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Gerrans in Cairns Post: NBA jaunt a waste

But is this where Australian basketball needs to go?

Sorry, this will obviously be the unpopular opinion after every man and his dog slurped the announcements earlier this week, but Aussie hoops needs more work done on the ground in Australia before we worry about playing against the best in the world.

I really do not think the NBL's owner, Kestelman, is putting his attention and effort, and more importantly all that cash, in the correct areas.
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This is either short-sighted or link-bait IMO. Almost every issue faced by the league requires that it gets attention - fans in stadiums, watching games on TV, etc. There is a significant portion of the potential audience who are oblivious to the quality of the NBL or write it off in comparison to the mighty NBA, and forging bonds between the leagues is no waste. Playing pre-season games there (even assuming the big names won't play), hosting games here, having college teams visit - all of that promotes professional basketball in Australia.

This is like an argument that investing more in Instagram posts is a waste. It's not - it's projecting the league professionally to its audience, and a key segment too.

More confidence in the league as a solid venture rather than the flakey basketcase of past years is exactly what is needed. Win back the respect of lost fans and lost media.

With crowds come a full coaching complement and physio/strength support stuff in Cairns. It will all help more than an article suggesting that the NBA games are a wasteful distraction.

Minor issues like the tribunal are a completely independent focus. There is zero chance that focus on the NBA prevents them from never doing the letter-writing fumble again or trying to find consistency with penalties.

And I don't think the Crocs form an argument in any of this. Their demise was largely of their own making.

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I agree. The amount of casual nba fans that i have seen comment on the Facebook posts about this have largely been positive. Considering that really only european clubs have been invited in the past really tells the story. Clearly the NBA see the NBL as a true up and comer and whilst the Australian fan may see differently this tells the whole world that the NBL is now a legitimate professional league rather than a basket case.

Also people getting annoyed because of the teams representing us are short sited. The big markets are critical to the success of this league and sorry but cairns really offer little to the future of the league in terms of being a money maker.

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Years ago

That article was a massive tantrum and I doubt if Cairns were in the mix for an NBA game that he'd be complaining.

When it comes to Cairns not having a strength trainer, that's Cairns' problem. They're still in control of their own club and it isn't up to the NBL to hold up struggling teams anymore.

Speaking of which, the Townsville Crocs had to go.

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Years ago

If they were seriously that concerned about a strength trainer or whatever they wouldn't have given Jawai such a big contract.

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Years ago

Gerrans misses the point of the excercise.

This is to raise the NBL's profile with a clever partnership.

Whilst I get that Cairns could do with more money, its not like LK was going to inject the money he spent on the NBA jaunt if the NBA jaunt didn't happen.

The fact that Cairns can't afford Gordie, is their fault.

The fact that Cairns can't afford a Stregnth and Conditioning coach, is their fault, and not a reflection on LK's efforts to improve the NBL branding.

To be honest, the Wildcats put Nate through their own Stregnth and Conditioning coach and got the same outcome as Cairns (~ 20mpg) sans a coach.

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Years ago

[X] NZ whinge (they were the first - there was an article in an NZ paper how NZB should play OKC due to the Adams link - LOL
[X] Perth whinge
[X] Cairns whinge
[ ] Illawarra whinge
[ ] Adelaide whinge

Watch this space.

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Years ago

$10 Adelaide and Illawarra stay classy.

But to be fair, Perth didn't whinge and nor did Cairns (this article was not able why Cairns didn't get invited).

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Years ago

What I've never understood about Cairns is isn't it full of Japanese tourists? But never seen any $$$ from Japanese sector for the Taipans. Although if Taipans played baseball you would see sponsorship for sure, probably just the wrong sport to tap into that avenue?

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Years ago

Illawarra knows that 2 out of the 3 teams going over are owned by the NBL and the 3rd has ownership ties within the NBA so there is no point in trying to push for them to play in the NBA/NBL series.

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Years ago

Exactly nat. Yet Perth claim otherwise, were never in it. I even predicted the three teams prior to the announcement! It's just common sense.

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Years ago

natwhereyouat please see here:

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I disagree, but JG is allowed to have his hot takes with extra provocative sauce, it's an opinion column after all.

The Taipans' aren't complaining, nor are the fans up here. $$ is what $$ is, living within your limits means you go without. That's the stark reality of a community funded team without a rich sugar daddy. (note: living in our means is why we're one of only 2 teams that haven't consistently run at a lost for the last 5 years..).

I think the NBA experience is good to give the brand some prestige, especially with those teams who need owners/more bums on seats. If the NBA trip was being treated like a panacea than i'd agree with JG, it doesn't solve many of the glaring in season issues from last year, but i think Larry and team can whistle while they walk.

And yes it would be nice some of that NBL luxury tax came our way, if only to subsidise the cost of beer....

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Years ago

In response to the OP... it's clickbait. That's what the Cairns Post has been reduced to.

On the issue of the games, I don't know that games vs. NBA clubs IN THE USA will do much to raise the profile here. But it will plant the seed for future games IN AUSTRALIA, which will be massive. Think of the Premier League clubs playing their games here, just on a slightly smaller scale.

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Years ago

Haven't heard the Taipans whinging about anything.

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Years ago

"I don't know that games vs. NBA clubs IN THE USA will do much to raise the profile here"

Interestingly, I noticed a quite a long article on the TV about this announcement, when I was passing through the Virgin Lounge on Tuesday. Probably Sky News. There does seem to have been a lot of positive coverage locally, which gives an indication of the promotional potential for the NBL product. At the end of the day, that's what this is about and it's working so far.

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Years ago

Getting absolutely murdered by NBA bench players is going to undo a lot of that though.

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Years ago

The performances/scorelines are going to be "interesting"...

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

Spot on Kobe, getting towelled up will make the NBL look like a muppet league.
Real great publicity?

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