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2016 SA Junior Champs - Reserve Girls Preview

Under 12 Girls Reserve

Summer Premiers: Forestville, Runners-up: Sturt

Dark Horse: North Adelaide

Current In Form Team: Norwood

A larger than normal nomination list sees the competition pushed out to 13 teams across 4 pools, which is encouraging for girls basketball. The Forestville and Sturt dominance should continue (combined they've won 7 of the past 8 titles) but it is good to see a number of other clubs pushing. There are 2 or 3 teams that could cause an upset come Sunday.

Pool A: Sturt, Eastern, Woodville
After finishing Summer top of the ladder Sturt faced their nemesis in the final eventually going down by 7. In winter they've already had a chance to reverse that result and currently sit at 3-0 and come into the weekend as the favourites for this title once again. In recent times Sturt have won the grade in 2012 and 2013. They will find a surprising challenge in a four pool competition within Pool A as Eastern are showing serious improvement since Summer. Unfortunately Woodville will find it hard to compete with their two Pool A competitors.
1. Sturt, 2. Eastern, 3. Woodville

Pool B: Forestville, South, Centrals
The summer season premiers should have no problem in Pool B on their way to chasing a three-peat in the U12GR grade. South have show some improvement since Summer but they are still well behind the Eagles and Centrals too appear another step behind the Panthers.
1. Forestville, 2. South, 3. Centrals

Pool C: North, Forestville 2, Norwood 2
The Rockets come into the Tournament as #3 seed and maintained that to finish Summer with a 10/3 record. A couple of tough early season matches sees their current winter record at 1-2 but this isn't a true reflection of the challenge North could offer come the business end of the weekend. Forestville 2 had success in Div 2 especially early in the summer season success but that appeared to slip after the break and hasn't as yet transferred over as expected to their Winter in Div 3. Norwood 2 should prove as much of a threat having lost the Div 3 GF and sneaking past the Eagles by 1 already this season.
1. North, 2. Forestville (2), 3. Norwood (2)

Pool D: Norwood 1, Southern, West, Sturt 2
Norwood would feel confident going into Pool D and rightly so coming off a 9/4 competitive Summer season and currently have 3 good solid wins behind them in winter.
Southern finished summer with a run of success but to date have struggled to maintain that level of play this season. The Tigers will contest against both West and Sturt 2 for the 2nd spot in the quarter finals. West lost by just 3 to the tigers just 3 weeks ago and this contest will be equally exciting. The team most likely to provide upsets is Sturt 2. The summer Div 3 premiers have faced little resistance so far this season on their way to a 3-0 record with an incredible points for/against percentage.
1. Norwood (1), 2. Sturt (2), 3. Southern, 4. West

Final Placing: 1. Forestville, 2. Sturt, 3. Norwood (1), 4. North

Under 14 Girls Reserve

Summer Premiers: Forestville, Runners-up: Sturt

Dark Horse: South

Current In Form Team: Southern

2014 U12R Champions: Forestville

A clear 1 and 2 here and its unlikely other teams will challenge for the title. The battle for 3rd and 4th will be very interesting however with up to 5 teams in the mix for the last 2 semi final spots.

Pool A: Forestville 1, West, North 1
A dominate summer for the Eagles undefeated on their way to a 20 point grand final win. Round 1 saw the Eagles beaten by rivals Sturt opening up the competition for an upset win. West would be expected to safely make their way into the Quarter Finals while North will be focused on consolation games after the pool games.
1. Forestville, 2. West, 3. North (1)

Pool B: Sturt 1, Woodville, Eastern
The Sabres were a clear #2 throughout summer and started Winter with a bang knocking off the previously undefeated Eagles. Comfortable wins would be expected for Sturt from Pool B. Woodville will be a vastly different team from Summer given the movement into the program from outside and the addition of a Division 1 side. That combined with the improvement shown by the Mavericks makes us believe QFs may be out of reach for the Warriors.
1. Sturt (1), 2. Eastern, 3. Woodville

Pool C: South, Southern, Norwood 2
Two semi final hopefuls line up in Pool C and will both be hoping to top the Pool to ensure an easier QF in the next round. South's winter season has shown us a solid win against another semi final target as well as a quality loss to one of the competition favourites. Southern stand at 3-0 currently but haven't yet faced any of the stronger teams. Norwood 2 have been solid in Division 3 and started winter strongly, will likely push their opposition but come up short.
1. South, 2. Southern, 3. Norwood (2)

Pool D: Norwood 1, Centrals, Forestville 2, Sturt 2
An interesting mix of teams here and QFs are a possibility for all 4 teams in the Pool. Based on the year so far Norwood 1 seems mostly likely to break into the grand final despite their early winter loss to South. Centrals have been a middle of the pack team this year but have had 2 losses this winter against stronger teams. They will be pushed by both Forestville 2 and Sturt 2, most likely from the Eagles. Should be a close and interesting pool to watch play out.
1. Norwood (1), 2. Forestville (2), 3. Centrals, 4. Sturt (2)

Final Placing: 1. Sturt (1), 2. Forestville (1), 3. Norwood (1), 4. South

Under 16 Girls Reserve

Summer Premiers: Sturt 1, Runners-up: Forestville

Dark Horse: Eastern

Current In Form Team: Norwood

2014 U14R Champions: Forestville

Another interesting grade affected by uneven numbers and pool moves to avoid clubs in the same pool. No clear team to beat here and a number of teams with a real possibility of winning the title.

Pool A: Forestville 1, Eastern, West, South, North, Sturt 2
Forestville would be expected to go through to Semis undefeated. A number of teams will push the Eagles and I expect a few close ones but the Eagles team is talented, experienced and being pushed this winter which should ensure they come out of a tough 6 team pool on top. After that it gets a little open, despite the fact we think Eastern will hold up their seed and fill the 2nd spot in the semis. The next three, West, South & North haven't had success this Winter (excluding forfeit wins) but they haven't had convincing losses either. If any of these teams can put enough good minutes together in one game they could get past the Mavericks. The interesting complexity of this pool is Sturt 2. Coming up from Division 3 mid-season the Sabres have been seeded lower than their talent suggests they should be. A couple of close wins this season show us they are more than capable of finishing off a game under pressure and we actually expect Sturt 2 to move past a number of higher seeded teams.
1. Forestville (1), 2. Eastern, 3. Sturt (2), 4. South, 5. West, 6. North

Pool B: Sturt 1, Centrals, Norwood, Forestville 2, Southern
Sturt have backed up their Summer premiership with a 3-0 start to Winter. So far this season their wins have been comfortable but not completely overpowering which seems the standard for this grade. Norwood's 3-0 start to winter has included a hard fought 2 point win over the equally impressive Mavericks and we feel the Flames have most likely gone past Centrals and should fill the 2nd Semi Final spot. Forestville 2 have 2 good wins this winter in Division 2 after a fairly dominant summer in Division 3. They will certainly be pushing for a semi final spot also but like Centrals we feel they'll just not match the Flames at this stage. Southern have started winter 0-3 including 2 forfeits and a fairly convincing loss and will hopefully have the numbers to get through the weekend.
1. Sturt (1), 2. Norwood, 3. Forestville (2), 4. Centrals, 5. Southern

Final Placing: 1. Sturt (1), 2. Forestville (1), 3. Norwood, 4. Eastern

Under 18 Girls Reserve

Summer Premiers: Norwood, Runners-up: Sturt

Dark Horse: North 1

Current In Form Team: Western

2014 U16R Champions: Forestville

Exciting to see such an open competition with a couple of interesting quirks from the normal. There's a lot of girls here that have years of experience at Junior District level and plenty of teams not far from Norwood and Sturt who lead the competition over Summer.

Pool A: Sturt, West, Forestville, North 1, Centrals.
Sturt were surprised by Norwood in the Summer Grand Final and despite their 2 wins and 1 draw so far in winter they do appear quite beatable, although it's State Champs and doubting a Sabre team at this time of year isn't usually a smart path to take. With that in mind we're sticking with our instincts and expecting Sturt to go through Pool A undefeated. West has been firmly placed in the 3-5 bracket all year but will be challenged by Forestville to hold on to 2nd in Pool A. Forestville weren't overly impressive over Summer but have beaten West for their 1 win in Winter. North 1 appears to be made up of Summer Division 2 and 3 players as is often the case in Under 18 girls, a bit of a player drain as taken its toll. Centrals too have suffered from some player losses.
1. Sturt, 2. Forestville, 3. West, 4. North (1), 5. Centrals

Pool B: Norwood, Western, South, Woodville, North 2
An interesting pool with two clubs top Under 18 girls sides lining up here in a pool of Division 2. That said Norwood have shown a consistency of success at U18 Girls Div 2 level and broke through for the Summer title over a fancied Sturt side. Their current 3-0 winter record, despite a scare against Forestville 3 assures us its business as normal here. Western pose an interesting challenge here and also have started winter 3-0 including a close win over North 2. South, North 2 and Woodville have all shown glimpses this year, South are a hard working side, Woodville too work hard without the depth required for them to play Division 1. North 2 are interesting given the absence in Winter of a Division 1 Rockets team. A close loss to Western followed by a draw to summer grand finalist Sturt make us feel they're able to challenge for a Semi Final spot. Very tough deep pool and realistically all 5 teams could make the Semis. Another great girls Pool to watch especially early in the weekend.
1. Norwood, 2. North (2), 3. Western, 4. South, 5. Woodville

Final Placing: 1. Norwood, 2. Sturt, 3. North (2), 4. Forestville

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Last year
17:11 29 Apr 16

Reply #586189

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Reserve Girls Preview

Fantastic write up. Hopefully we get all the boys and girls state and reserve done. Should be another challenging weekend for players, coaches and parents.

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Last year
20:32 5 May 16

Reply #586507

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Reserve Girls Preview

really can't analyse as some teams have players lost to div 1 leading in to states and preparing for classic. Others have injuries. Some teams stacked with 2nd years and others 1st and some mixed.. Some taken in new players from div 3 to fill gaps. At the end of the day it is great to see girls playing sport and being competitive. Good luck to everyone. All winners.

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Last year
21:35 5 May 16

Reply #586512

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Reserve Girls Preview

Are you kidding me. 5 games to decide state champs. 4 pools some with only 3 teams and how many 2nd teams from clubs.

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Last year
21:37 5 May 16

Reply #586513

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Reserve Girls Preview

Are you kidding me. 5 games to decide state champs. 4 pools some with only 3 teams and how many 2nd teams from clubs.

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Last year
21:40 5 May 16

Reply #586514

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Reserve Girls Preview

Normally 4/5 games then finals rounds so 7 games at least.

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