Matt Ryan
Years ago


AFL has the Brownlow Medal.
SANFL has the Magery Medal.
ABL Central has the Halls / Woolacott Medal.
Even Australian TV has the Logies.

Maybe, it's time for HOOP.COM.AU to have an awards ceremony!

Awards could be given to the ALL-STAR 5 (top 5 posters), ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (Best new poster), MOST WANTED (Most Wanted posters), MOST INAPPROPRIATE (person who received the most backlash), etc.

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Years ago

Most Padded Post


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Years ago

Stupidest drunk post of the season goes to .......

re: My What's Hot/Not List From tonights game (#48745)
you are hypocrytical wankers go suck yor selfs im pissed and had enuf im a beARCAT GET STUFFED

Fair Dinkum, 03/09/05

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

although almost half of Bo Hamburger/Satish Dogra's posts would be up for selection, my nomination for funniest post is...

re: BODY SUITS.... Hot or not...? (#42806)
I love wearing nothing more than bathers to play in. I especially love it when every step i take rides that lycra further and further up my legs until i choke.
I love that I can't eat pasta or anythign milky for fear of the dreaded bodysuit-bloat. I love going to the toilet during half time and exhausting myself trying to get that sweaty, clingy material back on reasonably. I love the search for my g-string in my crack after the game. I love sucking my guts in all game and worrying more about how my arse looks than how I'm playing. I love that in those cold winter games everyone can always see my headlights.

So in short, Bodysuits are HOT.

(Mod: Nice. Still laughing.)

Boddie Sewt, 23/07/05

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Years ago

yep I agree that one was fantastic!!

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

Dr D,

I appreciate your sentiments but feel you vastly overrate me: I'd be happy with a strike rate of something like 1 in 10, or basically whatever John Starks shot in that Game 7 of the Knicks-Rockets finals whenever that was. :)

The more important question here is: what could these awards themselves be called?

I think the answer is easy: the Isaacs. "...and the Isaac for Funniest Post goes to..."

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

Perhaps we should give them honorary names, similar to the AFL, where the Best and Fairest is the Brownlow, the most goals in the season is the coleman...


"The Bizzy, for most posts goes to Dr Bullshit"


"The Isaac, for the most sensible and reasonable post goes to EC"


"The Manute Bol, for the Token Minority poster goes to Smooth Butter..."

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Years ago

There would need to be an award for "what the"'s tireless pimping of the WNBA.

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Years ago

does he, never noticed :)

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The truth  
Years ago

Yogee Could be the first entered into the Hall of fame first to hit 1000 quite the effort

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Years ago

I thought 1000 posts would be a Hall of Shame or get nominated for the Isaac for "Poster who Most needs a Life"

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Years ago

Dr Dunk,
I would like to thank my mum and dad for their support. My kids for their love and tolerance. My producer for giving me the opportunity, my..................

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The truth  
Years ago

Well people Lets hear some thoughts ...

What was the Most Controversial Topic this season

Who was the Rookie Of the Year

And the Ultimate Award The " Issac " For the Poster Of the Year ... The Poster Who most People have Enjoyed reading

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Years ago

Most Controversial Topic Overall

"Is this allowed"

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

EC.... you forgot to thank God. :)

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

I WON SOMETHING, well theres a first time for everything. Shame i didnt get a good award, but thems the breaks. Maybe also awards to people that started a topic with most replies, person with the most clever pun in a post...etc

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago


I'd have to say it's a tie between THE "Not being able to mention names" THREAD and THE "Under 10s" THREAD

(I think everybody knows which threads I am referring to. These two got a lot of ppl talking)

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Years ago

Most controversial threads are any of the threads containing the words 'BASA' and 'junior competition' in the same sentence.

I want to see the following awards:

'Most random spray at a poster who is taken out of context or misquoted'

'Moest inpreSsingly baddest usage of teh EnGlish LaNguaGe' and

'Most useless post complaining about the 'Moest inpreSsingly baddest usage of teh EnGlish LaNguaGe' of another poster'

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Years ago

Isaac should be able to let us know the most discussed topic and the post with the most hits...

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Mr T  
Years ago

Most Reads

Most Replies

You're able to view them yourself by the links at the top of the page ;)

ps. Panther you better be playing social tomorrow night! I've been waiting to play against you :P

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Years ago

The most replies category sums up what age a lot of the posters on here are

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Years ago

Or just shows that they tend to use one topic for their entire season rather than split it up into individual games.

If the whole ABL season was discussed in one thread, I think we'd have had a winner...

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Years ago

I nominate the thread 'False allegations laid to rest' (In_the_know 06/09/05) for the following awards:

Most obtuse post;

Post with the most confused readers; and

Best use of a cliche involving sheep.

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Years ago

Most controversial thread would have to go to the South Adelaide thread that was removed due to the threat of legal action

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Although I love the idea of the awards being called "THE ISAACS", surely there will have to be an award for biggest stuff-up on this post. It can be called "THE OC" in relation to another award stuff-up... The Woolacott going to OCSAR, instead of Oscar!

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

how does the most pointless thread "18 div 2 winter 2005" get the most replies. This is appalling

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Big Unit  
Years ago

Because there is a guy called "Dave" in it who just rattles off random crap at everyone.

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Camel 31  
Last month

Here's one you may know. You may not know it.
For the donation of 10kgs of sausages for the BBQ -
'The 36ers wish to thank Brendan Low of Low Quality Meat.'

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Last month

This guy just bumped a 15 year old thread. How do you even find that?

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Last month

Just by searching long time posters you can usually click through and many older threads will appear. Or use search function if you're after a particular thread.

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