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Was this the best NBL season ever?

The Game 5 hype was huge and you could feel that wider audience energy(ala 1992-93 Buzz, and some of those Grand finals in the 80's that involved Cal Bruton).. And yes Melbourne United(2018) are probably the most professional and marketable and modern and slick side ever and cashed up to$.. But for me this season hasn't grabbed me despite all the impressive KPI's.. Plenty of hype and sizzle but just lacked that connection or care factor unlike last season.. I won't say it was bubble gummish this year, it was very slick the marketing and modern features eg social media of NBL and LK doing stuff with the NBA etc, but to me it wasn't the most exciting season ever. I preferred last year and sydney king's run at start of season 2016-17 eg Josh Powell/Steve Blake and the Kings are haveing a party stuff in social media after a win etc. The Kings last year for me and Terrance Fergusson, both got the NBL going despite not winning and also Perth Wildcats run last year and Marto and Bryce Cotton in the finals series. So this year was very modern and slick but just lacked something for me, it felt a bit boring and sterile.. Season 1992 and 1993 I enjoyed far more and season 2016-17... But maybe your different and you loved this NBL season.. I think whatever else the game 5 despite being a thrashing the hype about the game will be excellent promotion for season 2018-2019

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Not even close.

Oh, and stop posting.

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Years ago

Just buzz off and stop using the name "anonymous", you don't like my post just buzz of and truck on and get lost. If you don't like it don't post, why don't you put some posts up and start a thread instead of just cry and whinge..

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Years ago

I start many threads.

2018 playoffs were weak as, semis over in two games and even though GF series went the distance each away team was anemic. So disappointing.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Rubbish anon, a great season and final season best for many years.
Lucky to go to 3 of GF including last in Melbourne and the attendance and atmosphere was huge .
Sixers shooting let them down in last,but standard been amazing and the depth in both GF teams as strong as ever been.
Good to see the revival of our NBL

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Your profile is so uncharacteristically me it's not funny after that would be a lot of people from Melbourne so I'm with my boys and girls who I am not a time and place 5ft7 is 5th and 5ft7 I 've you got it is a good looking uber professional on your way to the point where I am not a time and place 5ft7 is 5th and 5ft7 I've had the opportunity to show it off here and there

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Years ago

Can't remember better, so best ever.

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Years ago

I can't remember better either. It could have been one of the best finals series either but I think it ending in a blow out took that away for me. Either way the NBL is on the way up. It just needs to finally fix the United ownership issue. There's no doubt the NBL is in the best shape it's been since "the glory days", and we arguably have the best talent we've ever had in the competition.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

The Tigers/Magic finals was memorable for me, as was the Magic/Sixers, Wildcats/Tigers, Giants/36ers, Crocs/Hawks (for regional bias), Dragons/Tigers; they were ones I thought were competed at a really high level. Most of those in the 90s when the league was at its highest but this one will go down as one of the best and was a great showcase for our league to potential sponsors and fans.

I think this felt really good because we have had 2 teams dominate the last decade and it got stale.

We can only hope the league goes onwards and upwards from here.

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Years ago

GF was good quality but not a great series, three blowouts and only one close game that only got close very late. SFs produced a couple of good games but weren't classic series by any means. Top 4 was decided two weeks out.

Overall a very good year, but I wouldn't put it anywhere near the best ever. Last year's regular season was more interesting than this year for mine.

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

It was the worst ever national anthem in history that's for sure!

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Years ago


Not as many close finishes as past seasons and the final four had become a race in five from about a third of the way into the regular season. Top two were effectively settled with just over a month to go in the regular season.

Semis were exciting but neither series went the full distance. GF series was exciting as a series but each game lacked uncertainty of result after the first quarter, maybe apart from the last minute of G3 and the last quarter of G4.

The regular season had the most blowouts (38 games won by more than 14 points) of any season in the last 5. It had fewer close finishes (24 games won by less than 5 points) than all but 2 of the last 5 seasons.

However, the home team advantage was less this year, compared with the past two seasons. It was back down to 59% of games won by the home team, same as 2013-14 and 2014-15. Last season that percentage was 62% and in 2015-16 it was 70.5%.

Oh, and the 36ers didn't win the championship. So no.

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Years ago

Any season where Adelaide loses is the best ever.

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Years ago

Most games not close or exciting so this ranks ok for going 5/5 games but not among the best series

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Years ago

I actually think the series was over-shadowed by the off court nonsense, and the obvious home court advantages that both teams had from the whistle blowers. There is nothing epic about one team shooting more free throws than their opponents actual score, or a week-long sook by a head coach. Goulding's flopping against Drmic was pathetic, even worse that it worked, but not as pathetic as the league trying to play hardball after the fracas but getting the punishments completely wrong.

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Years ago

In my mind, hard to beat 2001 playoffs as the best playoffs ever.

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Years ago

In the presentation they said this was the best GF series in the NBL's 40 years.

Pure hyperbole- Tigers vs Kings 08 was easily better as a standalone series, and also had added spice of being another instalment of a great rivalry.

In terms of the whole season, last year hard to beat.

Overall talent just as good, if not better this year but last year's season was better. Then, this year's playoffs easily better than last year.....


Top talent
Good season
Very good playoffs, not great though

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Years ago

I agree with LV I thought last season was probably the best ever but that could be a bias towards the Sixers cinderella season, predicted to finish near the bottom and finished top then choked in the playoffs. Last season's GF was ordinary but up until then it was an absolutely enthralling season.

When Melbourne loaded up this season adding Prather to an already formidable lineup the season did have a fait acompli feel about it. They were always going to win the title unless they buggered it up themselves. I'm just glad the Sixers took them to the distance despite losing Childress in Game 2, an incredible team performance.

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Years ago

"Best ever"? Nup - Tigers v Magic beats them easily, especially when you have 15,000 fans screaming their lungs out.
Standard kind of exaggeration these days, aimed at casual viewers rather than the hard-core loyal fans.

Was it gripping? yep.
Quality players? yep.
Reffing quality? Just okay.
Presentations at the end? Pretty poor and low-key
Entertainment? Painful, to a hard core Tigers fan like me. If we have to go THAT far to fill stadiums, then God help the game long-term.

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Years ago

No, not close. NBL needs another boost, hopefully it will come with expansion in a couple of seasons.

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