from penetration, as well as a number of good looks to others that were missed. He made a number of hustle plays at both ends. Unfortunately, I think that's probably where he is these days - playing reasonably well against weaker teams.

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Years ago

^ the problem is there is only really one "weaker" team in the league this year...

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Years ago

I believe the cut off point before imports contracts became fully guaranteed was either 10 games in or two months into the season whichever came first.

36ers 12th game tomorrow so would be safe to assume Ere's contract is now fully guaranteed for the rest of the season which makes releasing him now pretty unlikely.

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Years ago

I have been defending the signing of ebi and even still believe he is not our biggest problem and at times he has out played gibbo.

But even i now concede the change has to be made if we want to be a good playoff team.

Id be looking for someone in the torrey Craig or Prather mould to replace him. Ie a great athlete, who defends well, is quick, can hit 3s at a decent clip, get to the rim and plays with energy all game.

Ebi has tried hard, at times out played some of our good aussies but just isnt quite doing enough against strong teams and as a import is easier to replace.

I was one of the few excited to get him and was optimistic it would work out but yea we cant waste a season waiting for a veteran import to hit form.

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Years ago

Time to pull the trigger and cut Ebi and sign harrington then we would be looking at a championship! Make it happen im sure there is a big business out the that would sponsor a nba vet to throw on the sixers blue

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Years ago

Anon #610

The 10 games number I recall from posts and media articles last season.

Last month the NBL Commission announced that a review of rules and regulations would be a priority for them. I doubt they've completed that yet so I assume the same rules as last season apply to this import contract termination issue.

FWIW, the 2 months after the first regular season game was a clause in the 2010-11 NBL Standard Player Contract (latest copy I have of that document).

I couldn't find the answer to this import termination cutoff question in the 2011-12 NBL Rules and Regs (latest copy I have of those).

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Years ago

Cheers Peter John

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Years ago

It's not just his offense (Which is sub-standard).

It's also the fact that defensively he is severely outmatched.

He is too slow to defend SGs and a lot of SF's and too small to defend PF's.

I've always said that getting a veteran/old big man isn't too bad because for a lot of them they never really relied on their pace/athleticism. Some can still get it done at an older age.

But taking a shooting guard at that age is more of a risk and one that obviously hasn't worked quite as well.

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Years ago

There is a number of players Adelaide has that are not playing great. The key factor with Ebi is that he is the ONLY one of those under performing that can indeed be upgraded as he is the import. Glad to see others saying what i have from the get go. Wont go far with this current team.

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Years ago

Bring back Diamon Simpson and should have been signed in the 1st place.

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Years ago


I think reasonable Sixer fans have a good appreciation for the lack of consistency the team gets from the "local" players.

I appreciate that the depth and skill of local talent at Perth, Melbourne and NZ exceed that of Adelaide (while being comparable with Cairns and Illawarra). I suspect this is why Adelaide fans place greater expectations on the output from the Sixers imports.

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Years ago

My observation is that you ADL fans are always quick to blame the imports...
More replacement imports out there than replacement locals.

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Years ago

Meanwhile big money is being pumped into an Aussie point guard who turns up 1/3 games

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Years ago

so If they are pumping such big money into the PG why does the coach always look to recruit an import PG who takes over the ball for a large %age of the offense?

You cant have it both ways, either have faith in Gibson to lead the team or bring in yet another undersized PG with flashy moves to take all the glory leaving the other stars to bear the brunt of criticism when afore mentioned PG doesn't produce huge numbers

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Years ago

Gibbo wont be paid by the 6ers much longer id say. But great question why have him if the ball isnt in his hands. Love randle but hard for gibbo to produce a play without ball in his hand.

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Years ago

The mail is Gibbo won't be back next season regardless.

If that's the case I'd be hoping the Sixers try and get Randle back and perhaps partner him with a guy like Newley, who might just be ready to make a return home.

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Years ago

Same mail snooch. Lemanis even used his name directly in his head coaching interview haha Randle has to be back and marketing has to around him. The crows go nuts when he delivers which is often.

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Years ago

In addition, I'm hearing Joey doesn't want Gibbo back either. So it's a win-win all-round I guess.

Randle is really loving Adelaide by all reports, just a matter of finding the coin to keep him.

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Years ago

Hmmm didnt know that part. Not a good sign when the coach doesnt want the captain back. Bit of self imploding stuff going on perhaps. Atill just cant believe the coach would select an import in the condition Ere is/has been in. With the amount of talent each team put together in the offseason, the selections of the imports had to be top notch. Fail.

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Years ago

Many wont admit it but the team dodged a major bullet with mcnail going out. Randle has been a huge reason why fans are still coming along. Just wish we had him from the get go.

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Years ago

You do hear Joey going pretty hard at Gibbo sometimes in timeouts. Figured that was just the relationship they have though.

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Years ago

I think it's more a matter of Joey having lost faith in him this season and now being prepared to move on without him. I don't think it's a matter of self-imploding as such.

Given he'd be on reasonable money (albeit having taken pay cuts in recent years from what I've been told) you would hope they could find a decent replacement. That's why I'd be chasing Newley hard (if he's ready to come home - I've no idea if he is, but it's worth asking)

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Years ago

I'd like to see a big bodied centre as a priority. There are some big bodies in the league these days, and DJ just can't compete. He would much better suited playing a stretch 4 role and playing D on the "smaller" big on the opposing team, IMO.

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Years ago

Im with you dave, using up alot of energy on defence these days. And it effected his laat 3 minutes offensively against cats.

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Years ago

I agree with others Gibbo can be replaced even worse case scenario with a Rhys Carter type and let Randle go to work.

DJ isn't really a centre and we need something better than a Petrie/Walker combo. Petrie is a back up these days and Walker is fortunate to still be in the league. Try and recruit a big 4/5 with the intention of shifting DJ down to the 4 where he won't cop as much of a flogging inside.

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Years ago

Angus brandt could be a good target as big bodied c in a reesy role

Move dj to pf

Get a import swing man who can defend

And eithet randle or a true pg preferably 6'3 plus and plays defense and pass first player

Then use whats left to get best guard possible target newley, madgen, a drmic, bose, dillon, Maynard, hooley a variety of options and price tags there.

Gives us

Aussie grd/teys

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Years ago

That would be a very good idea. Brandt's role has diminished measurably at the Kings this season and he might be interested in going somewhere he might get some more time.

I was thinking of Brandt a bit with this because I don't think Hodgson is up to starting just yet. Brandt reminds me of a poor man's Baynes.

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Years ago

Exactly my thoughts why i suggested brandt as he is now behind jk.

Majok and Jervis would also be great but alot harder to get from their current team id imagine.

So yea offer brandt more mins and a decent wage for the role and i reckon he would be more of a chance to move.

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Years ago

Good luck trying to win the league with Brandt as you starting centre.

Reply #565697 | Report this post

Years ago

To be fair not expecting Brandt to star, was thinking 15-20 mins per game, where he plays the 'Reesy' role

Just a big body who hustle hards and is a presence inside the key

Not expecting big numbers from him

I think he can fill this just fine

A C rotation would be something like

Brandt 20 mins/Hodgson 15 mins/Johnson 5 mins

If Brandt and Hodgson not working can always move DJ back to C for stretches

Just not sure we will win a title with DJ anchoring the middle either

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I don't think its fair on Ebi to put all the teams issues on him.

The issues transcend just one player. Team defence is the biggest issue but few want to address it, opting instead just to get rid of the import probably because it is the easiest 'something' to do.

Well you could bring in another "Prather-type" or "Diamon-type", but you will still have a coach plus 9 other players that aren't committed to defence. The change needs to come from the collective 6'ers, top down, not just 1 person.

Ebi's points production isn't that bad. If you express his points in 'per 40 minute' terms he is 17.9 per 40 mins, DJ is 21.8 per 40 mins. Gibbo is EIGHTH in the team in points per 40 mins @ 13.7.

Why is it Gibbo who has a more senior role, and presumably on more money being a premier Australian player not being pulled up?

Ebi's percentages are the concern, but once he starts hitting his straps, look out.

One major concern I have is its seems most people are happy to keep the defence 'as is' provided we just get another import in.


If the fan-base are put defence behind a new flashy import, how can the organisation be expected to improve themselves?

Is it possible that the issue extends to the fan-base?

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Years ago

^ Which part of 'Ebi isn't a good defender either' don't you understand??

Reply #565797 | Report this post

I hope you guys took note of the crocs win over United. The same crocs the sixers pummelled just over a week ago. Point being, the sixers can compete with the best of them - the crocs win was quality and the loss to Perth was very close. Let's not get carried away and overreact to every loss by calling for ebi sacking, it is a long season.

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Gibbo is and always has been one of the most overrated players in the league. He's a role player who always seems to be marketed as a big star.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


And wich part of there are another 9 players and a coach not particularly interested in Defence did you not comprehend?

'Fixing' Ebi resolves 1/10th of the issue.

Focusing on Team D will encompass so much more.

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Years ago

Stop the Ebi Ere sacking threads it's not fair on Marcus Camby.
We love Joey

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Years ago

Gibbo is a role player, an excellent one. Some of the best players in the NBL over the years have been role players, the issue comes with fans expecting him to be a superstar.

I think it's because he's in the Boomers, but he makes that team because he's a really good role player!

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Years ago

The problem is Gibbo should be so much more than a role player - he has the ability just not the application.
Has been too prepared to stay in his comfort zone rather than make himself better. That's what frustrates me as a fan.

Compare him to someone like Goulding - a guy who has worked his arse off to become the best he can be, and he's starting to reap the rewards. Gibbo could have done the same, but chose not to for whatever reason.

Reply #565826 | Report this post

What ability does gibbo have? He is average at everything but he plays smart. He doesn't have potential to be any more than a role player he doesn't have the athleticism or speed to be a star

Reply #565829 | Report this post

Years ago

Couldn't agree less Snooch. Gibson is a guy not blessed with height, speed or athleticism, he's not a natural shooter by any means, but he has made himself a quality professional by doing what his team needs.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

"What ability does gibbo have?"

Gibbo is a premier defender when he wants to be.

Look at his defence on Beal in his last game, it was quality.

The sad thing is it doesn't happen always.

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Years ago

Well yes he has a strong build for a guard, which is good for matching up on a Beal-type player. No one is saying he can't play, but for those expecting him to be a star, he hasn't done that for 10 years and he's not some young kid now so don't expect it anytime soon.

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Years ago

The problem with Gibbo is he is a role player who is paid like a superstar that hurts us in our ability to recruit a super star import.

If he was paid like a role player, id be fine with him as a role player

If your getting paid like a star you are going to be expected to play like a star every game,

So its Gibbos responsibility, take/demand the $$$ then you take the role and the expectations that come with it

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

I don't buy all this 'role player' stuff. Gibson is simply elite when he feels like it. The gap from his worst to best is so great and it can't be blamed on anything but mentality. Granted the notion that he is a role player is correct (because he chooses to be), but the notion that he is a role-player talent definitely isn't because he's shown to be MVP-level when engaged. Joey may have crippled him with the constant signing of import combo guards, who knows?

His efficiency in shooting and decision making seems to be completely overlooked here. That's what makes him the talent he is. His shot is somewhat streaky but whose isn't among the top echelon?

If I were building a team and got the promise from Gibbo to play 100 per cent every week, he would be my No. 1 or two pick for PG behind Cedric

Reply #565841 | Report this post

Years ago

Perhaps I should have said he SHOULD have been so much more than a role player, because he's not going to get any better now. But he WAS a guy blessed with a lot of ability who hasn't lived up to potential imo. Terrific shooter, decent defender, good passer, good basketball brain - just lack of application.

I don't expect him to be a star now, those days are long gone. He's a role player now simply because he didn't do enough to realise his potential. I mean, good on the guy for reaching 300 games doing that - you don't play 300 games without talent - it's just my opinion he COULD have been a star.

I rate him similarly to a guy like Aaron Trahair - could destroy you when he wanted to, just didn't do it enough.

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Years ago

Smart teams pay elite role players like Martin, Knight, Gibson, Vukona, Abercrombie and Petrie, they are the foundations you build upon. I think Gibson has gotten close to the best out of himself.

Reply #565843 | Report this post

Years ago

True, those elite role players are great.

But paying Knight and Martin didnt cost Perth 2 qualiy imports, ie Beal and Ennis

paying Vukona and Abercrombie didnt cost NZ Ced jackson and a 2nd good import, ie Wilkinson, Ebekwe, Jackson all better than our 2nd imports of recent times

It might be the fact those clubs just can afford more, so if they pay big on role players they can go above the spending of the 36ers and not totally skimp on the imports

But with the 36ers, if we for example didnt have to pay gibson big $$$ to be more of a role palyer than star, we could have afforded 2 strong imports, not 1 good but undersized shoot first guard and a cheaper gamble on the import swingman, thats where it hurts us.

I rate Knight and Abercrombie above the others on the list anyway would pay them bigger bucks over the others.

Why perth and NZ have won titles recently is they have had a legit MVP import next to 2 of those top line role players, if you didnt have imports of the quality of Jackson, Ennis playing with them i dont think the role players carry the team to the title as good as they are

Reality is you need both, and i think you need 2 good imports, with one of them being mvp level, WITH the role players.

Gibbo and Petrie havnt been able to carry us to titles as we havnt had those imports to go with them in Adelaide, the year we got close we had Ervin who played at times close to MVP level and meshed well with the guys on the court, and DJ had a all NBL season, and still fell short due to the lack of a quality import swingman, which was largely due paying big bucks to role players, so we couldnt afford one.

Thats where it hurts that we pay big bucks to say Gibbo and not always get big performance out of them, if they cost us the 2nd import they have to sorta cover the production on the court too if we are going to contend for titles, Gibbo shows glimpses, but only ever glimpses which is what makes it so frustrating for his fans, I also dont really remember him having any really good big playoff games, he often plays big when there is no pressure, ie we are expected to lose anyway and he has a huge game and helps us win the game or get closer than expected.

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

Yeah, totally right snooch. Didn't fully read your earlier comment. You're right, in that Gibbo has worked hard to develop his talent and get to a certain level, yet he seldom uses his full talent in any given game.

Paul, scoring isn't the only thing that makes a player a star. I'd say you're undermining those guys because a role player isn't someone who's overly important. Those listed are super important to their teams and for various reasons

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

Also, I'll add with Gibbo that Adelaide's style doesn't suit him. When they slow the pace down he generally plays better. He's a good defender in the halfcourt and his basketball brain is better used in the halfcourt

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

Throw him on Cairns' roster and we're instant contenders

Reply #565863 | Report this post

Years ago

Yes, Gibbo is a superstar but only isn't because he decides not to be most games. What a bunch of bollocks. And why exactly would he choose not to be a superstar if he had such ability? Because the game is too easy for him and it's boring being great and winning games. That must be it.

Reply #565916 | Report this post

Years ago

Gibbos gone next season anyway.


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