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Delly, Motum & Broekhoff vs Landale & Co

Up until know, it could be argued that the graduating class of 2013 has to date been Australia's finest. That group realised three Australian Boomers, including one who plays in the NBA and another two who are starring in Europe and on the cusp of breaking through. A further four players have gone on to become NBL regulars, making it seven players translating their potential in professional careers.

However the class of 2018 is turning out to be something special, and could well end up as the best class Australia has seen graduate.

NCAA Men: The Aussie class of 2018 could be the best ever

Delly, Motum & Broekhoff vs Landale & Co?

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Years ago

The class of 2017 will cleary be the best as Ben Simmons will top what any of these guys combined will produce!

Does anyone think any of the 2018 class will get drafted? Perhaps one might land in EU while the rest will be playing NBL or SEABL if they are lucky.

Naar - Undrafted (Jordan Page lite) - SEABL level

Reath - Could keep developing in D-League his decisions after he turns pro will decide if he becomes Ater Majok or an actual bball player - Summerleague looks might happen.

LUAL-ACUIL JR - As per above

Adel - As per above - Could be a seond round pick if a team takes a flier on him.

Moneke - See above

McDaniel - Coming to a SEABL squad near you (Maybe fringe NBL)

Cooks - SEABL with an NBL gig at Hawks or Kings awaiting him.

Landale - NBL will be his home...can't shoot and no rim protection so not an NBA prospect.

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Years ago

Lol, you think Naar is seabl level?
He will be snapped up by an nbl team.

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Years ago

Naar is little and playing is a poor conference (Standard has been poor this year)

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Years ago

Naar = Page lite??? WTF! No idea. He is about to break Delly's school record for assists and is #2 in the nation with 9.2 per game. Euro/NBL will be calling.

Landale can shoot. Saint Mary's offensive is however structured around him being in the post with 4-shooters on the perimeter. Best footwork and post-game in college hoops though, his ability to guard the perimeter will be looked at as will his foot speed for the same reason.

If Majok Deng can play well in the NBL, so can McDaniel. Same school, conference. He has a bit of talent.

This year's class is all about depth of talent.

Landale, Lual-Acuil Jr, Adel and Reath are all smokey's for NBA Draft.

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Years ago

Reality ain't living in it.

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Years ago

Ignore "reality"
An impressive crop even if not too many NBA bound amongst them.

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Years ago

Deng Adel has all the tools to be in the NBA

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Years ago

Kouat noi looks good too from the tcu games I've watched.

He can really shoot it and has moved from the 4 spot to the 3.

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Years ago

That Naar comment smells of naivety!! He'll get a NBL gig for sure (if not Europe). Over his 4 years at SMC he has shown to shoot the 3 ball at a high clip too. Not only is he is number 2 in the nation in assists per game, but he is top 10 in assist to turnover ratio with double the amount of assists to anyone else in the top 10. Landale has been GREAT this year but Naar gets that team into the flow and finds Jock in positions where he can take advantage of his size and skill set.

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Years ago

It's great to see so many Aussies doing great in college and it is also good to see LC and co doing so much for promoting the game.

Whether any of these players will end up in NBA is a matter of clubs' needs and players' potential to bring required skills to the table. I am no expert for NBA, prefer Euroleague, but it appears to be more about entertainment and ability to play one on one. So probably Lual-Acuil Jr and Adel are very close to that category.

Landale and Naar are doing great within St. Mary's structure and pace, but none of them is attractive to NBA scouts at the moment. This does not mean they will not be considered, I hope they do.

These and the others look far better than some players in NBL at the moment, so would not be surprised if most of them ended up here.

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Years ago

See how terrible st Mary's became when Naar got injured last week?
Ford moved over to the point and couldn't run the team.
What are they going to do next year?

Kuhse has had limited game time and you've got 2 freshman and RS incoming.
Zorics a RS, Mudronja and Clinton.

No Naar, Hermanson or landale next year.

Mudronja, Ford, Thomas, Krebs, Hunter starting 5?

Might be the year they drop behind gonzaga, byu and others.

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Years ago

Reality lost me after the first sentence. Simmons was drafted in 2016.

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Naar big chance Europe because will have European passport, not very good defensively, excellent in all other areas though. Would play very well in cairns.

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Years ago

Yeah I'm not sure what about Naar suggests he'd be very far behind Wilbekin? Behind, yes. In a different league? No way.

I'm not sold on Landale beyond NBL level. Markannen has proven to be a very good NBA rookie but he wasn't just better than Landale in their NCAA tournament matchup last year, he was a lot better.

I think Adel is the most likely to be drafted, he's not necessarily the best player on the list but his tools are the best fit for the NBA. Lual-Acuil can do some NBA things but way many guys who can do them better, do other things as well, or have more upside because they're younger. Moneke should be a decent NBL player, but not convinced he's an NBA prospect.

Haven't seen enough of the others to comment but I'm not sure this group includes a sure-fire Boomers starter like Delly. They might be part of a better Boomers team, though.

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Years ago

Perth tried hard to get Motum but they money gets over there trumps anything an NBL can offer him.

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Years ago

Reality, your Naar analysis is laughable

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