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Redhage - Time for a "Season-Ending 'Injury'"?

No, I'm not butt-hurt, and no I'm not pinning the blame for our recent losses on him.

Redhage has been my favourite Cat over the last decade. But its been clear for a couple of seasons that he was on the way out. I thought he might have retired after winning another ring, but obviously they wanted to get him to 350 games.
Maybe now he's trying to pass Crawford (371) but he looks out of touch.

With the extended bench and the $400k cap, I thought he would provide good experience and value this season. IMHO he showed his value during the finals last season, and I'd hoped he could do it again. But to achieve that, he needs to stay fit, motivated, in touch, and in form, and I just don't see that.

He is a Legend of the team, and he owes us nothing, but it must be hard to maintain your standards knowing your career is over, at best you're going to get a few minutes when everyone else is struggling, and that this will be your swansong.

I'd love to think he could be great insurance for us, in case Hire or Wagstaff get injured towards the finals, but again I just don't see him maintaining the standard.

So is it time for a "Season-Ending 'Injury'," that would allow us to bring in Walker?

The Cats have benefited from having a great local "core" for several seasons now, but age is starting to show.

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Years ago

Pretty disrespectful game plan you have there Dazz. To a club legend blah blah blah to expect him to just go out like that. Shouldn't have been resigned but he and you should live with it.

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Years ago

Redhage was your favourite wildcat for the last decade? Big call. Frankly i can't think of anyone playing in the NBL who i dislike more.

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Years ago

I thought Redhage did some good things tonight, actually caused a few turnovers.

Couldn't blame anything on him really

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Years ago

Mate stop suggesting roster changes after every loss. The kings have dropped a couple of late too. Melbourne have had a well documented tough start. It's a very tight and tough league. There's no need to panic just because you lose a game

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Years ago

As I said, nothing to do with the loss.
And where exactly have I "suggested roster changes after every loss"???
Saying we need to replace injured players is NOT "suggesting roster changes."

As for being "disrespectful," (A) grow-up this is professional sport, and (B) not disrespectful at all. EASILY my favourite players of the last decade, and I'd hoped he could keep on giving this year.
If anything, my view is the opposite. It's a shame to see a legend struggling, and I would rather see him pull the pin and go out on his own terms, than struggle along playing a few minutes a week.

The guy (like most veterans) is carrying a plethora of niggling injuries. Calling one of those season ending, is merely a technicality.

And TBH, it may not even be necessary. It only becomes a factor if we want to replace him with someone who has already played. ie Walker. We could replace him with somebody else without that.

And no, its not going to change the world, or magically catapult us back into 'ship contention. This thread is about Redhage, pure and simple.

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Years ago

You started the thread "where to now for Perth" and in there suggested JJ should be de-activated again after we lost to Sydney.

You may not intend it, but it seems to come across as "doom and gloom" after every loss. We were flat today, but still had our chances to win it. Quite a few missed lay-ups in that final term. Illawarra hit some massive 3s. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

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Years ago

Your being more idiotic than usual with this shit. Deactivate yourself from the internet for a while buddy.

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Years ago


Flophage is a flog but he played alright tonight. Not the worst in his limited minutes.

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Years ago

Dazz, you're embarrassing enough with your weekly barrage of knee-jerks but now you've entered disgraceful territory.

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Years ago

I love Dazz's reactionary stresshead threads.

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Years ago

And he states he isn't stressed as he writes stressful things. Guy is a fool.

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

think you should have season ending injury on the keyboard.

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Years ago

You started the thread "where to now for Perth" and in there suggested JJ should be de-activated again after we lost to Sydney.
I suspect Knight's shoulder injury was the primary reason for that thread. Had it been long-term, which it seemed initially was going to be the case, the Wildcats were in serious trouble.

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Years ago

36ers fans cop it for being over reactionaries, imagine if Perth had a season finishing bottom of the ladder... Counsellors would be making a mint $$$

Perth is second on the ladder, it's offensively stupid to react as if the world is going to end after every loss. Hoping for a season ending injury? Really? On top of your last loss' thread of "need to re-work our roster".

When my San Antonio lose a game, I just go "oh well, it's the Spurs, we'll be fine" and we have been fine for about 20 straight years. Perth have been the same for about 30 years.

Just relax.

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Years ago

the way dazz goes off at the slightest hint of a trigger I feel sorry for his missus

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Years ago

@Dazz, I kind of get what you are implying, but in no way should they be considering such an idea.

If you don't think they can win the championship this season regardless and you have the utmost respect for a club champion then show him that respect and allow him some dignity.

He will decide for himself, I am sure, when it is time to hang up his boots!

You are a long time retired, as they say, so I would not be looking at some cover up fake injury concept here, just let it play out and you just never know what career highlight may come for the guy before his time is done.

Love him or hate him, there is a time for dignity and respect in sport and too often this can be overlooked as sport becomes over corporatised and financially driven, unfortunately...

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Old Mate  
Years ago

Redage should pack it up and join the Foxtel commentary team . That way we can have four dickhead commentators each game

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Years ago

Bear, well put and this reflects what most Cats supporters over 12yo think - those without anxiety complexes anyway.

Old Mate, tell him to his face that you think he's a dickhead. You might need to get that hand off it to protect yourself though. Keyboard tough guy.

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Years ago

I would prefer it from the perspective of an opposing fan that the Perth establishment honour Redhage's impending and unannounced retirement with an appropriate tribute in the manner of a Kobe Bryant-esque season long tour where he becomes the sole focus of the offence as he shoots Perth out of numerous games in a myriad of different but ultimately uplifting ways. We will happily give him a parting gift here in Adelaide, and I won't begrudge him his 40+ point outburst in his final home game (checks schedule - nope, not at all, not playing us this year - sucked in Kings).

That is the only appropriate way to honour such a legend. That and maybe some synchronised team flopping at the end of each timeout.

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Years ago

Redhage can still play a useful role for us if he brings energy with his sporadic bursts of playing time and leaves the perimeter occasionally in offence.
60% of his attempts this season have been from outside the arc and he's connecting on those at 20%

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Years ago

Redhage has gone on to play one season to many.Sad to see in one way then again it's Perth so if he is helping them lose with him playing poorly then i hope he sticks around for a few more seasons.As for the d/head tag i thought Matty(the faker)Knight & coach Gleeson were the two biggest d/heads in that team.He is so disrespectful to refs.Gleeson was told to move back a little from the sideline which he did after been told three or four times then moves back to the same spot when he thought ref Aylan wasn't watching only to be told again to move back.He then crouches down that's when ref aylan should of just kicked him in the head.What a GRONK

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Years ago

lol dazz

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Years ago


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Years ago

Actually, as often seems to happen when I shoot my mouth off, I immediately get proven wrong.
Redhage has been very handy these past couple of games.
And I couldn't be happier for him. I had always hoped his experience would be valuable, and with Gleeson actually giving him some minutes, he's done very well off the bench.

So yeah, another stupid Dazz thread goes down in flames.

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Years ago

Still/ again.

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