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Crocs T-Shirt Cannon 'a weapon'

The Crocs T-Shirt Cannon has been confiscated by Police after a complaint...

The world has lost the plot!

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Years ago

WTF!! Is this some kind of joke ?!!
Surely they can appeal this, that is just ridiculous.

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Years ago

The local Police emailed them, wtf??

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Years ago

Some kid probably complained he missed out on getting one to his father a cop then cop full of family pride went further.

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Years ago

I just find it amazing that the local Police didn't call or see them directly, but sent an email, astonishing practice if true...

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Years ago

Chris Goulding told a kid in the crowd he'd make sure they never fired a t-shirt to him, and after the NBL took no action the kid's dad went to the cops.

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Years ago

A police spokesman said the seizure came after another person tried to order a similar cannon. It is believed that person dobbed in the Crocodiles after being questioned by authorities.

"This has come out of a recent determination from the QPS Ballistics Section in relation to a person attempting to import a T-shirt cannon into Queensland," the police spokesman said.

Mr Honan said the situation was bemusing, considering they had been shooting T-shirts into the crowd for a decade.

“We don't understand it,” he said.

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Years ago

Bring back the Tigers!

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Years ago

so will the local dart club have their darts confiscated by police next.

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Was the complainant "A. Bose"?

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Years ago

Classic cops. Wonder why they have issues with the community

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Years ago

:face palm: at the Queensland Police

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Years ago

Nobody snitch to the cops that the Wildcats have T Shirt Cannons and Gatling Cannons too!

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Years ago

The difference with the Crocs cannons and the Wildcats cannons is the Crocs cannon works

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Years ago

The 'I'm offended' brigade have had some real bizarre ones this year, but I think this might be a new low.
It's been an interesting start to the year.

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Years ago

It's weird, but it actually makes some kind of sense. I have wondered about this myself from time to time.
Take the item away from the arena, load it with a ball or potato, and it becomes a weapon. Under our strict laws you would not be allowed to own it.
Is a sporting team exempt from the law?
When I was a kid, the yacht club used to used a shotgun loaded with blanks to start and finish races. I doubt that would be permitted nowdays.

Plus, I don't really see why the Crocs need a cannon to reach their crowds?

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Years ago

Sounds like the police had been ignoring it for 10 years, until it was actively brought to their attention. It's unlikely they didn't already know about it and the cannon does meet the firearm definition under Queensland's Weapons Act.

The only genuine reasons for possession of a weapon under that Act are:

"(a) sports or target shooting;
(b) recreational shooting;
(c) an occupational requirement, including an occupational requirement for rural purposes;
(d) the collection, preservation or study of weapons;
(e) another reason prescribed under a regulation."

(c) requires the firearm to be "necessary in the
conduct of the applicant's business or employment". The cannon's use wouldn't have met that criterion.

The Act leaves the police no discretion. Once the use of the cannon was brought to their attention, they could not be seen to be acting other than as required under that Act.

Interestingly, the slingshot alternative mentioned by the club (in the article) also falls under the firearm definition in that Act.

Townsville have the option of lobbying the relevant Minister to add their use of the cannon as a "genuine reason" by regulation ((e) above).

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Years ago

Not to mention the unsuspecting person in the stands who may get hit by the incoming projectile.

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