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Cairns must remain competitive or risk blowing up.

3 weeks ago Cam Tragardh said that Cairns would win the NBL Title this season.

Now he's warning the Taipans that they need to remain competitive or risk the team separating.

Extract below....

"If the team shuts up shop for the season early, and goes 0-6 or even 1-5, we could see a mass exodus: retiring players, new blood and clubs with deep pockets pillaging the Snakes roster like a DIY dad at a garage sale.

It could get ugly."

I think McCarron should leave if he wants success in financial terms and wins (even Titles). Cairns clearly cannot provide either.

I'm not sure if Goulding is in the final year of his contract but McCarron would be a good replacement for Goulding.

To be hnoest there's not one team that wouldn't want McCarron.

Brisbane - Gibbo regressing.
NZ - Penney regressing but may opt for Import / Ili backcourt.
Sydney - Lisch regressing.
Adelaide - A Sobey / McCarron backcourt would be elite and the import slot can go towards a reliable 3 or 5 or save the import card like NZ.
Illawarra - Probably the least likely place for McCarron given their future is Norton.
Perth - Martin is getting on, no necessarily regressing as much as others.

Cam lists Gliddon and Loughton as the other 2 'must keeps'.

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Years ago

They could keep McCarron by apportioning more of their spend to him without being ridiculous. At least he'd know what role he was getting there. Move to Sydney and you're Blanchfield competing with Newley, etc. Can't see where he'd fit in Adelaide.

They don't strike me as a go-0-5-out-of-laziness type of squad with Fearne there.

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Years ago

Agreed, no precedent for it in the past and certainly not the culture of the club established in the community-model era.

I don't hate on Tragardh's commentary like some here but he's not exactly the model of consistency in his writing for the 'tiser.

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Years ago

Brisbane made it clear prior to the start of last season they did not want McCarron.

Wanting to desperately play for his home town, his agent called Brisbane twice to offer his services, not even the courtesy of a return phone call to say no thanks.

Stupid Lemanis.

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Years ago

I'd love to see McCarron in Perth but I can't help but think that would be stuffed up somehow and he may win a title but won't be looked at like anything close to Boomers

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The way the Kings played tonight without Newley, maybe they'd be ok if the rumours are true that he wants out? He certainly hasn't seemed like a happy camper and the money that it would free up to sign Randle would be significant...

Signing McCarron would certainly strengthen their D and look towards the future, but I can't see Mitch leaving Cairns if they manage to put a decent offer to him and they manage to get the rest of the top shelf players back...

Until the Taipans can afford that one extra quality import to help get them over the hump in games and to the playoffs though, they will still be where they are now... It depends whether Cam and Mitch want to maximise their value now either financially or by moving to a more reliable contender, or if they remain loyal to the Taipans and Fearne, who showed faith in them from the start...

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Years ago

"If the team shuts up shop for the season early, and goes 0-6 or even 1-5, we could see a mass exodus: retiring players, new blood and clubs with deep pockets pillaging the Snakes roster like a DIY dad at a garage sale.

It could get ugly."

This is editorial gold. The similes extended a bit too far, but those sorts of comments would be great in game day introductions on tv. Not cliched, but very very funny imho.

Gotta go, there's a garage sale on down the road.

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

As if McCarron wanted to go to Bris....

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Years ago

2 great imports might be better than 3 role playing ones.
McCarron would be a welcome addition at any club.
Loughton looks good for another year and I think Jawai has a year on his contract.

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Years ago

Some imports have lived at Fearne's house.

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