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Final WDBC trial this Sunday 11/9 U14,16,18 boys

Trials announced for THIS Sunday 11th September at St Clair Recreation Centre for the U14, U16 and U18 Boys:

U14 Boys (born 04/05) - 830am - 10am, Courts 1 & 2

U16 boys (born 02/03) - 10am – 1130am, Courts 1 & 2

U18 boys (born 00/01) - 1130am – 1pm, Courts 1 & 2

Location: St Clair Recreation Centre, 109 Woodville Road, Woodville 5011.

This is a great opportunity to meet the coaches for these age groups, as previously explained some were unable to attend our previous trials for a number of reasons so it'd be great to have you all out there again this Sunday and we look forward to meeting you, and welcoming any new members to the club as well.

For those that are new or haven’t completed their 'intent to play’ forms please complete and send to the following email address [email protected] so we can add your to our database and stay in contact with you.

We still have a steady flow of these forms coming in which is great, thank you. It also helps the club ensure we have enough coaches, court space/allocation, know how many players/teams we have and need to nominate, and most importantly so nobody misses out on a team.

On behalf of the Warriors Board and Coaches

Thank you

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