Last year

State League players who could have played NBL

Having a round table about state league players that could have played NBL

Or even players who had a little sniff but could have had a bigger role at other clubs

Names thrown up forgetting import status

Billy Fikes Jason Wheeler Lafonso whatever his last name was (7ft dude North I think)

Andy Simons Wayne Chapman Dean Brogan

Paul Bauer Shaun Scanlon Shane Ahmatt

Guess the question is what SA players could have made the grade with more opportunity/ different clubs

Guess our age demographic is a bit dated

Love to hear some names from the past

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Last year

Hey Wayno, Wasn't Dean Brogan part of the 36ers squad that cleaned up the title in 98? In the NBL?

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Last year

I know he went to Newcaste to try and get some more court time

Apparently he was starting ahead of their import and the team was winning.

Then management gave the word to Tom Wiseman to play the import

Long story short team started struggling

Second hand info from me though :)

Again in the right team could he have done more

Btw glad he didn't 2004 flag

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Dome Rat  
Last year

Fikes played for Canberra

Lester Fonville was a 1st round NBA pick that played for North

Greg Olbrich

Jason Dix

Ben Osborne was the real talent that never got to shine. Pound for pound alongside Maher at his best

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Last year

Lester Fonvile thanks heaps

Watched him play once

Looked dominant but also off with the faries

Only one game snap shot though

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rip curl  
Last year

Jason Dix

The end

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rip curl  
Last year

Oh & Shane Ahmat certainly
Who else ?
Adrian Dartnell who I think is brother in-law of Darren Ng

Andrew Gooch
Who was the import who played for Murray Bridge Bullets, he was awesome

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Last year

Ron Nunnelly and Jason Dix, thats about all you need to know.

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Big Ads  
Last year

Is it still Heritage month? Some of the names dropped in this thread date back to the 90's.

Ok lads, put the cards down, finish your drinks and go home to your loved ones. You can start a thread next week "the best State Bank League/ABL/CBA/CBL/Premier league players who should be NBL coaches"

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Last year

In more recent times I think Matt Lycett could have been snNBL player if he wanted to be.

Jason Dix the obvious one of the early 2000's

I think Ah Matt & Ben Osborne the most glaring from the 90s.

Anyone got any others by era?

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Last year

Matt Lycett? NBL......Noooooooo
Way off the mark.

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Last year

Dome Rat - no way was Ben Osborne pound for pound with Brett Maher, Brett was an absolute prodigy in his juniors, the best guard for his age in the country, daylight was second. Ben was a very organised PG that could have been a serviceable backup PG in the NBL.

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Last year

Joshua Chapman in waratah is a fine player with ALL the skills. Should get an NBL opportunity! Better than some of the BUMS in the league that's for sure

Roy Booker brings it on offence but fails on defence

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Last year

Jason Wheeler did play a few games for the 36ers.

Debuted before his brother Brett. 2 years older. More junior experience, but not as tall. Hence only a few games.

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Charon 26  
Last year

Ben Osborne played a little at Gold Coast Rollers.

Mainly as the equivalent as a DP

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Last year

Brogan (36ers 1998, Falcons 1999), Wheeler (36ers 1990), Fikes (Cannons, 1999), Bauer (36ers, 1998-1999) and Simons (Saints 1986, 36ers 1988, Giants 1991-1992) all played NBL.

There are a few Wollacott medallists who haven't played NBL:

Ron Nunnelly (3 Woollacotts)
Jeff Bickmore
Greg Olbrich
Chad Spady
Jason Dix (2)
Riley Luettgerodt
Alex Starling
Matthew Lycett

These are just names from a list of winners. I've no idea whether they could have made NBL. I don't follow SBL. I recall people saying Dix could have made it but he chose not to make basketball his career. There was at least one Advertiser article about him and that decision.

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Last year

Simply they didn't play nbl because they weren't good enough, most would have trained with local club and they would have seen what they were like. Big difference in state leagues to nbl. That's why 12th men dominate in off season.

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Last year

How about the ones who shouldn't have?

Tell you what I'll start off with the most recent inductee and from there we can work backwards in time.

Nelson Larkins

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Last year

"How about the ones who shouldn't have?"

No. Just no.

You can never predict with 100% accuracy whose game can't translate to NBL (or any other higher level).

If a player has worked their ass off through juniors and state/SEABL leagues and gets a shot at NBL, why would they not try to make the step up in league? Is there really any harm in an NBL team giving someone a go as a DP or 10-11 roster spot?

I’ve known a few people in this boat. I actually think that the NBLteams have some duty of care to these fringe level/outside chance guys. The duty of care is to make sure they have a fallback career. This is where the University/ further training/ part time traineeship pathways need to be. If player X kicks around for a few years without being able to forge a career in hoops, they also need to have worked on their fallback option/s. All NBL clubs should have some sort of relationship with Uni and VET providers. Players who don’t make it at NBL level should leave the league with at least a plan B, and ideally with their foot in the door of a career after their playing days are over. Even Boomers/ Opals level players need to be set up to give themselves a career post NBL/ WNBL.

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