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Should Philly take LeBron?

There seems to be a bit of rumour flying around that LeBron is asking questions about the Philadelphia area, e.g. for schooling.

IF he was to offer his services to the 76ers (and it's probably a big IF), would it help or hurt the 76ers?

Right now, 76ers have great chemistry and potential, Ben Simmons gets the ball in his hands a lot and is hitting triple-doubles frequently, Embiid is an All-Star, and everyone is getting lots of shots thanks to Simmons.
However, it's uncertain whether Brett Brown is a finals coach, and it's not likely that Simmons and Embiid are strong enough to take them deep into the Conference finals.

LeBron coming in would give them a decisive edge in the finals, but would take away a lot of ball from Simon and Embiid during the season and hurt their growth. I could also see a lot of stress within the team once LeBron starts trying to take control of coaching away from Brett Brown.

What do you reckon - take him or not?

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Last year

A Lebron fan here and I say don't take him. Let Simmons become the next Lebron

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Last year

NOT, just trust the process.

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Last year

If he's interested, take him.

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NBL Fan  
Last year

If the best player in the world is available, you take him 10/10 times.

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Last year

Only if Creek isn't available.

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Last year

they have to pay guys because they are under the salary floor, so its lebron or Reddick on 20m plus again...

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Last year

i was out on it and i am a 76ers fan. I think it is a go if presented as he has an undeniable chemistry with Ben (same manager) and i think he will do well with JoJo as well.

Covington is actually on a big salary, let him go.

Reddick needs to stay, he is an amazing leader on the floor regardless of age.

i love what they have going. With Ilyasova and Belinelli joining mid year and making massive impact and with Fultz back in, performing ok in limited minutes, i think they are going to surprise a lot of people. 15 game winning streak, yes albeit a pretty easy run home is VERY timely.

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Last year

Nope. Not worth all the drama LeBron will bring to the team

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Last year

Simmons could learn a lot from LeBron though if he was on the same team, there is also that to consider.

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Last year

Yeah, he could learn how to create drama an go through a million teammates.

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Last year

LeBron is the best in the world, so it's tough to refuse someone like him if he wanted to join the team. But if I were Philly, I'd prefer to lure a more complementary superstar piece like Leonard or George.

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Melbourne Boy  
Last year

Phillip will use their cash on Kawhi

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Last year

Agree with the no vote. Sit through timeouts and then have him say "no, we are running an ISO play for me"? No thanks.
If Kawhi is available then go after him. If not get another excellent 3 & D guy. 76ers move the ball and noone seems to want to be a 30 ppg attention seeker. Go with the Process, in 2 years they will have a Championship level team if not next year.

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Last year

I say no. He's been unbelievably productive this season given his age and minutes played. At some point, that catches up with him. Philly has a core that looks capable of winning a championship with the right additions one day. Is the current team plus Lebron enough to beat a Houston or Golden State in 7 games? Maybe. But the window could well be as short as a single season. Redick is already 33. After next year, you'd have Lebron, Simmons and Embiid on max contracts, which is workable but as we've seen, completely cuts out flexibility with mid-tier guys and leaves you trying to assemble a roster the way Miami and Cleveland had to do it.

I think this is a question where, if you didn't have to play a team as historically good as Golden State in the finals, Lebron tilts the odds enough in your favour that you say yes, one year is worth it. But with the Warriors to worry about, you move heaven and earth for Lebron and probably still don't win a title.

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Last year

Talk about drama and then want Kawhi? I thought he was a superb team piece, but this season I wonder how much he's damaged his brand with his own drama. At least LeBron is playing.

Not sure what they're paying Covington, but he seems to do OK for them, and the results are there. If Fultz can contribute as he's starting to, they have a great foundation from here.

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Last year

Yeah it will be really interesting to see what he does this summer. Signing a max extension with the Spurs and then playing next season like himself would probably restore confidence, but I think teams would be a little worried about the fact that they're currently looking at a guy who has effectively held *himself* out for half a season. They can't just do a physical and say 'yep he's fine give him $200M' because they know full well that Spurs docs have said the same thing and it hasn't counted for squat.

And if the Spurs did something to piss him off, how much confidence would you, as an organisation that is inherently inferior to San Antonio, have in your ability to avoid doing the same?

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Last year

Covington is reportedly on $16 mil. He drives the Philly locals crazy. I like him, but he isn't worth that.

If Lebron comes to Philly, it will be fun to watch, but if you saw the game today they are DEEP already. the bench took the bucks apart. Fultz with a triple double and everyone contributing.

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