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Sydney kings Rumours

sounds like kings are looking at Torrey craig and Ryan broekhoff I wonder how Melbourne united are looking at

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sounds like United are looking at Scotty wilbiken and Brock Motum I wonder how Cairns taipans are looking at

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Years ago

Sounds like Cairns are looking at Greg Hire and Dexter Kernich Drew I wonder how Illawarra Hawks are looking at

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Would love to see Torrey Craig and Ryan Broekhoff in the league, but surely they can't go to Sydney, absolutely ridiculous how stacked that team would be. Would be terrible for the league imo. Better off seeing them at another big spending club like Perth of Melb so theres a few stacked teams.

Didn't Broekhoff say a couple of years ago he'd only play in the NBL for like $1mil?

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Years ago

No sources given.

Anonymous poster.

Please re-title as speculative rumours

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Years ago

I think this is where OP got the original rumour from

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Years ago

Anyone using that "tracker" as a source needs to be smacked about the head with a rubber haddock...

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What cap?  
Years ago

There's a difference between Sydney talking and those guys listening. Wouldn't make much sense for two fringe NBA guys in their primes to come here.

Also, always felt the Aussie Hoopla guy had a soft spot for Sydney and JVG after he gave him a softball interview last season

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Years ago

Question is, how much will Sydney need to spend to overcome Gaze's coaching?

Any truth to the rumour they will actually put him in a paper bag before each game?

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Years ago

I saw on a billboard that Lebron James is going to NZ Breakers ;)

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Years ago

LOL a rubber haddock.

Highly unlikely they can sign both, not without taking a significant cut to what they'd be actually worth in the market. Soft cap or not, there is that Aggregate limit they must abide. I think it maybe in the region of $ 450,000 for 18/19.

They have 3 roster spots left and of that 3, two can be imports. If you look at their current roster, who do you reckon will be among the 5 players whose total salary must stay under $ 450k? Its an average of $90k per player.

Wilson and Pineau would likely be in that 5. Unless there is some incredible gymnastics with NBL approved contracts, the others will severely stretch that limit if you include any of them.

The way I see it, they can sign 1 more top level player and the last 2 will have to be budget level to fit within the limit. I wonder if they're looking at Jeremy Kendle for that 3rd import slot.

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Years ago

Torrey Craig will be on a full guaranteed NabA contract next year no doubt. Probably will stay with the nuggets maybe 2 years 8-10mil something like that no way he's coming here.

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Years ago

Kendle in a stacked team would be good value as 3rd import!!

Hope Cairns grab him.

Once they are stacked of course...

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Years ago

That Aussie Hoopla site is garbage.

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Years ago

"Soft cap or not, there is that Aggregate limit they must abide. I think it maybe in the region of $ 450,000 for 18/19."
Looking at a few teams over the past two seasons, it would seem apparent that rule went out the window along with the rest.

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Captain Jack  
Years ago

Yea i wouldnt beleive these rumours.

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Years ago

Yeah, I seriously doubt that 5 players rule would still be existing in it's previously known form... Once again the Kings going all out and just missing the point of everything...

I seriously doubt they should be going for a third import with how the local marquee player rule works (unless that's changed now too?) Surely they'd be nominating either Lisch or Newley's $$$ against that third import spot? Unless they can count what Bogues' contract value gets taken down to? LK said $160K didn't he?

Bogues - $160K
Wilson - $70K
Pineau - $70K
2 cheap imports - $150K (still a buttload more than they'd be earning in the G League)

So it's workable... I can't see anyone else in the lineup below that could fit in other than Blanchfield, unless they stupidly overpaid for him, which is a high possiblilty... If Todd is getting significantly less, I'd still love the Kings to chase Jois for ok money backing Kicks up and then go cheap to backup Rome with Kendle as mentioned above...

Randle* / [Kendle]
Lisch / Wilson
Newls / Blanchfield
Kickert | [Jois] | Pineau
Bogues | [Import]

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Years ago

Maybe fans should be asked who are the imports

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Wang whipper  
Years ago

I also wonder "how" teams are looking at players. It's quite a mystery

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Years ago

Kendle is pretty much a perfect signing with this roster. Cheaper import who can give you mins at the 1 and 2 with the odd big scoring night - not sure we need much else off the bench at those spots. I'd like to see him play with a long term deal rather than a short term "impress every possession" deal.

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Years ago

Newley is still on his Marquee contract so surely that cant be overlooked or changed simply because it isn't convenient for them.

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Years ago

Under the new rules, as announced, the purpose of Marquee contracts was that after the 1st they replaced Imports, and they were effectively concessionally taxed under the super-tax regime.

Initially it appeared that the Kings were heavily relying on Marquee contracts, but then they went and signed imports anyway. It would seem apparent that either the super-tax is not being imposed as written, or Sydney aren't paying, or they just don't care.

But even having said that, its not a "Marquee Contract." Its a contract that could be treated as a Marquee under the rules. If those rules were in force, and if they so chose. The whole point was that you could choose.

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Years ago

Changing "rules" in a professional competition like the NBL is difficult, particular financial rules, and especially when they are discriminatory.

Firstly, in any pro-league, AFL, NBL, etc, the "governing body" is not a law-making body. Everything effectively boils down to Contract Law, and in extreme cases to Torts.
Playing rules are one thing. As part of their licence (contract) teams agree to participate according to published rules.
Rules than financially disadvantage the team, especially in a disproportionate manner, are a whole other matter.

The AFL has the advantage in that it has their teams by the balls, in more ways than one. Any team challenging on the basis of breach of contract, or suing for damages, would be committing financial suicide. Furthermore the way in which the AFL owns the trademarks, ensures that they can simply replace any recalcitrant with a doppelganger.
The NBL lacks the same leverage, especially when it comes to the Kings. The guy who ultimately owns the Kings could eat LK for breakfast and not even break wind.

In Australia there is also the ever-present thorny issue of Restraint of Trade. Again, in the AFL no player will take action without the support of their team, and no team would be stupid enough to take on the league.

I'm not at all certain ROT would actually apply in the case of a Salary Super-Tax. Its not as clear-cut as say a draft or trade restrictions.
However theoretically it applies to any restraint on your ability to ply your trade.

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Years ago

That's a fairly detailed tangent there, AD... Good clarification for those referring to marquee players re: contracts as it's just a normal player contract and the marquee option reflects more how the team actually wants to work their (soft) cap...

I'd dispute your claim that Sydney could either be not paying it or just not caring as Olgun (I think?) has said on the twittergram that he has contacted the NBL and they have stated that all teams are abiding by the rules (paraphrasing as you sound like a pretty detail orientated guy). They could have just not nominated extra marquee players, weighing up their options and running the maths... I was personally pretty surprised/suspect when they went all three imports after signing both Newls AND Lisch on reportedly pretty large deals, but if none of us are privy to the actual contract amounts, we have to assume that the Kings and NBL have done their maths correctly... Although that could be a pretty large liberty to take...

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