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The future of the Sydney Kings

With the last game today at the Entertainment Center. The Kings will move out west to Homebush for the rest of the season.

This stadium only holds about 2000 people? The GM for the kings came out and said this is not sustainable.

If this is the case, what will be the future of the Kings? Where will they play?

The alternative is that other stadium next too ANZ stadium (forgot what its called), where they played in the 2001/02 seasons? But i would imagine the rent would be very high.

So what does this mean for the future of the Kings?

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Years ago

I think your wrong with the 2000 people, I believe it holds 5500 so it's probably fine for a while and Homebush is reasonable access for all Sydney.
The biggest problem is getting consistent team.

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Years ago

"I'd really like to think a 4000-seat stadium isn't going to be good enough for us long term," Meagher said. "We do need to work with governments and stakeholders to find a better alternative for us. We can no longer be at the Entertainment Centre, which is a shame. To move to a 4000-seat stadium isn't viable long term, so we need to explore our options."

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Years ago

It's probably a blessing for the rest of this season given the rent would be lower and no one is going to SEC anyway. Obviously they need something better close to town, I see the NSW Gov has it on their to do list but about third in line when it comes to stadiums IIRC.

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Years ago

Looking grim for sure. Low crowd revenue is never ideal and their from since exception has been mediocre at least. They need to re group in a hurry, cut out the owner infighting and pick a decent coach and allow him to pick their own side.
It may be timely if Goorj does leave China soon coincidentally.

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Years ago

Goorj sent them bankrupt by spending too much money.
What coaches in the NBL could they look at getting?
Shawn Dennis comes to mind. Doing amazing things up in Townsville with an extremely low budget and a team that lets be honest is not very good at all

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Callisto 75  
Years ago

Goorjian will send them broke - not the answer. Dennis would be a good option if Townsville go bust.

Other options I think that could be good would be Gordie, Mick Downer, Mike Kelly or Matt Nielsen.

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Years ago

the kings should take there time before appointing next coach, see how some of his former players who are coaching going they would have knowledge .

Carter bj
Rosen Etc.

The squad needs a good look at it to. Under performing big names should be out.

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Years ago

I guess the Kings having a dodgy owner gets forgotten and it's all Goorj's fault.

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Years ago

Yeah, while Goorj's demands have been talked about and are pricey, they're effective, and I'm pretty sure having one of the most crooked blokes around who swindled half the country is what drove them to not exist anymore... Somehow I think the owners would be ok with paying the price for Goorj if it was going to get results... His price would just be too high though, he's on a good gig in China, isn't he?

I asked Matty Nielsen in passing (hopefully it wasn't TOO begging) this afternoon after the game (once he put on something with a Kings logo, that red outfit just isn't right) if he was keen on a head coaching gig next season and he sort of laughed it off and said not yet... Maybe I should have actually begged... He was with BJ Carter at the time and he'd make a handy assistant...

As for the new location, the highest attendance was "4,236 (85% of capacity*)" according to austadiums and if I recall was a grand final game, so that would have been chockas, so not sure where the 85% capacity comes from as I can't recall it ever being arranged differently, unless they want to count more standing room GA tickets?

It was great to see a large number at the Kingdome one last time, not black curtains and at least on a few occasions, nicely loud, but we just really need a team we can get behind and in all honesty, we don't actually have that atm...

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Gordie hands down should be the new coach.

However, his last season @ Wollongong was tarnished by Spencely's decision to bring in Carson.

Would he be open to the potential of meddling owners again?

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Years ago

If I was a coach and I saw how 'active' the Owners of the Sydney Kings are in the hiring and firing of my players, Id be pretty justified in not taking that job.

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Years ago

Yeah I saw a good article RE Matt Nielsen about returning to the Kingdome after the game.

I think hes great over here in Perth and has so much to teach our guys. He was FIRED up on the Bench with the guys RE the recent United game. Beal and he get along pretty well.

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Years ago

What is all this stuff about Goorjian sending the club broke? He doesn't control the purse strings, does he?

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Years ago

Yeah he sent the Dragons broke too ;)

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Years ago

I dont see how Goorjan could send a club broke. THere is a hard salary cap, he cant spend beyond it. THe Accountants at the club would say you have X amount to spend.

I just dont see him coaching in Australia again.

Or are you referring to the amount the Kings would have to pay HIM to coach the team?

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Years ago

Nielsen will head back to the Spurs.

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Where will his wife go?

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Years ago

For the record, the State Sports Centre at Homebush has a capacity 5,006.

The only other option would have been Allphones Arena and while it holds around 18,000 for basketball, I doubt it would be in the Kings price range. And besides, the Kings wouldn't be able to draw the roughly 12-15k per game they'd probably need to make any sort of profit out of it.

Still, it would be good if the NBL could actually use an NBA size venue on a regular basis.

And I doubt we'll ever see Brian Goorjian coaching in the NBL again.

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Years ago

"I dont see how Goorjan could send a club broke. THere is a hard salary cap, he cant spend beyond it."

Isaac, I think that post deserves a ball!

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

The NBL's quality also gets overlooked. When someone sees an NBA draft pick come over they instantly think the guy will light it up. These dudes are men and they play a different game style. Nothing is set in stone

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Years ago

Paul: Is getting a Ball a good thing?

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Years ago

I think it highlights entertainment value.

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Speaking of, a very interesting and unique tweet coming from @nblfacts last night. Seems he wasn't happy with Rodney O being involved in the post match celebrations.

Steve Dunn (Dunman?) stated that Mr O was not invited but injected himself in to the celebrations, including taking his turn at cutting the net down.

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Years ago

One tweet means nothing.

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Convicted Fallon  
Years ago

I wouldn't like my club to maintain involvement with a former employee convicted of domestic violence either so it doesn't surprise me that the Kings were not thrilled with him barging in. History aside, what kind of arsehole rocks up at a celebration uninvited?

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One anonymous post means nothing either.

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Years ago

Rodney was apparently invited to cut the net down. He also told the owners to grow a pair as well and no they won't ever be known as the Razorbacks again which is what the owners wanted at some stage.

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Thanks Rodney.

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Years ago

Rodney says F'off mofo

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Years ago

If it was Rodney IT WOULD ALL BE IN CAPS.


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Years ago

Yes caps locked failed. SORRY.

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