Years ago

New Sydney Kings Jerseys

Looks really close (ie. identical) to the light blue Sacramento Kings jerseys... Font is slightly different. I seem to recall an NBA team threatening an NBL team at some point in the past over either a logo or a jersey, anyone else recall that?

Having said that, I like the new jersey... just hope it doesn't land them in hot water.

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Years ago

Why is the name & number so low down? Looks really weird to me and not in a good way.

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Years ago

Phoenix Suns made Townsville Suns change their nickname. Hence the Townsville Crocs.

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Years ago

I assume they're saving room for a sponsor on the chest? Kings type could be slightly smaller so it isn't folding around the body as often. I think that's an issue with the Hawks top as well.

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Years ago

Yeah, that's definitely an advert spot at the top of the jersey.

thanks anon, that was exactly what I was trying to remember re: the Suns/Crocs.

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Years ago

If only

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Years ago

Not feeling it yet.. will need to see the back, sides and shorts in full and then in a game and then with the sponsor ad on it.

Font a bit too much italicized, maybe also needs a white or black outline.

Number too thick doesn't match the Kings font.

End of short essay.

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Years ago

I still cannot comprehend how all of the jerseys in my b-grade social competition can look more professional than every NBL team's jerseys...

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Years ago

I am completely underwhelmed by all of the NBL jerseys I have seen so far. Despite using Mitchell & Ness they seem to have the same clueless fuckwits designing the uniforms.

Illawarra's uniform is an eyesore.

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Years ago

Don't know if it was the lighting and the result of a direct flash but the colors are a bit too strong and comical.

Something like these with only slightly brighter font and number color woulda been good.

Love that V-neck design too.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

There was never any threat by the Phoenix Suns against Townsville. The board just wanted to change the name and needed a good excuse.

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Years ago

Read awhile back on Wiki that says Phoenix held the trademarks, probably expired by now if they haven't renewed, otherwise they'd be all over the Gold Coast Suns.

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Years ago

The GC Suns have registered trademarks in respect of their name.

It seems that Townsville Suns tried to register their trademark but it was never accepted for registration and it lapsed. I suspect that is the reason for the name change.

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Years ago

I think the difference ricky is that Gold Coast is a different professional sport whereas Townsville were in the basketball space. I'd suggest that's the underlying reason

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Years ago

The Phoenix trademarks are of course all still current/registered.

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Years ago

Yeah, with all the different categories registering an IP can allow for and with different industries etc and the systems in place, the relevant bodies would've been able to sort GCS out.

Although I also recall a soccer team back in the old NSL had issues with the Lakers name too, which is a less common name than something like Suns so I can understand that.

Thinking of this has got me thinking of the Perth Wildcats and Kentucky Wildcats. You'll either see one of those when searching for Wildcats, but luckily the Wildcats IPs have all been registered by Perth already for Australia.

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Years ago

Not a fan personally. Not overly mad on the Hawks unis either, far too many elements and the use of the Grizzlies font for numbers is a no no for mine. Not looking great early on.

I don't think the Kings would be shortsighted enough to alter their logo - it's iconic and doesn't require changing. They've styled themselves on the Lakers from day one - for good reason - and they should keep with that model.

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Years ago

they look TERRIBLE another DISASTER for the league in this key market. Does anybody at Sydney now how to run a basketball team?? I think NOT.

Last year I went to their game against THE MIGHTY PERTH and yelled some advice on how to run a team but the ignorant locals didnt like what I was doing.

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Years ago

Mock, deactivate yourself.

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Years ago

Mock will NOT be silenced!!!!

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Years ago


Nobody owns the rights to words, or the "rights" to names, history, etc, etc.

I can assure you that there would be hundreds (thousands?) of teams called the "Eagles" in the world.

What you can do is design and register trademarks, for specific purposes.
The big issue is of course merchandising.
Back in the 80's & 90's, you already buy NBA gear here. It was all licensed and the trademarks are registered in Australia by the NBA.
BIG business like that often design and register not only the ones currently being used, but variations, and prospective designs. If you do a search there will be various combinations of the scripts "Phoenix", "Suns," and images of suns and basketballs.

Again, that doesn't stop you calling your team the suns. And you COULD register your own trade-mark, including featuring the script "suns" provided that it doesn't LOOK like the NBA variants. Problem is when you try to combine it with an image of a sun or basketball.

I haven't checked the details of the NBA trademarks, but its POSSIBLE they are only for merchandise and clothing in Australia. So you could possibly even get away with playing in the NBL. (That would only be effected by TM's registered for live performances, entertainment, etc.)
But obviously Townsville couldn't sell clothing or merchandise, and even their playing singlets could be a problem.

Fortunately for Sydney, firstly they might have beat the NBA to the punch anyway, but irrespective their TM's logos are distinctive and different. (Even the older Sacramento logo features the script "Sacramento" and a basketball is only a small part.)
There's a probably a good reason why the Sydney logo doesn't just feature a large crown, as there would doubtless be numerous such unoriginal TMs.

Words don't matter, its the total image that makes up a TradeMark.
Suns + Basketball = No Good.

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Years ago

MOck there is a reason they didn't like it. You are a DICK.

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Years ago

BOLD numbers and a script for the Kings don't work. Just sayin

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Years ago

Wow, what a disappointment these are. I'll say it again, NBL & Larry, please contact P34 and get his designs on board ASAP.

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Years ago

HAHAHA... now it's talking about itself in the third person... awesome...

Wasn't a fan when they posted the pic, and after watching them in person, still not a fan... the base colour purple just seems off too... Not sure if it's just because there's so much of it now that the balance just seems off, but it just seems a bit too wishy washy...

The front sits all too low, obviously due to the sponsor logo yet to come, but it's still TOO low and if a sponsors logo will make it better, that doesn't speak volumes for it...

The back font is pretty ordinary as well...

All in all, two thumbs down...

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Years ago

Has anyone asked P34 to design a kit with the existing sponsor placements and requirements?

This is not the NBA, NBL teams need sponsors, simple.

In the case of current uniform guidelines, thats front main, front shoulder, back top, back bottom, shorts front, shorts back. Each spot has an area size limitation.

Thats a lot of different logos from companies with wide ranging brand standards. If their only logo is a bumper sticker then a bumper sticker goes on.

All teams would have had their designs done early in the year, without knowing who their sponsors would be.

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Years ago

If I had a Twitter account, I woulda told them it sucks honestly and refer them to P34..

Every1 else on there must be on drugs saying it's the best thing since sliced bread.

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Years ago

Dazz, I am not sure who you are disagreeing with (indicated by your unnecessary sigh), but a trademark can be in respect of just letters or words (rather than only images) when used in in relation to the goods or services in respect of which the trade mark is registered. 'Google' is a word that is trademarked and that trademark is owned by Google. I couldn't now attach that word to just about anything with a view to making a profit from it without being sued for infringement.

The Phoenix Suns cannot trademark the word Phoenix (being a geographic indication) but they can and have trademarked the word 'Suns' (including in respect of basketball related entertainment services).

The Townsville sign also had some notable similarities to the Phoenix design, so it is not surprising that Phoenix would have enforced its trademark.

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