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Adelaide 36ers launch membership drive for Randle

Adelaide Now

"Adelaide 36ers call on fans to rally with membership drive to finalise deal with superstar US guard Jerome Randle."


Offering more benefits to entice new membership.

Perhaps free Foxtel for financially disadvantaged fans.

At least an affordable desktop live stream for away games so fans who pay for a season of home games, but do not have Foxtel are not excluded from supporting and enjoying their team. This season has only been partially enjoyable for me, being in that situation. Extreme frustration and disappointment for every away game is counterproductive to the fan base!!!

Gold membership is only partial membership without the ability to watch away games, an extra t/shirt, hat or other token wont cut it.

Please fix it.

I do hope the membership drive is successful and we secure Jerome.

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Gold membership is only partial membership without the ability to watch away games
Are you for real? No membership in the history of the universe comes with away games included.

Plus, if you want that, Fox walks. So now none of the games for any team are on TV at all...and you still can't watch your team play on the road.

You want to watch away games? Buy Foxtel. Why should the club or the league pay for it? They can't afford it either.

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Years ago

I don't really understand what the OP is getting at?

The thread is about Adelaide's apparent linking of a membership push to retaining Randle.

Then you go to Foxtel, or some mystical desk-top streaming, neither of which have anything to do with Adelaide???

You want your team to give you Free Foxtel???
Well, you can pay an extra $50 a month to your team and they can give you "Free Foxtel" or you could just pay for it yourself?

Reading the article, there's no actual link between the membership drive and Randle. Which is just as well, as that would be laughable. Rather they are hopeful of securing him, and hopeful that a renewed membership drive will help. Nothing wrong with that.

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Years ago

Settle down boys, sorry if my sardonic humor slipped over your heads. I couldn't resist adding my Fox issue.

What I would like is an affordable live stream, something like the mobile phone app but for desktop. ie suitable for adults.

I just manage gold membership but cant stretch to Foxtel as well.

I would be able to find $80-$100 for a season for a live stream but not $50 per month for Fox.

I know that I am not alone in this.

This thread is really about Randle and I will be interested to see what the sixers are offering and just how that will secure Randle.

Obviously they want to increase membership but new members might be a little peeved if the Randle deal flops after they have forked out in anticipation, so I'm looking forward to some detail if anyone knows more.

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Years ago

The only way you're going to get a stream for PC is if Foxtel hands over the rights.

It's not like they don't have it just to screw with you.

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Years ago

So anyways, if the fees for membership go up a bit to cover the Randle signing I'm
I'm in.

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Years ago

"This season has only been partially enjoyable for me, being in that situation. Extreme frustration and disappointment for every away game is counterproductive to the fan base!!!"

I assume every NBL season has been frustrating and only partially enjoyable for you then?

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Years ago

Its actually a good gimmick. Use his name as your battlecry for new members. I hope they start shoving up banner ads arounds Adelaide then.

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I've just read the email from the club. Looks like AyJay will have to pony up for the extra $60 anyway because you now need to be a member before you can buy your season tickets. The membership benefits are actually much improved though with extra merch, members only website content including videos and blogs and other goodies.

You can even make your dog a member now! Fucking woof!

It's definitely an added strain on the wallet though, but given my membership cash this season didn't even go to the current owners it's worth giving them a chance to make this work.

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Years ago

What are we paying Ebi in Krispy kremes? He could have them as his major sponsor... Just to easy. Randle has to be back otherwise the resigning of wright for seasons seems a bit of a head scratcher. 2 at most imo.

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Years ago

Can you buy a conditional membership, on the proviso Randle signs?
I haven't had a season ticket for about 8 years, but I usually go nearly every game. I kind of like sitting in a different spot every game and being able to decide on the day/week if we are going or not (and you get the cheap deals throughout the season). If it helps us sign Randle, though, I'd buy a season ticket again.

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Years ago

Hendo, I'm in the exact same spot. I have never bought a season ticket but go to 90% of the games. the main reason is because when the boys go we all sit together rather than having set seats every week and missing out on the fun. I'd buy a season ticket if it meant we got randle, but if I signed up and we didn't get him I'd be slightly pissed.

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Years ago

What if they failed to get him but compensated you with 4 complimentary beers per game instead?

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Years ago

I pay my NBL membership equivalent every month, it's called 'Foxtel Subscription', hope it helps keep Randle in the league but I don't give a crap what team he plays in!

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Years ago

Luuuc, I think I could come to terms with that, maybe a bonus 2 for the next game if DJ plays like a girl....

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Years ago

Would Sydney make a play for Randle? Melbourne? the new Brisbane team?

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Years ago

Good first game for Randle in Lithuania. Obviously his Euro experience hasn't been great the past couple of years, but he might play himself beyond any NBL side - especially considering his Euro passport.

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Years ago

His form in Turkey was excellent and he had a strong Eurobasket, so his talents were well known over there before he signed with Adelaide.

If he hasn't already signed with the 36ers, the one thing that could prob put him beyond them is big Euroleague performances against power clubs that put him on their radar.

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Years ago

Kenyon was a legit point guard too. Pity about the injury, otherwise we might have looked ok right from the start.

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Years ago

The original import combo the 6ers combined was a shocker both not up to standard. Kenyon wasn't legit, so I'll be very cautious and keep an eye on who they sign before jumping on the season ticket bandwagon again. Think it's almost time to buy fake by game instead, especially with work commitments, not getting enough value but that has never really bothered me up until last season.

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Years ago

I don't think Sydney would given the money being suggested. They have an incredible amount locked up with Childress. Melbourne are the perennial threat.

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Years ago

I dont have a problem with spending a few extra dollars on membership if we retain Randle. I spend ridicious amounts of money on merch throughout the season. But for a budget family like mine, adding an extra $200 for these "membership packs" is outragous. Especially when both my kids get in free, but they need seats to sit on, hence why i need to buy a family of 4. Im hoping Randle resigns before June 30 so i dont lose my allocated seats. If he signs i can understand the price jump and will be happy to pay it because that is the main cause of the price jump RE: retaining Randle. Also im just hoping these members benefits just arent a crock of [email protected]%T.

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Years ago

No money in Adelaide #confirmed

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Years ago

So nothing has changed then.

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