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Anstey says Bogut could damage legacy in NBL

With speculation of Andrew Bogut signing with Melbourne United around this week Chris Anstey has come out and said Bogut could damage his legacy by playing in the NBL and doesn't owe Australian basketball anything.

"I'm probably one of the rare ones that wouldn’t want to see him come back and play because I think his legacy as an NBA player is fantastic and I’d hate to see that diminished," Anstey told the Herald Sun.

“I think he’d be in a no-win situation where if he dominated the NBL and won a championship, everyone will say 'well we expected that’ but if he doesn’t, I think it could negatively impact his legacy in Australian basketball.”

Anstey said Bogut has already given enough to Australian basketball, but he would love to see him in an ownership or managerial role.


It's difficult not to see Anstey having a bit of agenda here after all LK did sack him as coach of United and Anstey then became a face of the rival CLB.

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Last year

Interesting viewpoint. And fair one too

However, other way to look at this is that Bogut has always wanted to return home to settle down and retire on his own soil. Plus, if he's looking to invest in the league it also helps him out in the long run possibly.

He’s not the kind of bloke to come back and play NBL for the sake of it. It would be on his terms and as a personal goal you’d imagine

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Last year

Screams of sour grapes and a very odd way to look at Bogut playing out his days in the NBL
Most fans and media will see it as a great scoop for the league in general and I wouldn't be surprised if he fills the stadiums when playing away games. I’m sure his return wouldn’t be him looking for validation of his own playing ability but to gain a sense of pride by continuing to contribute to growing the sport in this country.

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Last year

Get over yourself Anstey

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NBL Fan  
Last year

Anstey has a point but you stop caring about your legacy after you retire with a few extra zeros next to your name.

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Last year

On balance, I would have to agree with Anstey.

As a comparison, how did coming back & playing in the A League affect Cahill's & Kewell's legacy?

Not that I'm an expert, but I don't think it enhanced their legacy?

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Last year

It may not have enhanced their legacy but I don't think it diminished it or took away from what they were able to achieve abroad. Bogut will be in the same boat. He has achieved tremendous highs in the NBA and on the international stage he has represented Australia as well as any. I’m not sure it will enhance his legacy playing in the NBL but who says he needs to enhance it any further? If he goes back to the NBA and plays spot minutes off the bench like he did at the Lakers, would he be enhancing his legacy?

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Last year

Anstey is saying this since he damaged his own legacy by coming back to the NBL die to jacking up horrible three point shots even though he was a Centre. Who can forget the deluded Anstey entering the three point contest and bricking/airballing while the home Tigers crowd laughed at him. Classic moment. Bogut won't be doing that.

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Last year

Or coaching ;)

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Last year

I don't think it would hurt his legacy.

The common fan knows that someone at 34 is not going to be the same player at age 24. That is sport.

I think a lot of basketball fans in Australia will already have an understanding that any decline is natural; and still respect what he did in his younger years as a massive achievement.

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Last year

I agree, strange comments by Anstey.

If anything I feel Bogut's legacy will be enhanced with a short stint in the NBL. His game is so much more than "give me 3-4 fouls and some boards" in 10 minutes of play a night, which would be his role in any contender.

As shown with his play for the Boomers (half fit mind you), he's passing ability and short range / post game is impressive. Would love to see him show that side of his game has his final stint.

Hard to pass up the money however, would probably earn the minimum $3m per season, compared to what U$400k max here..

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Last year

I don't think his legacy would be damaged in the eyes of anyone with a clue.

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Last year

I don't know that "legacy" is the right word, but I can see what Anstey is getting at.
It really is a no=win situation for Bogut.
Even if agrees to play for love, having made his millions, speculation will be rife that he's getting paid $1M.

If he doesn't get a triple every night, he'll be rubbished as "past it" and "a waste of money"
and when he does smash it, he'll be branded a "flat-track bully"

Plus all of the above will be doubled if he plays for Melbourne (and barring a new team its the logical destination.) People will assume LK paid big bucks, and depending on performance he's either a big waste of money or "LK buying another championship."

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Last year

Bogut's legacy is safe. I think itd be good for bogut and the league if he came back. I still think he has a year or 2 of being able to contribute in the NBA so I'd be disappointed to see him back so soon, but I think it makes sense that he ends up back in the NBL eventually.

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Last year

We will see. I feel like if he ever plays for United then there will be accusations and abuse and you will be leading the charge.

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Last year

Ah good old feelings. Who needs facts when you can just feel things

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Last year

Re: Anstey in the NBL.

"Or coaching ;)"

Bwahahaha, he really shamed himself when he was "coach", good one!

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Last year

I see where Anstey is coming from, but I don't think his legacy is at risk as much as he suggests. If he has some success it will enhance it.

Bogut can still make a good contribution in the NBA, but NBA teams often perceive players to be as good as their last game, so perhaps his stock is too low now, especially coming back from injury as a 33-year-old.

It would be very interesting to see his impact in the NBL. I wouldn't expect much scoring impact, but he can provide some skilled passing. He remains an elite rim protector, which might be the best the NBL has ever seen.

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Last year

Anstey was 30 when he returned to the NBL, just 3 years younger than Bogut. Anstey was also 33 when he won his second MVP, same age as Bogut now. Anstey's last stint in the NBL is what made him an all-time NBL great.

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Last year

Anstey trying to stay relevant with big statements.

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Last year

Playing in the NBL will expand his Boomers career which will be handy coming off the bench!

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Last year

Seriously, not like no one from the NBA has every wanted to play in the NBL is it........?

Our top national leagues (world game leagues) such as soccer and basketball crave the appearance of our international super stars, even if they can only give us one or two seasons!

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Last year

True basketball fans would never question Bogut's legacy, he has the ring to prove it. Has anyone questioned Childress, Harrington, Boone etc or is this because they are American with less stellar NBA achievements ?

David Anderson has over 11 titles in hos career overseas, was his legacy questioned when signing for the NBL....nope. He played NBA, oh but he doesn't have the NBA ring...I see.

As a fan with young children I would pay top dollar to have my kids see Bogut play in the NBL.

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Last year

"Anstey trying to stay relevant with big statements."

He is so irrelevant and washed up in an NBL sense (failed "coaching" career) it's not funny. You can taste his saltiness from afar.

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Last year

I'm 46 and still dreaming of playing in the NBL

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Last year

Hope this turns into a twitter spat between Anstey and Bogut and then Bogut signs on, just to spite him.

United will have him in a heartbeat I'm sure.

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