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Wildcats vs 36ers Semi Finals Series Thread

I'm PUMPED for the FINALS. This thread might be a waste of time given we're still 2 weeks away but good to get the early banter going I say! So here we go...

Perth Vs Adelaide

17/18 Head to Head :Per 2 wins / Ade 2 wins
Last 12 Head to Head : Per 7 wins / Adel 5 wins
Last 5 games : Per 2-3 / Ade 3-2

Starting Match-Ups

Brandt V Johnson
Cotton V Shorter
Martin V Sobey
Tokoto V Childress
Wagstaff V Creek

X Factors

Perth : Cooke
Adelaide : Deng

With the regular season now down and out of the way, I must admit I am quite happy with the 4 teams that have progressed to the pointy end of the season. All four teams have at one point been the "in-form" team of the comp.

With that in mind we take our focus to one half of the Finals match-ups , that is Adelaide Vs Perth.

Given the history between these two clubs, there should be plenty of intensity between these sides.

Regular season results split these two sides straight down the T however recent form must favour Adelaide.

Perths Keys to winning include keeping Adelaide sub 85 point, winning the offensive boards and getting solid contribution from Bench.

Derek Cooke remains to be the x-factor for the Wildcats. Inconsistent for much of the season, Cooke has been able to show how pivotal for the cats he can when he's agressive, catches the ball low , provides a defensive rim protection presence and thus also take some weight off of Brandt.

For Adelaide to win, they must simply keep doing what they are doing.

Things are clicking at the right time for Joey's crew. Mitch Creek is unstoppable right now with his defensive intensity and overall efficiency across the board. Deng is a capable starter who has been given the license this year to let it fly and Childress has proven to be the consistence on court leader that 36ers have missed so much in the past.

This 3 game series is seriously going to be hard to call. Perth showed yesterday what they can do when the ball is moving and their starters are all playing well, whether they can pull it off in a meaningful game begs to be seen as of late.

Its the old battle of Defence Vs Offence.

Perth chasing a 3peat, Joey Chasing Validation. This one is tough to call.

My Pick: Wildcats to win 2-1 with the 3-peat motivation to hard to ignore.

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Years ago

LK must be pumped to get this series locked in for the finals: the two most rabid fanbases head-to-head.

Adelaide are paying $1.50 in game one and $1.65 to make the grand final. I'd be nervous betting on either!

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Years ago

Sorry this is a pretty one-sided affair.Adelaide 2-0

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Years ago

Nice post OP, I've been hoping these 2 teams would meet in the finals. This is going to be an all out war. Logic says 36ers should win the series but it’s the finals and Perth have a wealth of finals experience. Either way, it should go down to game 3. Hoping we get some quality games and no blow outs.

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Years ago

It will be more competitive than 2-0. Lets not forget who choked last yr upon finishing Top

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Yes, this is a classic tussle of Good vs Evil.

The Good 36ers battling the evil cats from the west. The series should go a a third game.

Sixers at home will be hard to beat. The Cats are not exactly travelling well and show a bit of discord when it comes to team harmony. A few egos in the camp by the looks of it. Judging by the previous barney, dare I say if their skin was any thinner, we would be able to see their vital organs (if they had a heart would we see it beat?) - and that's just the FANS I'm talking about!

I'm expecting Game 2 in Perth to be packed full of bogans from Bassendean. Let's hope they've had their Ritalin for the day, or else the stadium could be stripped bare if the Cats lose, but they won't. It'll be flop city with the series squared up at one each. Ah, the sound of 13,000 fans dragging their knuckles.

This leaves the very important Game 3 decider. As we know, good triumphs over evil, so I'm thinking the highlight of the game might be a Deng dunk over Wagstaff in a Sixers win.

Sixers 2-1.

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Years ago

I'm torn whether Cats can win their home game so can't decide between 36ers sweep or 36ers 2-1. I'd be shocked if the Cats were able to trouble the sixers in Adelaide.

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Years ago

Perth's key to the game is hope Cotton scores 40 points.

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Years ago

Depends which Wildcats side we see in the series really.

Cats @ their best > Adelaide @ their best.

That being said, Cats have been woeful for most of the 2nd half of the year.

Trademark defence just hasn't been there. As OP said, controlling Adelaides scoring flurries will be key.

Can't see it happening. Adelaide 2-1

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Years ago

"Cats @ their best > Adelaide @ their best."

Hell no. Have you seen Cats bench lately? Their best is still pretty bad. Adelaide far superior depth & versatility. Cats need Adelaide to play below their best (or refs to intervene) to have a chance.

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Dome Rat  
Years ago

The games will be won by the bench

36ers have superior firepower in that regard. Wagstaff the only notable protagonist for the 36ers to be concerned about. Data shows Kenny is deplorable v the 36ers and Hire is a non factor.

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Years ago

How much bandwidth did Jack waste posting that nonsense?

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Years ago

Derek Cooke remains to be the x-factor for the Wildcats. Inconsistent for much of the season,
He's been very consistent.

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Years ago

The biggest threat to the 36ers is the 36ers.

We know the Wildcats can deliver in this part of the year, and you know they'll bring the intensity and defence - even if the offence goes missing in patches.

Adelaide's best should be able to handle that, but after last year's implosion will their young group be able to deliver this time around?

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I think I might need to block myself from Hoops for the next week otherwise I'm likely to develop finals fatigue before the finals even start!

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Years ago

More bogans in Bentley than Bassendean.
I pick Adelaide 2-1 but my tipping form is shocking so I hope I'm wrong.

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Years ago

The key to the game will be which team controls the tempo. If 36ers play their run and gun game all series its going to be game over for Perth.

If Perth want to win, they will need to shoot at a decent clip, control the boards and stop the transition game.

@Jack - Good and Evil is all a point of view ;)

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Years ago

The 36ers are my tip for the championship this year. They are building nicely at the right time of year.

Cant see the cats winning a game this series. They have just too many deficiencies in their game this season

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Years ago

Adelaide in 3

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Years ago

I don't think the OP understand what X-factor means.

Perth's only chance is to somehow get Joey distracted, so he loses his shit again.

Sadly though, I suspect this one will go 2-0, to whoever wins G1, which I imagine will be Adelaide.

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Years ago

Nice one D2.0

"Perth's only chance is to somehow get Joey distracted, so he loses his shit again" -->so Perth has no chance

Sadly though, I suspect this one will go 2-0, to whoever wins G1, which I imagine will be Adelaide" --)So Perth will sweep if they get the first...


Think D2.0 is bipolar.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

"How much bandwidth did Jack waste posting that nonsense?"

Just enough

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Years ago

I think I understand OP with Talking about Cooke, he's had games on the road with 10+ rebounds (I think Melbourne and Illawarra) and if he replicates that then Wildcats will be in the game for sure but I wouldn't call him our X-factor, Brandt needs to stay out of foul trouble or Perth are Cooke'd.

Steindl really needs to have a good series but only time will tell if he does.

Dexter got a nice reaction from the crowd on Sunday in every facet from being announced before game, coming on the court and hitting his shot. He could become that fan favourite before he gets released at season's end!

Perth to replicate Illawarra from last season and play dreadful in game 1, win game 2 and then watch as Adelaide beat themselves in game 3... that would be enjoyable

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Years ago

I agree and do actually think Cats best is better than Adelaides best.

Surprising to see how heavily favoured Adelaide are in this thread.

The cats have probably 2 of the best 5 players in the league in Tokoto and Cotton, have a top 3 defender in Martin and between Brandt/Wagstaff/Walker (when he's on) are more than serviceable.

Adelaide however right now do have greater depth but if we're talking overall talent by paper the Cats starting lineup is capable of doing damage when they're clicking (refer to beginning of season)

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Years ago

I don't think we have seen the best of Adelaide yet. I think last season's finals campaign was a good learning curve for the young fellas and they will be better for the experience. Adelaide have also added a lot of experience & versatility to their line up through their imports. I don't think they will capitulate like they did last year.

I think once it comes to the crunch guys like Shorter and Childress can and will up their defensive intensity to the levels we haven't really seen consistently/in unison this season.

Cotton is a great player and pure shooter but he is a little overrated for me. Will he be troubled by the extra length, activity and athleticism on the perimeter Adelaide can stifle him with? Time will tell...

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Years ago

Mitch Creek is a better player than anyone on the Cats roster. Maybe he is not as flashy but he is not a one-trick pony, he competes every minute he is on the court and he gets the job done at both ends of the floor unlike certain guys who wear red.

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Years ago

^thanks Mrs Creek

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Perth Fan  
Years ago

Adelaide is hands down the favourite in this match up.

They are capable and should sweep the Wildcats.

They have been the most in form team this season, and play at a speed and intensity no other teams can match offensively.

They have the same core from last year who will have learnt from their mistakes.

The Wildcats are the underdogs for sure.

Their ageing core and lack of form will be a major factor.

They essentially need consistent brilliant performances from Stiendl, Wagstaff and Brandt to win this series.

It's a great accomplishment for this Wildcats side to have got as far as they have.

Many critics will say they aren't playing that well and will lose, but what does that say about the other 4 teams that didn't make the playoffs?

Wildcats just making up the numbers this year. Not writing them off, but they are definitely not favoured to win or advance.

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Years ago

"They have been the most in form team this season"

Proof of this is them finishing with the most wins and the highest percentage.

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Years ago

It's one thing to make a claim for underdog status in a series and I agree Perth are the underdogs purely on not having home court advantage but to say the Sixers have been the most in form team this season is ludicrous.

Melbourne finished two games clear of Adelaide on the ladder and swept their season series against the 36ers 4-0.

Also don't forget the season series between Adelaide and Perth was split 2-2 and Perth would've won the season series on points differential too.

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Years ago

Adelaide were the form team last year too but they choked when it mattered.

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Years ago

Adelaide were the in form team last year also, finished on top. How did that go for you ;)

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Years ago

Move on everyone. Its Summer.

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Clubs. Explain to all parents so you capture those who do not know that kids need a clearance that they must present a eatance before first game and direct them to the BSA policy and process.

Parents. Stop blaming everyone else and read and ask questions. Everyone is happy to find out about process for a car loan and read paperwork and buy a house, book a holiday and so on. Do the same for things that concern your kids. That is how everyone who has moved their kids have learnt. No one told us. We asked and read. Be accountable.

Players. Know that through your life adults will let you down. Grow to be a better adult than those that let you down. You now have the benefit of knowing that if you don't do your job or role in life, parent, employee or employer that apathy and failure to continuously improve will lead to letting others down. Don’t be that person who does that to others. You are not the only player this has happened to.

Everyone. The reason a clearance would not be processed is it wasn’t submitted or all parties did ot get a copy. So everyine CC in club administrators of both clubs and the club secretary and add in the club manager and head coach (basketball operations manager is the latest title for them). The secretary and admin or office manager are nearly always two different people. Make sure you are paid up at the club you are leaving as that will prevent the clearance. State in your request you are paid up and expect anclearance within 10 working days as per the policy. Let everyine know you have read the policy and you know your rights. Your clearance happens when you have received a response confirming clearance and the name is on the clubs clearance lists. Only 1 club blocks their clearance list so almost everyone can check it.

Now for Winter. Everyone who has moved recently check your clearance status. You have a few weeks to fix between seasons and don’t let Junior Championships be lost because you have not checked. Clearance status is found under Club on the fixtures aite.

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Years ago

Apology above post in wrong thread.

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Years ago

hahaha yeah no shit!

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Vic Wildcat  
Years ago

I hope we can win the home game, but i have my doubts, this time last year we were peaking at this time. We are no where near that this year, and have our main defensive spark either injured or worn down from years of playing hard- Damo. Too many players who are inconsistent and go missing when the heat is on, and how can Cooke be considered a wildcard he has had maybe 1 or 2 good games all year, i don't see him being a threat to Adelaide.

If Adelaide are serious they should sweep us, we are not good enough this year. It is what i'm expecting to happen.

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Years ago

"Adelaide were the in form team last year also, finished on top. How did that go for you ;)"

Actually that is not 100% true, whilst they were the top team, they went into the playoffs losing 3 of their last 4 regular season games, including 2 to Cairns possibly to impact the playoff seedings because they'd rather face Illawarra than New Zealand.

Yes it turned out bad.

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Years ago

You wouldn't think Adelaide would choke considering a deeper team this season plus not having shit form going into the finals, but the history is there.

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Years ago

36ers style has changed significantly, with Shorter and Childress providing improved defense, more experience, and favourable match ups.

As much as Williams receives his fair share of criticisms, I think his assessment of this contest fits. The match ups favour Adelaide, who are able to rotate more effectively, and leverage the miss matches. Adelaide have more scoring options, and Perth's defense has been inconsistent.

Recently, Adelaide's home court advantage has been very favourable also.

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

As a United fan (for this playoffs anyway), I'm going for a Perth upset. Adelaide is more worrisome than the flaming flailing Wildcats

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Cant believe anybody thinking that last years Sixers team is anywhere as good as this years, as Randle was the team with bit players and now we have 8- 10 players that can do the job and have all done during season.

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Years ago

"As a United fan "

How easily Cairns is cast aside for something better.

What series would you watch if United don't win?


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Years ago

Damo in a moon boot for a couple of days

Twitter video

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Camel 31  
Years ago

36ers bench looks pretty good ....why they even got the league's best bench player..... also , deng got 20points in only 18mins ...... much like weigh....
homicide.... joey is coach of the year 'cause he lost the league's best player .. put together a good team ...pretty deep.....

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Most likely 36ers a little tooo deep... unilateral speaking..

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Camel 31  
Years ago

" His 36ers are on the verge of greatness , but Joey Wright also coaches another team .
Giving back at the grassroots level . "
Seven News will run the story tonight .

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

Kinda hoping Perth wins this series.

Hard to say who I'm really going for until the ball is thrown up, but I'm probably on the Perth wagon for this one

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Years ago

Winner of this game will win the series as I can't see Perth or Adelaide beating each other Coming down from a 1 game deficit. If Perth cause a Boil over and steal game 1 they will win and if Adelaide win I can’t see. Perth beating this sizers team twice inarow

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Winner of this game WILL win the series.

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