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Bogut fractures left tibia in first minute as a Cav

Andrew Bogut has been helped off the court with a left leg injury barely a minute into his career as a Cleveland Cavalier.

Video link

Supposedly in the broadcast audio, he can be heard saying something like "I broke it" or "It's broken".

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Years ago

Just saw it and can't believe it. Worst luck ever. Hopefully it is not broke but you think they cut him now. Shortest time till serious injury ever?

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Years ago

Yeah, doesn't look good :( I thought I heard him ask for a pain killer when the trainer was attending to him when I was watching the game. Hopefully it may just be a deep bone bruise as opposed to a break or fracture of some sort?

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Years ago

Fractured labia...

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Years ago


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Years ago

the typo was in your second post..first one looks the more accurate

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Years ago

Poor guy. Another NBA big man whose career was just plagued by injuries at every turn. I'm still not sure what he could have been if he had stayed healthy the whole time and that shooting arm worked properly.

Two questions:

1). Where do the Cavs go from here? Is it Larry Sanders?

2). Is this Bogut's NBA career over? Can't imagine anyone signing him a year from now with that injury history.

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Years ago

Does he get a championship ring if they win?

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Years ago

David Blatt got one.

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Years ago

It's at the discretion of the owner. I doubt be would want one anyway.

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Years ago

From r/NBA:

Bogut says "I broke it" and a few seconds later Deron Williams says "You serious?"
Bogut says "I heard it bro."
Bogut says "I need a painkiller."
Trainer talking to Bogut
Bogut says "I heard it snap."

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Years ago

Andrew "The Injury" Bogut

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Years ago

if you listen to LeBron in the next video he says HE heard it , not just Bogurt, how dam hard was that hit if they can hear a bone break!

he will probably stay Id say, being the very start of the season for him, by the time that has healed he wont have missed much

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Years ago

"he will probably stay Id say, being the very start of the season for him, by the time that has healed he wont have missed much"


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Years ago

Well that was short lived.

Saw this the other day. I forgot how damn good he was before injuries caught up with him.

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Years ago

People forget that that horrific arm injury did irreparable damage. He basically now has two left hands in terms of his shooting / finishing ability.

He could have been a more athletic (but with worse shooting / round the rim touch) version of Marc Gasol by this point if he had stayed healthy.

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Years ago

Well at least him going down helped Cavs to the title last season...

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Years ago

Great video XY! Lots of nasty dunks there. He had a rare combination of size and athleticism. Just a shame he was drafted by the Bucks and that Amare Stoudemire committed such a stupid foul to cause that injury. Bogut should've sued his ass for lost earnings!

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

He was all NBA 3rd team before he got injured. What could have been. Feel so bad for the guy.

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Karma's a bitch and so is Drew.

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Years ago

Guy's a legend...Aussie through and through.

He will be back in Australia within 12-18 months, playing/coaching/owning in the NBL, can't wait!!

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Years ago

more like retired and chilling at his holiday home on the coast of croatia....

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