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NBA's NY Knicks trials no music during game

The Knicks decided to play the first half vs the Warriors with no music.

A message posted on a screen inside the stadium on Sunday advised fans that no music would be played during the first half in order to allow fans to "experience the game in its purest form."

I thought this sounded like a cool idea for the NBL, but maybe just ban the playing of songs, which can be annoying, and just allow a beat for a defence/other chant.

Seems most of those involved in the game didn't enjoy it:

"It was weird," Kerr said following his team's 112-105 win. "It was really weird. You sort of take it for granted because every NBA game, you got all this stuff going on, music in the background. You don't even think about it until it's not there. It felt like church.
"It was very quiet. It is Sunday, after all. Maybe that's why they chose it. It was strange. I kind of liked it better in the second half. It felt more normal with the music."
Warriors star Stephen Curry was also bemused by the move, comparing the atmosphere to a school game.
"It was, like, back in middle school warm-up games, where it's just you and the teammates ... [and] there's no music or entertainment whatsoever, so it was definitely different," Curry said.

Team-mate Draymond Green was more forthright, decrying the move as "disrespectful" to the league.
"It was ridiculous. I think it was completely disrespectful to everyone ... all these people who've done these things to change the game from an entertainment perspective," Green said.
"You advance things in the world to make it better. You don't go back to what was bad. It's like, computers can do anything for us. It's like going back to paper. Why would you do that? It was ridiculous."
Knicks players were also unimpressed, with Kristaps Porzingis adding: "I didn't like it. It was weird for me. But I guess that's how it was back in the day."

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Somebody please explain how it's disrespectful? How is this disrespectful, but changing rules that take away from the game and are simply to improve revenue not disrespectful?

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Saying it detracts from the game is your opinion - which I disagree with.

I also think music can have a positive affect on crowd atmosphere and momentum of the game...and therefore players on the court. It can be an uplifting factor for the home team in form and a compounding factor for the team up against it all.

With that said, I don't think removing music is "disrespectful", that's an odd descriptor. Green has never been one really worth listening to though. I'd rather listen to Kerr.

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If trying different things is disrespectful then surely the playing of music during games in the first place is what he should have a problem with.

Good on them for doing it I say. I know some people don't like the music. I've got no problem with it as long as it's not deafening like it is at Perth Lynx games. At the Wildcats it's maybe a little louder than ideal but it's not overwhelming. I just wish they'd rotate the playlist a bit more. Some continuity is fine but when 90% of the songs are the same every game all season it feels like they're just not trying.

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It does show though that the crowds in America for the NBA don't really get behind teams if music is the deciding factor to their involvement. You won't hear music at college games anywhere near as much, and certainly at high school, so why is it such a big issue to these guys? If you can't play at the top of your ability without music, maybe you're not good enough to be out there to begin with

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In fairness, it's probably not as simple as "I can't play when there's no music". When you're accustomed to playing in a certain environment all the time I can see how a totally different one could throw you off. Still, a player with more focus on what they're supposed to be doing will adapt better.

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Years ago

The wildcats music sucks.
They play the same song at the same stage of the game every single week.
It gets real old after a while.

No one wants to hear joker and the thief at the start of the 4th for 5 seasons straight.

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Years ago

I like TNT starting the 4th

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Years ago

Yeah and they are in love with old bogan rock favourites which don't even suit basketball...

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Years ago

the dj is a flog!

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Years ago

You guys are i think forgetting that the NBA plays way less music (and at a lower volume) than the NBL does usually, so getting rid of it altogether makes things very quiet indeed....

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Years ago

Yep NBL masks a lot of crap crowds with ultra loud music (with lyrics too lmao)... fail!

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