Jack Toft
Years ago

NH: SA Best advert

For those living outside of the best state in Australia....and even those living in SA, you may not have heard there's an election on March 17.
This time, it's a three horse race with Nick Xenophon's SA Best party gaining popularity in the polls.

He's always been a showman with his stunts and this is his first advert of the campaign.

Too cheesy? or a stroke of political brilliance at its best?


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Jack Toft  
Years ago

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Years ago

Too cheesy to be serious, not cheesy enough to be funny.

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Years ago

And what, exactly, would make South Australia the "best" state? People in the other states hear nothing of what happens in SA, and nor do they want to. Given the amount of WA's GST that is stolen and handed to SA it's a wonder anybody there even has to work. (assuming some do)
I would propose WA give SA our latest ex premier and then they would see what's required to survive a fiscal crisis and it might toughen them up a bit.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I think it's quite clever that SA can steal WA's GST.

On behalf of the SA Taxpayers and residents, we thank you, and we encourage you to spend more.

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Years ago

I agree. Well played, SA.

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Years ago

SA is the little pipsqueak that hangs around with the older, tougher kids...the one who buys them all an iced coffee for morning tea so they'll be his friend (not that Farmers Union shit)...the one who mouths off at everyone else then goes hiding behind his tough mates because he’s bitten off more than he can chew...the one who thinks he is in with the cool kids cos he tags along to parties but ends up get shit-faced drunk, making a dick of himself, before passing out with half a stiffy inside a fat chick.

Wait, sorry, that last one was probably a bit too close to home for Jack Toft.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

LOL. A root is a root mate, and if you can't get one, you need to try harder.

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Years ago

Im happy winning titles.

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Cat's 4 life  
Years ago


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Years ago

Winning titles is the present tense and therefore does not apply to WA. Hopefully you are equally happy reading your old history book while someone else is competing in the GF.

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Years ago

GST stolen from WA?

Strayan citizenship 101: from the mouths of miners/minors.

Try the historical records of state revenues vs state expenditures by the Federal govt.

Until the mining boom, WA was heavily subsidised by the eastern states. Technically, it was unsustainable but necessary to maintain the commonwealth. WA was alway very happy with this arrangement, and it was necessary for a state with such sparse population (and hence low revenue stream compared to its geographical size). This was when the majority of commonwealth taxation income was derived from individual workers, and previously from agriculture and pastoral industries.

During the mining boom, WA was wealthy and didn't need such huge subsidies any more. Hence GST distribution was tweaked because WA could finally pay its own way, and pay back a small fraction of the historical subsidies. Post mining boom, this tweaking probably needs re-tweaking, as the WA economy no longer has such a massive revenue boost from the mining industry. What did state and commonwealth governments do with the riches of the mining boom? Did they invest wisely for the future and create economically sustainable industries? Or did they share this largesse with the fine citizens to go out and buy imported big screen tvs and other consumer goods?

Australia is a commonwealth. This means our wealth is common to all of us. At different times, all states have needed to be subsidised by other states. The Australian economy is diverse, with different states and regions having different economic strengths and weaknesses. As global demand shifts between sectors, different parts of the commonwealth of Australia contribute more or less to the national economy. This gives the commonwealth strength and resilience through its diversity.

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Years ago

Re Xenophon

Yes, a showman and a publicity seeking one man band.

But have you seen the damage pokies have inflicted on the most socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of NSW, Vic and Qld? The registered clubs boast about their community contributions. They're smart about it, handing out sums that are small compared to their poke revenues but large to the recipients. The best thing for a person to do with these clubs is to join the club with the best meals, at the cheapest member rate ($10 for 3 years is possible) and never set foot beyond the poke demarcation line.

At least Xenophon has minimised pokie proliferation in south oz.

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

The trick is to not believe pollies when they tell you something

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Years ago

If you were trying to transition from being a single-issue, stunt-based politician to having a broader party focus, why would you use a stunt-oriented ad?

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Years ago

SA best state...thats a good laugh Jack.

Agree re the GST mentioned by UseTaHoop and the distribution will always change as fortunes shift with the ever changing economic climate.

Not sure why the pokies are such a big issue in Tassie & SA when really in a free country people can choose to use them or not. Same as Drinking/punting/smoking etc as long as its taxed and support services given to those who have issues with these activities.

All i'll say to SA is don't become a nanny state like Tassie/Vic has become as once you give pollies & unelected bureaucrats power they never give it back!!

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