Two years ago

Mitch Creek's prospects

I'm not an Adelaide fan but respect where it is due.
IMO Creek is the best Australian in the comp this year.
Does anyone think he will get another chance at NBA or see him playing 2020 Olympics?
He is just 25.

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Two years ago

good to see him finally shooting open shots tonight

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Two years ago

Homicide hinted at something along these lines during this afternoons game.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

He is good, but you guys are getting carried away.

I think the stats sat otherwise, but you can't trust him from deep. Yes his handles are getting better, but his impact on a game is in direct correlation with pace of game.

Get him playing for the Taipans and he ain't the same player you're seeing here.

But yes, relatively young. Kinda. Room to grow

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Two years ago

I'm not an Adelaide fan but he's the best player in the league, he's a true team player that plays both ends, doesn't just look for points.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Homicide said when the season is over. That could just mean a Euro contract in the NBL off-season.

I'm not a hater, because I understand being a hyped fan, but some of you are seeing these individuals as world beaters just because the team is winning.

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Two years ago

Get him playing for the Taipans and he ain't the same player you're seeing here.

I think that says more about how the Taipans play than how Mitch plays.

He's right up there as the best Aussie in the NBL this year. Not sure he's NBA calibre, but should probably be in Boomers calculations.

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Two years ago

The Jazz were supposedly going to sign him at the end of last season and stick him in their D-League team but he injured his wrist or something a few days after the season so the Jazz backed away.

They liked him enough to put him on their Summer League team and with how much Homicide was alluding to greener pastures awaiting him next season it suggests he might be in the NBA next season.

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Chaz Michael Michaels  
Two years ago

He has been getting Euro offers since he was 17. The big money is now on the table

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Smooch, I'm not claiming to see into parallel universes. How can one claim to know how a player would play in a different scenario?

My point is simply this: get him on a team playing a slower pace and he's half the player you see

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

If he gets a genuine Euro contract, I guess time will tell as to whether I'm right

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

The man has drive, I'll say that. He works hard

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Two years ago

Well Cairns are half the team Adelaide are this season though, so perhaps they should pick up the pace.

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Two years ago

Reading between the lines I don't think Homicide would've been carrying on like that if it were just a big Euro offer on the table, sounds like an NBA deal to me.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Doesn't take much for Homicide to carry on, but let's hope he goes NBA. That'd be something. But on what team do you fit a wing who doesn't shoot 3s?

Pace of play a) helps athletic guys like Mitch, b) inflates individual numbers. That's all I'll say

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Two years ago

If you saw the games he played for the Jazz in Vegas he was doing pretty well as a lockdown defender. I think he only scored in double figures once but with how much his teammates seemed to enjoy Creek's defensive work I was a bit surprised the Jazz didn't give him a training camp invite.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Yeah he definitely impressed me defensively too.

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Two years ago

Creek has arrived as a star. Just in time for signing elsewhere by the sounds of things. BUT no too late to get some 36ers jewellery.

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Two years ago

If Mitch continues to develop his outside shooting as he has shown in recent games and he puts in some work to build that sweet outside shot, he is a shoe in for a good look into the NBA. The rest of his game is already there. If he gets a gig, his development will be fast tracked under pressure. NBA will love him. I think he will attract the $'s too. Plenty of room to develop under a great coach.

He's probably been my favorite player right from his debut and I wish him all the best for his future career.

NB (After he helps us win our overdue next title)

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Two years ago

He will get a chance in the big league ... NBA teams love guys like him on their squad .

He is just flat out an excellent ball player with his only weakness being the 3 pt shot. ( not terrible )

His basketball IQ and intangibles have improved immensely every year over the last 5 and he is truly a two sided finisher who gets downhill quick .

He also plays up to the standard and he has heart .

Not saying he will star in the NBA but he could right now give a team a very hearty 10-12 minutes per .

Excellent locker room guy , a student of the game and would be excellent to teach and push some young talented bigs on the training track .

Has to be in the Boomers team .

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Two years ago

Sorry Ayjay , hadn't read your post before mine but fair to say i agree wholeheartedly .

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Two years ago

Not sure if the three is a natural, confident part of his game, though it should be. Confidence with the three and converting at the line IMO. It's funny too because that killer instinct has been a key to his game since his rookie year, but you can still see the self doubt in him when he's on the arc.

Going by scoring stats, the two top locals in the NBL are DJ at #6 and Creek at #13. Both have a good case for best Australian in the NBL this season - DJ being #3 in rebounding. Who else right now? Kickert, Sobey, Gliddon, Loughton, Goulding, Newley, McCarron are next down the scoring list. Should be Newley and Goulding on historical form, but it's not. Kickert is handy, but I prefer DJ's attacking style.

To Creek's credit, he came to Adelaide, stuck with it and has worked and worked. Let's hope his base position/fallback from here is featuring in a Sixers dynasty, and his stretch options are the experience/money in Europe, or heights of the NBA.

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Two years ago

I'm always skeptikal when we bring up these questions. Even with Delly I was like there is no way this guy will make the NBA. I think Mitch Creek has the skill set to play in the NBA. He is not that different to say Michael Kidd Gilchrist. He can definitely be an NBA role player.

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Two years ago

I'd be super disappointed if he doesn't make the Olympic team. I think he absolutely deserves to.
I feel like this will be his last year in Australia for the foreseeable future. He's headed for bigger and better things.
Hopefully the Sixers make the most of having him here, before it's too late.

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Two years ago

Good player, that's all. Does great community work earlier on. Worked hard on his fitness.
Became superstar, but only a star.
When you play outside of Australia; its vastly different.
In terms of prowess only, similar to Mundine. Knows his stuff, his game but only plays in Australia.

Lets see who bites

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Two years ago

Eurocup maybe...

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Two years ago

Bites what?

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