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Warriors vs Grizzlies

I'm going to be glued to the goggle box watching this game in the hope that Warriors win. Perhaps the Bulls actually WERE a better team in the NBA at the time they set the record, perhaps not, but I think the Warriors really deserve the record.

What makes me proud is that both teams had an Aussie at centre, and both made an impact in their teams!

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I dont care one bit about the Aussie centre bit, although an interesting fact. But tomorrow is all about NBA! Warriors and simultaneously have Kobe's last ever game! So many great things about tomorrow, and I love the Bulls and that Jordan era sooo much, yet I cant help but love the Warriors too. Cant see that record ever getting below 9 losses in a season, although who thought single digit losses was ever doable.

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Years ago

How can warriors deserve the record more in a softer league?

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Years ago

How is it a 'softer league'?

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Years ago

Still a remarkable achievement by the Warriors but it is a lot easier to achieve in this era than the Bulls one.

Not only were the rules harder but the number of teams around the league were better with most having superstar combinations.

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Years ago

Bulls team of 1995 - Starting 5

Jordan 6'6"
Kerr 6'3"
Longley 7'2"
Pippen 6'8"
Rodman 6'7"

Warriors team of 2016 - Starting 5

Curry 6'3"
Green 6'7"
Bogut 7'0"
Thompson 6'6"
Barnes 6'8"

Let the discussion and comparisons begin:

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

Ron Harper started for the Bulls, not Kerr.

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Years ago

Either way, neither of them could stop Steph!

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Years ago

Curry is the only guy from the Warriors who'd get my nod ahead of Harper. Bogut before he ruined his elbow might have edged out Longley. Otherwise, I'd have to go with the Bulls.

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Years ago

I think Pippen and Jordan combined could restrict Steph enough. Warriors would have the shooting edge with Steph and Klay, but Jordan and Pippen were seriously strong at both ends.

Where the Bulls would lose some edge is where they run Harper if one of the other two are taking the primary scorers. Harper was a competent defender though, wasn't he?

Rodman/Green would be a great match-up.

Makes for a really interesting hypothetical.

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Years ago

Steph Alert!

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Years ago

How many overtimes would we see if these two great teams could play each other, at their peak?

Aahhh, but for a time machine...

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Years ago

1 off of 400. Not even half time.

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Years ago

"I dont care one bit about the Aussie centre bit"

Where's your patriotism?

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

Well, they did it. Never thought I'd see a team break the Bulls record.

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Years ago

I'd almost give him MIP for that season. To break the record with 280ish and then go to 400 is massive.

He got MVP for what, 24 PPG? Then pushed to 30 PPG and the best season record in history. And it's not like he's not up against capable defenders or superteams like the Cavs and Spurs.

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Years ago

I know I'm going to get a lot of shade for this, but in my opinion Curry is "just" the world's best shooter on the world's best team.

To me, that's what I think of Curry..nothing more, nothing less.

Something's just missing when it comes to Curry for me. He is an unbelievable talent and I don't believe we will ever see a shooter like him. But in terms of all round basketball skills and all round greatness, there is some missing/a bit of a hollow feeling. I know he obviously does more than just shoot, but I kind of feel he is just this freakish shooter who has happened to run with an unbelievable team

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