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2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

The last game has been played. The last ball tossed, the last shot made (and missed) and at last we can all sit back and rest.

In total 72 teams played in over 430 games across 11 venues around Adelaide over 4 days. Another massive effort from all involved from administration, referees, clubs, coaches, parents and most importantly the players.

12 Boys Reserve
Two comfortable semi final wins by the favourites, Sturt over South and North over Forestville. After getting behind the Rockets fought their way back but came up just 1 point short. The Panthers finished off their great tournament with a 3rd placing.
1. Sturt, 2. North, 3. South, 4. Forestville

14 Boys Reserve
From the start Norwood always were favourites and the in form team. A 10 point semi final win against a high achieving Division 3 Norwood side took them into the final against South who also were pushed by North but in the end won by a comfortable margin. As in the Summer final, Norwood's size and full court pressure combined to get the win.
1. Norwood (1), 2. South, 3. North (1), 4. Norwood (2)

16 Boys Reserve
SF1 was hard fought contest between two Central sides. Centrals Div 2s getting the win in the end. In the 2nd Semi Woodville surprised many by defeating the Eagles. Another clutch last second shot on the finals day, Centrals getting up by 1. Centrals 2 recovered from their morning semi to take 3rd.
1. Centrals, 2. Woodville, 3. Centrals (2), 4. Forestville

18 Boys Reserve
In SF1 Southern lead early and comfortably beat a banged up Sabres side. In SF2 a big lead by the Eagles was whittled away slowly and a short 3 pointer on the buzzer just gave South another tight win. In the final Southern had too much firepower and South's shooters couldn't hit their mark, the Tigers running away with win. Forestville recovered from the disappointment of their last second loss to finish the Tournament in 3rd.
1. Southern, 2. South, 3. Forestville, 4. Sturt (1)

12 Girls Reserve
Sturt carried over their form from earlier days into the finals and despite a few tense moments they were able to beat Norwood by 3. Meanwhile Forestville had North's measure from start to finish. In the Grand Final the Eagles were able to back up their summer success with another final win over Sturt. The Rockets overrunning Norwood in the play off for 3rd.
1. Forestville, 2. Sturt (1), 3. North, 4. Norwood (1)

14 Girls Reserve
Two comfortable Semi Final wins for seeded teams although Sturts contest with South was closer then Forestville's over the surprising Norwood (2) side. A low scoring Grand Final required 2 over times and a score with just seconds remaining to separate the sides, Sturt jubilant with their 2 point win. South took and early lead and fended off the challenge to hold on for 3rd by 4 points.
1. Sturt (1), 2. Forestville, 3. South, 4. Norwood (2)

16 Girls Reserve
Two physical semis, Forestville winning the first over a smaller Flames side. Meanwhile Sturt made better use of their opportunities to beat Eastern. Another low scoring Grand Final between these two clubs, again Sturt holding off a spirited effort to win by 6. Eastern recovering better from the morning games to beat Norwood for 3rd.
1. Sturt (1), 2. Forestville, 3. Eastern, 4. Norwood

18 Girls Reserve
SF1 saw North (1) come in favourites but the Flames certainly showed why they were summer season premiers and nearly surprised the Rockets, coming up 2 points short. Western also undefeated in their Pool were challenge but Sturt but won a low scoring match up by 9. A fast and physical Grand Final were scorers remained tight throughout, a early small lead enough to get North home by 3. While finishing off the day, Norwood were too good for Sturt taking 3rd spot.
1. North (1), 2. Western, 3. Norwood, 4. Sturt

12 Boys State
South pull off the upset in the Semi beating Sturt by 1, Norwood surviving vs Southern by the same small margin. The Grand Final and Norwood backed up their Pool win to put an end to South's dreams while Sturt just had too much to prove comfortably passing Southern.
1. Norwood, 2. South, 3. Sturt, 4. Southern

14 Boys State
Another close Semi Final contest with Sturt coming back to beat the Panthers this time. Norwood's improvement has been clear to many, and that was enough for them to get over the higher seeded Rockets. That form continued in the Grand Final with the Flames putting together their combination of size, speed and shooting to sneak past the Sabres in Overtime. Meanwhile North had too much size for the guards at South for third. All four now preparing for Nationals in Maitland/Newcastle in October.
1. Norwood, 2. Sturt, 3. North, 4. South

16 Boys State
Centrals put an end to Forestville's run in the first Semi, their size a major factor. Meanwhile the Warriors luck finally turned for this group after disappoints in 2014, they've persevered and stayed together and been were rewarded with a tough Semi win over a very talented Sturt side.
Despite fighting hard and pushing them to the end, the Warriors just couldn't get past the #1 seeded Centrals side who backed up their 2014 U14 title with the 2016 U16 crown. Sturt fuelled by their surprise Semi loss came out hard in the play off, and had too much for the Eagles to contend with.
1. Centrals, 2. Woodville, 3. Sturt, 4. Forestville.

18 Boys State
A tough asked for the Sabres to face the highly fancied Lions with missing personnel but they continued their weekend of smart basketball and work ethic to give the Lions a challenge only going down in the end by 7. Meanwhile the SA Country loaded Mavs couldn't quite handle the even spread and options that the under rated (certainly by us) Forestville threw at them, the Eagles pulling off the unexpected win by 6. Despite having no state players in their line up the Eagles stayed with the highly credentialed Lions throughout and as we've seen a number of times over the weekend a huge 3 on the buzzer took the Eagles all the way to the Title. A closely fought contest for 3rd at Pasadena under difficult conditions, the Mavericks able to back up their Pool game win with a small 2 point margin at the final siren.
1. Forestville, 2. Centrals, 3. Eastern, 4. Sturt

12 Girls State
We saw a few 'upsets' around the venues today and one of the biggest would have to be North's Semi Final win over the Eagles. While Forestville have been beaten this year we weren't expecting that one, the Rockets certainly came out to win this morning and win they did. The Panthers may have achieved their success in making the Semis and just couldn't compete with the energy and intensity of the Sabres.
Sturt continued that style in the Final, against an equally aggressive Rockets but just had too many options. Forestville breezing past South for 3rd.
1. Sturt, 2. North, 3. Forestville, 4. South

14 Girls State
The 14 Girls State competition has been one of the toughest and closest this year. Proof of that is the talent in those teams just outside finals Forestville beating West for 5th. South took some great form into the Semis but Tigers more balanced performance was too much for them. Sturt stepped up as they often do in May to beat a solid but overawed Mavericks. The Sabres backed that up with another tempo controlled game against a bruised and battered Tigers, despite a Pool loss, Sturt got the Title by 6. South Adelaide bounced back from their Semi Final disappointment to over run a tall and talented Mavs for 3rd, and in turn secured the last spot at this year's U14 National Club Championships.
1. Sturt, 2. Southern, 3. South, 4. Eastern

16 Girls State
In Semi 1 the Eagles continued on their way a comfortable 11 point win over the Lions, doing enough to move on. In the 2nd Semi Eastern certainly looked prepared and determined to get the jump on the Bearcats. In the end Eastern's depth and consistent scoring power was too much. Forestville certain found a worthy challenge in the Grand Final, the Mavericks stepping up to push all the way to the final siren, falling short by just 5. Centrals held on for 3rd against a spirited West effort.
1. Forestville, 2. Eastern, 3. Centrals, 4. West

18 Girls State
The unpredictable Eagles caught us out again this morning. Norwood's steady improvement enough to get them past the established Forestville group by 2 points in the 1st semi. In the other semi the established team (Sturt) held their form against a Mavericks line up with good pieces but just not a consistent enough performance against a quality opposition like the Sabres are. In the Final depth again proved important and while the Flames were able to hold their own in the end Sturt had the fresher legs winning by 7. Forestville did however manage to put together a quality performance again the Mavs in the playoff to get the win by 9.
1. Sturt, 2. Norwood, 3. Forestville, 4. Eastern

As you can see by results above all 11 participating Clubs were awarded Club Points and featured in Finals. Consistency across both Boys and Girls programs proving the difference for the Overall Club Trophies.

Reserve Boys Club Trophy - South Adelaide Panthers
Reserve Girls Club Trophy - Sturt Sabres
Reserve Overall Club Trophy - Sturt Sabres

State Boys Club Trophy - Norwood Flames
State Girls Club Trophy - Sturt Sabres
State Overall Club Trophy - Sturt Sabres

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Last year
07:04 16 May 16

Reply #587380

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

Highlight of my weekend was the huge 3 by Michael Harris in the u18 boys GF. Have seen some huge game winners on that court in May over the years & that was right up there with the best. Worthy winners & proof that a champion team can beat a team of champions.

Heard a lot of chatter over the weekend about these write ups but not too many contributors to the threads. Now the pressure is off, would love to hear about some of the weekend highlights from around the place.

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Last year
12:04 17 May 16

Reply #587483

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

Neil Gliddon with 4 trophies? Who needs Paul Mesecke anyway...

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Last year
18:48 17 May 16

Reply #587507

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

So in 2 weeks Gliddon has made all the last 14 years success happen that is now coming to fruit in the girls program. Really. Like it or not you have to give credit where due. It was mesecke that would manouvere and select talent to give to coaches to train. He would pick players based on his eye for talent he felt could be developed, when others would doubt and his instincts have proven to be right. The teams that won and postiioned well were a direct result of his design over the years preceeding. It doesn't happen overnight. Like it or hate it, that's the truth and time will tell whether the next leader can have the same eye for talent and guts to go against the grain and stick to his or her guns to make those decisions to keep the ball rolling. Like it or hate it, it has worked. Yes there has been issues and yes things in some areas can be done better or differently but to post so much success is not just on a club or coaches alone. Only time will tell and he will have the opportunity to prove his worth at another location soon and we'll see how Sturt fares without his eye, and arrogance often required to be successful. I am not necessarily a fan but credit where credits due.

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Last year
04:57 18 May 16

Reply #587514

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

What a load of crap!

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Last year
06:01 18 May 16

Reply #587515

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

Thanks Paul

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Last year
10:28 18 May 16

Reply #587519

re: 2016 SA Junior Champs - Final Results

Mesecke did an amazing job over many years, that is just obvious to anyone. Regardless of who takes over (it will probably be someone good) Sturt will continue to get stronger. It is pretty hard for Sturt to do poorly because every other club makes such a mess of it ALL THE TIME.

Cultures, people and systems are embedded and hard to break.

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