Years ago

Hawks vs Kings, 18/12

Whose idea was it to combine the worst commentator of the Fox era with the worst pairing of the Ten era?

Khazzouh with a torn quad, will be done for the year I imagine.

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Years ago

Kings look great early when they went inside to Brandt and Khazzouh and the Hawks had to start double teaming them leaving Thornton and Cadee open outside.
It was a shame they couldn't maintain it and credit to the Hawks for upping their defensive intensity.

With Markovic and Childress out already out, this is certainly another nut shot for Sydney with Khazzouh going down injured.

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Years ago

Excuses for yet another underperforming season that Kings management will gratefully accept.

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Years ago

Fox Exec: OK guys, our NBL coverage has been going really well, the NBL fans are really happy, how can we give them something to whinge about?

Producer: What about if we put the commentators people find the most annoying together on the same game?

Exec: I love it. Who have we got?

Producer: Well that Homicide guy just talks gangsta all game, I think a lot of people find that annoying. And Brad Rosen talks so fast you can never understand him, so that's got to irk some people.

Exec: Not bad, but I can't help but think something's missing. The game's still going to seem exciting even.

Producer: Wait. What about if we brought Steve Carfino out of retirement to do play-by-play?

You'd have two guys who do absolutely no research and just talk about when they played, and one guy who knows his stuff but no one can even tell because it all comes out of his mouth at the same time. It'll be annoying the shit out of the viewers in no time.

Exec: Brilliant!

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Years ago

You forgot Dan Ewing.

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Years ago

Kings just fell into Illawarra's trap of playing fast and taking the first available shot. The Hawks' shooters didn't haveto play D for long stretches and so their legs were fresh to nail triples all the way through.

Cadee ran the show to near-perfection in Melbourne but he wasn't up to the PG challenge last night. Without Khazzouh they really needed him controlling the game, but that's what happens with a young PG, there are good games and bad games.

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Years ago

Great to hear Carf's returned.

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Years ago

Paul have an upvote, fav or RT for the commentator post.


Also I'm a Rosen fan in special comments next to Voss.

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Years ago

Rosen is the best of the three. He actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about, he just wishes to get the information out of his mouth a bit too quickly at times.

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Years ago

Rosen has verbal diarrhea - he talks shit & lots of it.

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Years ago

Rosen is the best of the three. He actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about, he just wishes to get the information out of his mouth a bit too quickly at times.

* Before Corey and Steve interrupt with a something about how things are on the playground or the NBL in 1988.

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Years ago

gotta love all the nobodies that have no game and no commentating skills bagging those that at least have had a game.
One of the hardest gigs to ever do is commentary. Like being a comedian you can't please all of the people all of the time and Carfino has been doing it forever and far better than most others that have previously tried. Love to hear a tape from a nobody critic here, doing a voice over of a game posted here. All 2 hrs of it.

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Very Old  
Years ago

Cadee is a "young" PG ?!?, hes 25 and has played in the nbl for 6 years, and not as the number 8+ off the bench.
its clearly step up time for him.

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Mr bEn  
Years ago

"Garlepp for Player of the Week!"

"He looks like Tom Cruise in Castaway!"

I honestly believe Homicide was drunk last night.

+1 upvote to paul also.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I like Brad because he knows his stuff. I don't have a complaint about his speed as I understand most of it

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Years ago

"Cadee is a "young" PG ?!?, hes 25 and has played in the nbl for 6 years"

He's 24 and one of the youngest starting PGs in the league. Had he gone to college he's only be second year out ala Sobey, Maynard, Patton etc.

It's definitely step up time, but you can't expect him to suddenly step up to the level of Jackson, R Martin, D Martin, Randle, Lisch etc who have many years on him.

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Years ago

I don't mind Rosen, in fact I don't have a problem with any three of those guys doing special comments alongside a quality play-by-play, but putting all three together is the height of stupidity.

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Years ago

Garlepp for player of the week was pretty laughable while his team was getting stomped and with more games to come. And when Cadee had almost 30 in the last game.

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Years ago

With JK injury who do you replace him with?

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Years ago

Nobody. Stick a fork in this season, hope James works out how to score in the NBL, and that Childress is able to play a few games to close out the year.

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Years ago

Homicide has to be the worst nbl commentator I have ever heard. His first comment was hoping the hawks score 100 so he can get a cheese burger! WTF.
Was that a sign he had the munchies from being off his face and couldn't wait for the 1am kebab.

Then he spent 5 minutes talking about Connelly suit. SERIOUSLY the guys is a waste of space and Fox exes should be embarrassed selecting him.

Carfino did his best to defused his verbal diarrhoea telling him to get focused on the game.

If carfino want to remain a nbl commentator he should demand not to be with homicide.

He is a disgrace!

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Years ago

Kings are cooked.

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