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Two years ago

Only 2 Imports for Adelaide?

In a recent blog post Boti said that the 36ers were definitely bringing back Teys which leaves us with only 2 roster spots left for only 2 imports. He also stated that Moore and Sobey would split time at the point.

Link here:

Teys brings absolutely zero on-court value and we already have Sobey, Drmic and probably Moore who play the same position and actually impact games. A good point guard is what the team lacked last season as Shorter was a natural 2.

Teams around the league are only getting better and we are looking to downgrade.

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Two years ago

I read that too! Interesting... Also, if Chill gets involved with NZ does that mean he has to play there? Or maybe he won't play NBL at all I guess.
Will be interested to see how it unfolds.

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Two years ago

Best to save an import spot in case Creek leaves?

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Two years ago

Really must be dollars for keeping Teys, man has been a good servant of the club but time doesn't stand still for anyone. Just a couple yards to slow now and of no long term value to the Sixers.. Need a good Pg , a good 3 point shooter and a big strong post who can defend the rim.

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Master Chief  
Two years ago

I think they've probably got a trick or two up their sleeve to come.

Interesting that Boti hasn't ruled Childress out when others on here have stated he's not returning.

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Two years ago

I dont think it is that he isnt returning I think that he can't have an ownership in NZ and play in Adelaide so has to decide what he wants to do.

Surely with teys staying you would have McVeigh in a DP spot? Allowing 3 imports.

Or, if the NBA draft eligible rule is in place, assign McVeigh or Froling to one of those spots?

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Two years ago

"Best to save an import spot in case Creek leaves?"

Why, when you could potentially have three imports plus Creek? If you went for Childress or similar it would still go a long way to filling that gap.

"Or, if the NBA draft eligible rule is in place, assign McVeigh or Froling to one of those spots?"

I think that only applies to the NBL's own "New Star" selections.


Anyway I cannot comprehend bringing Teys back over an import. If you're judging by on court upside I'd take even the worst import from last season over him. If his presence is "needed in the locker room," an assertion I snicker at, then let him be an assistant coach or a water boy. The guy is barely of the entry level of NBL standard yet we are about to put him above having quantifiable talent in the team because he gives players some warm and fuzzy feelings? Seriously? Give him an honorary 36er T Shirt and commemorative cap and let him sit on the end of the bench with a Fruit Box or something. But I will absolutely blow my lid if they're keeping him over an import, and if the two imports we do bring because of this aren't bonafide game-changers that somehow justify the move.

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Two years ago

The most difficult part of building a squad, is locking in your local players.
As a quick read of this forum will attest, NBL quality locals are a small pool, particularly when you rule out those already signed elsewhere, and especially if you're not Sydney with the money to lure players out of Europe.

In comparison, there is a veritable smorgasbord of potential imports. And credit where its due, Joey seems to have great contacts and is very good at finding the right import at the right time.

Often times a local may not seem a perfect fit, but its a case of locking in what you can, when you can. A few years back, the Wildcats (10 man) squad included Jawai, Knight, Jervis, Redhage, Wagstaff, and Hire. It was like the Perth Wall got married and had triplets. But that squad won a championship.

In a perfect world, I'd say every NBL coach would prefer to start the season with 9 locals. Unless you have a deadset gun already suited up as a DP, its a lot easier sourcing another import mid-season that it is finding another local.

Besides, every team needs its bench-warmers. Logic, and the nature of the game, dictates that you put your money into 5 or 6 players, then find some backups and role players. Doesn't matter whether you're spending $1M or $2M.

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Two years ago

"The guy is barely of the entry level of NBL standard yet we are about to put him above having quantifiable talent in the team because he gives players some warm and fuzzy feelings?"

He is needed because the Sixers have no one else capable of taking on a leadership role.

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Two years ago

"Teys brings absolutely zero on-court"

Rubbish. He is one of the best defenders in the team and one of the best leaders. One of the games he was the spark we needed off the bench to get the win.

"Shorter was a natural 2"

Is that you Zodiac?

"Teams around the league are only getting better and we are looking to downgrade"

We hear that every year from Sixers "fans" and every year they are proven wrong.

"Why, when you could potentially have three imports plus Creek? "

Do you have several hundred thousand that the club could use for no return? If so contact them straight away and then they will make it happen.

"Anyway I cannot comprehend bringing Teys back over an import."

Perhaps try harder then. DJ would have got a bucket load more money. Drmic would have got more money. Moore will want a lot more money. The team looks like they will get Moore and then the only way they could afford someone like Childress is to have one less import.

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Two years ago

Would prefer 3rd import instead of Teys - even if budget (Example Kendle).

However I would wait on this until Creek's status is confirmed

Would be targeting

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Dome Rat  
Two years ago

I would guess for 36ers to load up ala Perth and Cotton mid way through the season to make a run home

Get a game changer import at a fraction of the whole season cost

Its also a great stagey to have a slot up your sleeve if an Aussie goes down for the season as you can fill that spot with an import

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Two years ago

Why keep Teys?

Joey hardly played him last season he just sits on the bench!
Why not save the club some money and sit Sam Johns on the bench at a lower cost to the club and actually develop someone instead of keeping someone old and past it!

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

Teys has had minimal court time and when he has been on court the effect is minimal IMO. Would love to see someone confirm that with some stats.

If other teams have 3 imports and you are allowed 2 imports, it would seem strange not to use them. It's like entering a Datsun 120Y in the Clipsal 500.

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Two years ago

Please Sixers go for 3 imports.

We have tried the 2 import experiment (Ferguson), it cost us a GF appearance.

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Two years ago

Not sure why people look at it as a blanket "Is Teys better than any import" thing. It's the wrong question. They have a budget to work with and only so many minutes to play the roster. They have strong locals plus young impact players already getting time. Teys would sit on the bench without issue and fill in when required. He'd know the plays. He could come in for 10 minutes in one game all season and likely do the right thing. An import would have expectations, have to learn plays cold, etc. For a Teys budget and under the $450k/5 thing, they're not going to get an impact player.

The/a remaining argument is whether it should be him or a cheap project, but they have projects in McVeigh and Froling and other guys like Drmic and Deng as it is. A Premier League kid is not going to come in and have the experience to know the tendencies of each other player in the league.

I remember once my brother talking about Paul Rees. He said that even in his last years, one of his strengths was that he knew how to defend every big in the league because he'd played against them so many times. He was glacial, but that experience (and leg strength) were valuable in the paint.

On top of all that, adding an import during the season remains a possibility.

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Two years ago

Listen to the words of Isaac, for the man is a sage among you.

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Two years ago

Every teen in the nbl needs 3 imports and grunt offices should search outside of just US imports.

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Master Chief  
Two years ago

It seems like the plan may be to try Sobey as the PG this season. I really like this idea.

I'd really like to see Drmic start this season. Adelaide need more balance when things aren't going their way and should look to space the floor more with Drmic. It's more about balance then just starting your best five players positionally but I'd like to see this:


And then hopefully pick up another import if needed.

I honestly wouldn't be overly bothered if they didn't bring back Childress. If his salary demands are stil high, i think they can move past him now. He's still a great player, but at 34-35 it's hard to have confidence that he won't get injured again at the worst possible time. I would still be excited if he did return. It's great to have someone like that on your team, but I wouldn't be patiently going out of my way to make sure he fully want's in given what I've just said and his likely salary demands.

I don't know know much about Froling, but i still think Adelaie lack a genuine rebounding/defensive minded big man. If Creek leaves, Childress could take that marquee type spot at the SF position and Adelaide simply shuffle a bit & bring in that kind of big. I trust Sobey as a PG so no need to add anymore import guards to this team.

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Two years ago

It would be nice for our team balance if Sobey could run the point full time, but I have my doubts. He is getting better, but there were times last season where opposing teams worked out that behind the back dribble he does and he got his pocket picked bringing the ball up!

I just don't think his ball-handling, or ability to set team-mates up is consistently good enough to make him a full time point guard on a title winning team. I'd definitely like to see another big combo guard like Shorter, who can share point guard duties with Sobey, guard bigger opponents when we switch and hit the three consistently.

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Two years ago

Every team is going to have 3 or 4 imports just depends who is paying for it

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