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Do we want to see finals decided by the refs?

Two games down, and its Refs 2, players nill.

Let me be clear, there's nothing "wrong" or biased with the reffing. Its maybe a little tough on some things.

But there's no denying its had a massive effect on both games, with star plays benched early then fouling out. Probably worst in last night's game, but happened tonight as well.

Conceptually, I've got no problem with the fouls being called, and the F/Ts imposed, but when there are so many, its a double-whammy.
Just once (ok, twice) I'd like to watch Jawai play without being pinged every time he brushes against an opponent.

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

Scott Butler would've been crying inside tonight

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Years ago

Dazzed. The refs have been getting it wrong all season. Haven't you noticed?

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Years ago

Stupidest question ever.

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Years ago

At this stage, I'll just take it if they're consistent...

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twenty four  
Years ago

I agree with Zodiac.

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Years ago

"At this stage, I'll just take it if they're consistent..."
This, maybe ease up on the illegal screens.

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Years ago

Two games down, and its Refs 2, players nill.

Let me be clear, there's nothing "wrong" or biased with the reffing.
Your claim is that the refs decided the result without being biased or wrong?

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Years ago

In the 1st qtr of last nights game the wildcats got an amazingly "lucky" run. I was choking on my rage with being denied a great game of basketball.

The fact that Travis Trice stunk up the gym didn't help the snakes. That dud has to go. I mean, in playoffs ball, you simply must do that. Cairns just kept throwing it away.

At the other end, the wildcats were brilliant at handling the ball and making good decisions.

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Years ago

Placing aside incorrect calls/doozies/inconsistent calling for a second...

I don't mind 'soft calls' being made if that's part of the league direction.

A 'soft call' is subjective I guess - those calls where technically it's a foul but how the refs/league want the game to be played decides whether it is merited a foul.

Remember this is meant to be an entertainment product, and the league wants to reach a mainstream market where offensive highlights and higher scores garner more interest than grinding physical defence.

On the one hand, calling soft fouls will create some very tedious games or obliterate a side who doesn't adjust and fouls out. On the other hand, teams might learn to adjust and this opens up that higher scoring less grinding type affair which might very well what the league is aiming for.

Dazz touched on this in another thread - it is starting to be incumbent upon teams to adjust if they keep getting called for soft fouls. Instead of 'crying foul'.

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Years ago

The refs have been calling it tight since November and all teams have adjusted, some better than others.

The separation between offensive player and defender is excellent now, just like what you see in the NBA or Euroleague (and the NBL in 2013/14 under Mal Cooper), now it's just a case of developing the panel to decrease the number of obviously wrong calls.

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Years ago

its impossible to have both a physical game and a free flowing game full of slashes and dunks.

Aussie fans have to choose which they want. The game is being refereed to create space, make defenders get their hands of stop the small bumps etc which stop or discourage players from driving.

In the end that's good for the spectacle of the game.

It's up to players to stop moving on screens (even if not all are called), take hands off, stop stepping under an airborne shooter etc.

But IMO coaches are too arrogant to adjust to referees. And continue to play their way and argue the foul count is uneven, or you're fouling out all our players. It's up to the teams to adjust not the referees.

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Years ago

Great to see basketball and not wrestling or kick boxing. Long may it continue.

If teams need to 'chop it up' to stay in the contest - and it has always been a tactic, well before its cynical over-use by Goorjian and his disciples - they need to be prepared to pay the cost in terms of the fouls that come with that.

Looks like someone somewhere has at last realised that this is a sport with rules that need to be enforced to ensure a fair contest between offense and defense, for which we should all be thankful, I suggest.

Enjoy the basketball!

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Years ago

I thought I was clear, but perhaps not. I'll try again.
Overall, I have no problem with the way the game is being called. It is what it is. It suits some coaches & teams better than others, and that's something they need to adapt to.

I have no problem with players getting called for fouls and giving up F/Ts.

Where I get disappointed is when stars have to sit on the bench, and when a team is severely disadvantaged because of this. If would be different if fouls were all dirty, or the result of deliberately aggressive play, but most are not.

I want to see the best players on the court doing their stuff.

Long term, I would like to see the personal foul limit increased.

In the finals, its a tough question. I guess what I'm suggesting (despite what I've said) is that I wouldn't mind if the refs held their whistles on some of the soft calls.

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Years ago

So if you are happy with the games being called, you are saying that high profile players should get more preferencial treatment than they already do. Sorry Dazz but this one makes no sense...

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Yrie Kirving  
Years ago

He is a Perth fan and therefore he wants more contact allowed so his team can get away with its slugfest style.
Come on now Anonymous that should be obvious even to a silly round earth believer like you.

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

The Cairns game reffing wasn't as crucial as the Taipans stunk from the tip off.
How do you call delay of game on Weeks when the ball bounces under his legs and he's trying to straddle it to escape? These are the calls that are blatantly biased against one team. If full time Vaughan is the best we have,then the league is forever mired in lotto refereeing!

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