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New world rankings

Boomers move up to 10th from 11th.

Opals drop down to 4th from 2nd.

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FIBA's full ranking pages:


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Years ago

Australia is better than #10 lol

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Years ago

I know it's only one competition, but I think the Boomers categorically showed they are better than 10th in the world, at Rio.

I would have guessed they would be ahead of every nation from Argentina down, and possibly higher than that.

Does anyone know if this is calculated, or do bigwigs at FIBA just sit down over a few bottles of vino rosso and make it up?

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Years ago

6th is more realistic.

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Very Old  
Years ago

I think it is based on all international results, including age groups WC's, but I may well be wrong.

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Years ago

Please don't guess.

Use the resources that are available.

How it works
The combined ranking takes into account the points of all categories (Men, Women, Boys, Girls) in the given cycle.

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Years ago - 10th at 21/8/16 - 4th at 20/8/16 - 11th at 7/11/15 - 11th at 23/8/15 - 4th at 7/11/15

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Years ago

Men - How it works
1. Event selection and weight

FIBA World Championships5
Olympic Basketball Tournaments5
FIBA Africa Championships0.2
FIBA Americas Championships0.8
FIBA Asia Championships0.3
Eurobasket Championships1
FIBA Oceania Championships0.1

2. Competition Ranking Scoring System

18 etc...1

3. Cycle
The ranking is calculated within the scope of a 2 Olympic Games cycle (including qualifying competitions at FIBA Zone level). Here are the number of competitions that are taken into account:

FIBA World Championships2
Olympic Basketball Tournaments2
FIBA Africa Championships4
FIBA Americas Championships4
FIBA Asia Championships4
Eurobasket Championships4
FIBA Oceania Championships4

Whenever a new championship is played the oldest championship of that category drops out. The FIBA Ranking is then recalculated.

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Years ago

Seriously disadvantaged by being is Oceania and when we move to Asia it is not much better. The weightings are 0.1 & 0.3 respectively.

The Mens, Womens, Boys and Girls rankings all seem to be similar.

Conducted over a two Olympic cycle, so that is 4 Oceania championships and two Olympics for Men & Women.

For Boys and Girls conducted over a two Olympic cycle, so that is 4 Oceania championships and FOUR World Championships.

So it looks like we have to have sustained success and have to perform well at Olympics or World championships to receive or maintain a good ranking.

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Years ago

So winning Oceania is equivalent to coming 14th in Europe or 4th in Asia? So same points from the regionals as Turkey or Japan. Seems really fair.

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Years ago

As if TURKEY are better than us! Put some goofy shoes and red noses on FIBA because they are GODDAMN CLOWNS

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Years ago

The unfortunate reality is we are a strong basketball nation playing in an extremely weak zone (Oceania).

I think FIBA have it right though as Europe's weighting is 1 whereas the Americas is 0.8.

That gives some idea as to the relative strengths of the various regions.

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Years ago

The amount of people who don't understand how rankings systems work astounds me... Get your head out the gutter people...

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Years ago

So those lead in matches pre Olympics weren't considered at all in The rankings ?

I'm pretty sure soccer includes all 'friendlies' too

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Years ago

Fair or not you can't move the location of Australia, ( even though they tried to get into Eurovision) the fact is Australia IS part of Oceania, i too think FIBA have it right re the allocation of points for zones,BUT I think allowing games that are played out of competition to be counted would give a far better indication as to where countries actually rank.
It might also encourage BA to expose Aussie players to a higher standard across the board.

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Years ago

New Zealand got equivalent to 15th in Europe or same as Georgia, so if Turkey and Georgia were in a region on their own (or close enough) would they deserve to be on the same level as Oceania?

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Years ago

Doesn't really matter because the Oceania tournaments are merging with Asia so it should be more fair for us.

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Years ago

What are these rankings used for?

Are they actually important in any discernible way?

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Very Old  
Years ago

Glad to know my thoughts were correct. I guess I should thank anonymous for proving me correct - so I will. :) Great work anonymous XOXOX

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Years ago

Very Old you were sort of right. The combined ranking is based on Men's, Women's, Boys & Girls results.

The individual rankings, which the OP posted, are separate to the Men's and Women's results and don't include the boys or girls results.

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Years ago

Men remain 10th
Women move from 4th to 5th, behind Serbia.
Boys 10th
Girls 7th from 11th (insane after u17 worlds win/u18 oceanias)
Brazil is 6...

All Combined 5th

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Years ago

Realise that (if you didn't know) weighting for these rankings is based on FIBA World Cup and Olympic performance (1 point) and continental championship performance. In Australia and NZ's case, Oceania is weighted at 0.1 of a point (by memory Eurobasket is weighted at 0.9). Even with the move to FIBA Asia the weighting increases only to 0.3. Friendlies and other tournaments (Asian games etc) don't count. Long story short, it's nigh on impossible for Australia and NZ to climb the world rankings because of the continental imbalance.

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Years ago

The regional champs don't make a lot of sense.
So the best team in the Americas (ie USA) gets less points than the best in Europe???
And nomatter how good Australia is, Oceania is worth squat? We're obviously better than any team in Asia or Africa...

But obviously the Olympics and World champs dominate.

Since these rankings go back 2 Olympics and 2 W/Cs, obviously they are not a "current" ranking. I don't know exactly what these are used for, but presumably the calculation suits their purpose.

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Years ago

Latest rankings are a joke too.

Boomers 10th
Opals 4th
Gems/Sapphires 7th (not updated)
Emus/Crocs 10th (not updated)

IMO we are top
6 men's
4 womens
6 gems/sapphires
8 emus/crocs

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Years ago

You understand that it's calculated over an 8 year window right?

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Years ago

Boomers is about right
Opals is right to after the last 4 years of results

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Years ago

Yeah, can't argue with the Opals after their recent results. Not much to rejoyce about.

We know the Boomers are better than 10th, but that's just the system trying to smooth out anomalies, which is fair enough. Just means that more "upset" wins are in store for the guys.

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Years ago

Hey guys, seriously, if we have the second top number of NBA players and can get them all fit and playing at world champs etc... just take a look at the odds they give us and place your bets, sit tight for the ride and reap the rewards.

We love the underdog, so does the rest of the world, all good as far as I am concerned, can't wait to see our best team on court!

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Years ago

New World Rankings:

1. Appliances
2. Travel
3. Honda

daylight, 3 decades

4. Coles

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Years ago

Boomers are only good if the NBA guys play even then take a real look at the NBA guys.

Maker - Avg and big strong EU teams will beat him down
Delly - Solid at Int level (Doesn;t score alot)
Mills - Our best scorer
Ingles - Suits Int style and very good at this level (Doesn;t score)
Simmons- Dude is legit...shooting against zone is the issue in Int ball

Bogut - Old and want to see him no injured
Exum - Want to see him not inured and on the floor hasn;t been good in NBA and never been a great scorer.

We have lots of role players in the NBA expect Simmons and they don;t really fit well together.

Mills is the only natural scorer and Simmons needs a jump shot if we want to medal.

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Years ago

Baynes would start...
Mathiang a slim chance, and you also have bolden who's playing at maccabi via 76ers.

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Years ago

This will make you laugh...

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Years ago

OK because the Virgin Islands didn't bother showing up to play Brazil and FIBA Americas games are worth double that of FIBA Asia games, Brazil got more points on this ranking system than Australia did for beating Qatar and Kazakhstan by 50 points each.

Also of note beating someone by more than 20 is of no value in this ranking system.

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Years ago

New Ranking system now that the world cup qualification has moved to the current system.

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Years ago


Men-10th (18/09/2018)
Women-3rd (01/10/2018)
Boys-9th (05/08/2018)
Girls-7th (10/12/2016)

Expect the girls to go up a couple when it is redone.

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Two years ago

Australia now pushed to 11, Russia to 10 lol.

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