Two years ago

Sixers expect dancers to work for free

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Two years ago

I don't know the full details, but how much of this is on the contracting entity in the middle? Small business can be pretty scrappy and it sounds like they didn't think to include contract details in the event of post-season games.

Dancer should probably put that on her contracting entity first. 36ers probably should snuff the issue at the first sound of trouble and put up the $1k (or whatever) or find an arrangement with the business (meet half way, promise extra sponsorship next season, etc).

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Two years ago

Sounds like a dance company issue, not a 36ERs issue, but the 36ERs link is what makes the story, since they are the entity with the profile.

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Two years ago

Solely on the dance company. 36ers hand over the budget for all games and its up to the employer to make sure that covers all games.

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Chairman Of The Bored  
Two years ago

This doesn't even make sense. The dance company claims the dancers were paid for every game except Sunday's. So it's not like they didn't budget for finals, they just didn't budget quite enough?? What?

Also the dance company says it will work with the club to rectify the issue? Why would the club have to sort out how the dance company runs it's finances?

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Two years ago

Totally agree...Dance company is at fault here.

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Two years ago

Childress out and the dance company thought the 36ers were done. Oooppss.... Will they send any dancers to Melbourne for game 5?

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Two years ago

Do we really need this crap days before the most important game for the Sixers in a long time. This can be sorted out after the GF.

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Two years ago

No money in Adelaide confirmed. #EFTPOS #dancers

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Two years ago

Haha. She, along with others, are trying to make this a 6ers problem when it isn't their issue. Not to mention the standard of dancers has gone down quickly since the previous head of the girls left.

And a degree doesn’t mean you’ll get paid dollars as a cheerleader. If she thought that degree would mean she’s getting paid she’s not too bright it seems.

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Two years ago

Can I just clear up that we are not EXPECTED to dance for free. We got told prior to this game that there was no money left and if we wanted to dance we could but if we didn't want to then we didn't have to. Not to mention we have been paid every single other game this year. There are so many false facts to this story and it's completely upset and disappointed the rest of us who chose on our own accord to sit on the sidelines and cheer for the boys in a grand final. Majority of us are also travelling to Melbourne to hopefully watch them win the championship. We are passionate about the team and wish this story would stop getting the publicity it doesn't deserve.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

The transference of funds sounds like a real problem for South Australians

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Hanging Round  
Two years ago

Really--The rest of the 'Team' danced and did a great job.
Did I miss one - -Sorry but NO

Was this story really worthy of a story in the front pages of the the Advertiser today??

Almost took the Cricket Fiasco off the front pages

Hope they fly her over to perform in Melbourne to compensate-- NOT

Look at Meee!!!

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

A bit of a stuff up from the Dance Company side by the looks of it.

They have the contract to supply the cheerleaders for the Sixers games. It sound like where the stuff up occurred is that the cheerleading contract is for say 18 games per season? or a week thing?

The devil is in the detail and either way the contract between the Sixers and the Dance Company should ideally have a schedule of rates (eg we expect X cheerleaders for a pre-season game, Y cheerleaders for a normal-season game, Z cheerleaders for a normal-season game, W cheerleaders for an official function.
From there, the Dance Company then says to each cheerleader, you will be paid $X for a game night appearance, $Y for an official function (pre-season launch, EOY dinner etc) Sounds like the Dance Company has told them. "You will get $X for the season, regardless of the length"

The cheerleaders are a part of basketball and I don't think they had a direct sponsor this year (correct me if I am wrong...). The girls apparently get $75/game, so the outgoings would be about $10K/yr, so i assume with a bit of P&L, insurance etc, the Sixers are probably paying about $15K to have them there.

Surely there is business that would want to sponsor them and surely Grant Kelly and the boys and girls in the front office could offer name sponsorship for say $5-10K to cover most of the cost, then have each girl able to be sponsored for a nominal amount (say something like $500/season)

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Two years ago

I'd say the young ladies would be prime advertisement material, may sound sexist but in breaks most of men would be looking at them a bit. Surely ten grand for naming rights is more than reasonable.

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Two years ago

Manu, it really is lol

Even if this was a Dancing company issue, 36ers should have commented that they'll work with the company to make sure the dancers do get paid. Whomever is at fault, To not pay them for their work is dodgy.

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Two years ago

But they could well have paid for the work. Seems that they paid the contracting company. The contracting company then neglected to consider the post-season in apportioning the funds during the regular season only. If the arrangement with the 36ers was to provide dancers at games during the season, they've paid them for their work.

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Two years ago

36ers sitting back thinking you charge us $150 per dancer per game and now we find out you are paying them $75

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Two years ago

So sounds like the other girls aren't happy about this rogue girl. Wonder if she’s getting an invite back next season now

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Two years ago

Doubtful. Although I think they audition for a spot so presumably she won't be turning up!

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