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PL Referees

If we're stepping up the imports and trying to get exposure out there for better players to come in - the referees need to step up their game also.

1. Flops - referees need to stop calling these T's if they are
A. out of position can can't see between the players and
B. don't know the difference between getting ankle broken and falling.

If you can't do the job that you're paid to do then go back to Junior District!

3 man isn't making the game any better - it's just costing more. If it's a 2 man show and these refs have to fight to get a game - maybe they will do a better J.O.B.

Ref coaches - grow some balls and actually give these refs some constructive criticism cause damn it they need it and take it in stride.

Currently right now - we're looking like a joke to the rest of the world when our imports talk to their people back home. Just food for thought!

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Years ago

Well on Monday you should get on the phone to BSA and offer your services to Gibson as a Referee Coach because quite obviously you have all the answers. I'm sure with such amazing insight you will be welcomed with open arms.

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Years ago

If truth hurts - so sorry but this is not little girls and boys league! This is our top state league and when we try to promote it and then the game gets killed by refs what do you expect.

We are trying to get players over here and when the imports talk - it's the # 1 thing - the refs. Shouldn't it be other players?

BSA need to step up their game in game review vs how many flop warnings and T's the ref can get and laugh about after their game. Play back video says a hole lot! Players have to take criticism on their game - why not refs. You do a good job - you get told. When you do a crap job - there's someone else looking for a game - trust me - they are there waiting for their opportunity.

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Years ago

Dont complain about the refs and the flop shows,without refs we have no district games,or just have green shirt referee games.Its only first game of season get a life .

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Years ago

Yes because the pool of PL referees in Adelaide is exhaustive, there are 50 league quality referees just waiting for an appointment. If you have the solution then put your hand up to help, better still ref yourself. But dont come onto a forum anonymously the day after round 1 (when you probably lost) and just complain. It gives you zero credibility.

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Years ago

of the games I saw at Pasadena , the mens game was done quite well, with only two calls that were really sub par for a 3 man mechanic, all from the same ref who just seemed to lack direction in a specific call, as they were both done from out of position..

the women's game was well sub par. Really marred by 3 very clearly wrong calls in the last 3 mins of the game that all , unfortunately , went in one teams favour and gifted that team 5 points and a win.

That said there were only two refs and they seemed to be running the 2 crew mechanics really poorly, often having to make calls without being in position to see the gap between the offence and defensive players.

But they wern't alone there, both teams seem to loss the plot several times, and either could have performed more consistently to convincingly win the game and make the calls immaterial to the outcome..

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Years ago

Try watching a big v game. Won't find many with barely competent refs who know the game.

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Years ago

Who were the referees at Pasadena.....

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Years ago

all the players and ref are listed in the weekly newsletter on the website of the media guys

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Years ago

Pasedena womens game always had the possibility of going sour. 2 probable top 4 teams with a rookie 1st gamer and a senior crew chief who isnt very solid. You would have to say very poor rostering

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Years ago


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Years ago

Hi "observer" LTNS - if you are THAT "ovserver"

difficult to find.

type "premier league Adelaide basketball" into google and its the first recommended link.

and the newsleter is the top link on the home page


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Years ago

^Reply #632649

in that case the first timer did quite well in the womens game, but perhaps the senior ref did not handle the pressure of 'leadership" and tried too hard. It seemed very clear who was the senior ref, and thats rarely a good thing in a pairing.

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Years ago

Men's game at St Clair was very well done IMO.

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Years ago

Anon can referee. Premier League game.

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Years ago

why shouldn't referees be open to criticism at our highest level?

in such a high performance arena players, Coaches and referees should all be under scrutiny.

Unfortunately the daft 'zero tolerance' introduced at junior level has produced umpires that are accountable to no one.

They NEVER make a mistake, in their opinion.

The best umpires have and always be the best communicators with the players, BSA have encouraged the complete opposite.

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Years ago

No one is saying they shouldnt be open to criticism, but there is a difference between criticism and abuse.

The zero tolerance policy at the lower level is because parents cant control themselves at junior sport. How anyone can think they have the right to swear at and abuse referees (generally just kids) for making an error at the junior level is beyond me.

But the OP came out the day after round 1 and just looked like a sore loser, needed someone to blame.

If you dont like how things are done complain to BSA. Do it the right way, go threw your club and formally complain. But coming on a website being abusive is not the way to make a point or affect change.

But someone mentioned earlier, no referees, no game. If the basketball community (actually any junior sporting community) continue to abuse referees why would any kid want to take it up? No kid wants to go to work to be sworn at, intimidated and humiliated in public by adults. Why would they.

So by all means criticise referees for poor performance, but with the limited pool in SA you might want to start doing it constructively because once you lose them you will never get them back. In addition the "depth chart" for referees isnt much deeper than a paddling pool.

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Years ago

"But the OP came out the day after round 1 and just looked like a sore loser, needed someone to blame."

I don't think that is a fair representation, the OP mentioned no specific game, and specifically mentioned 3 areas of needed improvement.

thats not abusive, nor is it having a whinge because your team lost. Didn't read as a sore loser to me. there agsin there are a lot of them on forums, so hard to tels sometimes.

yes we need more, and better refs, without which any competition can't happen, unless you are the association that used to schedule teams to provide refs for the following games on that court if the association could'nt get any :(
BUT the local competition also needed more and better players, and the mew import rules seems to have addressed that a bit.

this then throws the spot light onto the officiating.

if as the OP suggests, the local ref coaches are not giving the hard but constructive criticism that is required, then that is also a problem. perhaps the ref coaches are also worried that if they are too truthful they will lose officials, Is there a conflict of interest there , i don't know, do the local ref coaches also have the responsibility for sourcing and scheduling refs ?

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Years ago

Those getting defensive need to understand the complaint better.

No one is hating on those referees who are willing to get out on the court. Those referees who have persevered through the abuse, the system, the lack of support and education to still referee at Premier League level.

The frustration is with the League, BSA, Referee Coaches and Educators ho have failed to prepare them for the standard of game they are now needed to manage.

Refereeing at all levels for most sports is a flaw. One that very few have the willingness to solve.

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Years ago

Refereeing at all levels of most sports is a flaw. One that very few have the willingness to EVEN HAVE A GO AT.

But no the answer to solving the flaw is gems like this - "If you can't do the job that you're paid to do then go back to Junior District!"

Looks like a fair level of hate to me.

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Years ago

Because some of the referees on PL games aren't ready.

That's not the referees fault. They do the games they're given.

Sporting bodies need to do better, invest more. Spend more money and employ the right people. And be patient and let that have flow on effects from grassroots to the top.

But they cut corners, cut funding, use the same people who have failed for 30 years.

And the end result is what we have now.

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Years ago

The first issue is that "some" PL refs walk around like their sh_t don't stink. They ref a bad game and their not even accountable for it.

The second issue is the ref coach will sit in the stand with his video going - watching a bad game go to hell and during the breaks - SAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Review the game later? Please some refs are so up themselves cause they think they are on panel they don't need to and it doesn't get enforced.

It's FIBA's fault for making all the BS regulations going on. FIBA is more concerned about a players shirt being tucked in 50 times a game vs showing up and making sure the calls being called are correct. What's priority here?

When your a ref - Own it - if you make a mistake we know you are human - the issue here is when they strut around thinking they are the best thing since sliced bread and no one has the balls to say anything. Cop out!

Yes some refs are put in the higher levels too quick and that's BSA's fault. They've been screwing up this now for a few years. Who's running the show? Hmmmm it's certainly not the one with the title.

Just call it like it is. Own it and make it your best job each and every time. Your out there to make a difference. There are other refs that want to be inspired by you - not by your foolish self consumed ways. It's not just about the players - refs are inspiring too - but OWN It.

Each week and no one has the balls to say it - it's substandard and all the players are finding it hard to play between the inconsistency between the different refs.

If you honestly need to continue to defend the consistent bad/no calls - the bad/no communication - then there is no resolution. Isn't this why there is a ref coach or do they just sit there and do NOTHING! Make them earn their money!

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Years ago

Well said. We have the exact same problem in the NBL.

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Phobos 66  
Years ago

wrong people in the positions (from referee mamager to the people being used to educate and run courses)... BSA should have made the right decision on that years ago and the system would be in a much better place.

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Agree with the last two posts
The person running the show currently is mike Gibson, former president of south Adelaide & former football umpire

Some PL Refs are excellent at what they do & my experience says they are the most humble, prepared to communicate & work hard each week & for many years
For some reason many of the new premier league refs are tech foul first, ask questions later

If you question them?
Well how dare you

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